Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Walkers

Having faced with an issue of overweight, you must have heard that the heavier you are, the more pressure on your joints there is.
But do you actually know how to cope with that, or at least alleviate the load on feet and therefore prevent possible injuries, avoid pains caused by flat feet, overpronation, plantar fascia, supination, knee problems, which often come in a company with those extra pounds?

Starting a walking program is a great step to take in improving your health, however, remember to do it wisely. Unless you wanna get an opposite effect, take the choice of walkers seriously.
Don’t know what to look for? Scroll down and you’ll definitely find something useful there.

Top 5 Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Walkers

ASICS Gel-Сumulus 18 Running Shoe

ASICS Gel-Сumulus 18 Running Shoe
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The ASICs Gel Cumulus, one of the best-selling ASICs walking shoes, are well-known among overweight walkers as the shoes that offer great cushioning and support to your feet whatever you’re doing. An incredible amount of cush technologies are used in this model: from midsole GEL material and Impact Guidance System, to the Comfordive Removable Sockliner, providing extra padding and wicking moisture for a cooler, dryer, and healthier in-shoe feel. The model has lots of space on the inside, so heavy walkers will definitely be pleased with a purchase like this.


  • There are extra widths for heavy walkers.
  • Feels like a pair of socks due to seamless construction on the inside. It reduces irritation, friction, and rubbing, decreasing the chance of developing painful blisters
  • Enough space for placing your favorite orthotics.
  • Heel counter provides stability and prevents overpronation.
  • Around-the-average price.
  • FluidRide midsole as well as Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Technologies attenuate shock and soften the impact.
  • Reliable arch support and gait efficiency thanks to Impact Guidance System and Trusstic Technology.
  • Very breathable.
  • Relieves pains of underpronators.
  • Waterproofю
  • Bright and stylish design.
  • Independently placed discrete eyelets disperse lace tension, creating a customized fit and enhanced comfort.


  • The toe box is not roomy enough.
  • Durability issues in the upper near the toes.
  • Runs a ½ size smaller.
  • The break-in period is sometimes required.
  • Not lightweight enough.

New Balance M1540V2 Optimum Control Running Shoe

New Balance M1540V2 Optimum Control Running Shoe
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The second, updated version of the New Balance 1540 is a motion control road running shoe that offers incredible comfort both to casual runners and to heavy walkers. Thanks to its dual-density foam at the collar, soft fabric lining, plush tongue, and removable cushioned footbed, this model hugs a foot with fantastic healthy comfort and support. Moreover, the New Balance 1540 V2 is designed for heavy people who have flat feet and tend to overpronate, it’s Medicare improved. Do you need any other guarantee?


  • Rollbar prevents any rearfoot movements.
  • The lightweight construction of the upper and the sole unit.
  • Motion Control.
  • Extra wide widths available – perfect for obese walkers.
  • Well ventilated, odor-free shoe.
  • Improved arch support.
  • Seamless on the inside.
  • Rubber units for maximum durability on the high wear areas of the outsole.
  • Roomy toe box makes most wide-footed runners satisfied.
  • Medicare approved.


  • High price.
  • Poor choice of colorways available.

New Balance MW840 Health Walking Shoe

New Balance MW840 Health Walking Shoe
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Meet another pair of New Balance athletic shoes that are also ready to support overweight walkers and push them to new sports horizons. These are MW840 Health Walkers, which not only feel super comfy thanks to the cushioning but also help solve a lot of foot problems that come with being overweight. Having sunk your feet into the New Balance 840, you’ll be able to walk without the tiniest fear of the consequences that come in a company with a bad shoe choice. Wanna walk like on cloud nine – these healthy shoes from New Balance is exactly what you need!


  • Removable insoles.
  • Excellent arch support.
  • Wide width available = perfect for overweight people and wide feet.
  • Great stability.
  • Recommended for overpronators and people with plantar fasciitis issue.
  • Cushy midsole and insoles.
  • Affordable shoe.
  • Durable full-grain leather on the upper, durable sole compound, durable lining material.
  • Breathability and moisture management.
  • Superb traction.


  • A rather bulky silhouette and not stylish orthopedic appearance.
  • Only 2 colorways are available (black and white).
  • Too roomy heel area can result in minor slippage.
  • Can be worn only for walking, not running or jumping.

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes
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Brooks has a fame of a company that always knows for sure what exactly this or that foot needs, and this revolutionized Brooks Addiction Walker is another proof of that. Unlike the New Balance 840, which can cope only with low-intensity workouts (walking), this Brooks has the fit and feel of a running shoe but is specifically designed for walking. This sneaker prevents the feet both from turning inward and outward, eventually minimizing the risk of injury or painful feelings in legs, knees, and feet. Brooks Addiction features super sturdy, slip-resistant sole, which makes it perfect for overweight women and men.


  • Sturdy and very well built, using high-quality materials.
  • Created specifically for overweight people.
  • Medicare approved.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available in full-grain leather and nubuck interpretations.
  • Removable sockliner.
  • Great cushioning and shock-absorption (HydroFlow, MoGo, Cushsole).
  • Progressive pronation control.
  • Environmentally-friendly silica compound used on the outsole (Durable HPR Green).


  • The design is not very appealing.
  • Typical bulky construction of an orthopedic sneaker.
  • A rather high price.

Propet Stability Walker

Propet Stability Walker
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Despite the name of Propet shoe is not so loud and well-known as Nike, Adidas, or Puma, this brand is definitely worth our attention when it comes to heavy walkers. Unlike most companies, in addition to creating a shoe that will comfortably support the weight, Brooks also care about protection feet and joints of overweight walkers from any abuse. Besides, this sneaker deals with such common foot issues as flat feet, overpronation, and joints pain. The Propet Stability Walker is meant to improve the quality of heavy walkers’ lives – and that’s the main reason to choose it.


  • Extremely low price.
  • Designed with a wider forefoot and heel base for a stable stride.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Locked-in feel.
  • Perfect for walking on all surfaces.
  • Medicare approved.
  • Removable footbed.
  • Rigid heel counter prevents feet exhaustion.
  • Speed lacing lace-up closure with “D” rings.
  • Full grain leather and nubuck upper options are available.
  • Properly-padded tongue and collar for comfortable fit.


  • The brand isn’t very well known.
  • Poor choice of colorways.

Walking Shoes for Heavy Walkers

Remember that inspiring “I can do everything” feeling? That’s exactly how you gonna feel after even a 30-minutes’ walk per day. Such daily routine can distinctively affect your body and health (dropping blood pressure and cholesterol levels, for example), and as a bonus, release endorphins, boosting the overall mood until the evening.

Cool? Definitely!

However, being overweight puts a way more pressure on joints and feet, leading to all kinds of foot problems. That’s why wearing special walking shoes that were designed specifically and do work for heavy walkers, is an issue of really great importance.

Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Gaining extra weight can be very problematic for all people, especially for women. It’s not only about the appearance but also about the health and comfort of a person.

Even a few extra pounds can disappoint a woman, while too many pounds make a person feel the discomfort of different types: beginning with the choice of clothes up to a bad state of health. Heart, breath, knees, and feet… (this list can be expanded even greater) are always influenced first and foremost.

Thus, walking becomes a good decision not only for losing extra pounds but for prevention this problem. That’s why it’s very important to pay much attention to the walking shoes for women, who suffer from being overweight.

How to Buy the Best Walking Shoes for Obese Women?

Have you already made a decision to use every appropriate moment for walking? In this case, you need to know a few simple rules of how to buy walking shoes for a heavy person.

  1. Don’t hurry to buy walking shoes through internet shops until you try them on. For obese women, it’s important to know if shoes cause any discomfort: all extra weight is lying on the feet.
  2. Before buying any walking shoes, decide what sports company (or brand) you trust more (perhaps, you have experience, wearing shoes of some of them).
  3. Identify the most important features of walking shoes, which are essential and even vital exactly for you.
  4. You may also examine some feedbacks and customers’ reviews about different walking shoes. However, remember, that we are all different, and what is great for one is absolutely inappropriate for other.
  5. And, of course, be ready to spend money on your walking shoes. Low-cost shoes will unlikely become a good choice. Some companies offer rather budget-friendly deals, however, they’re still not very cheap.
  6. There cannot be any mistake in the size of walking footwear. Be careful if many customers say that the model is not true to size – take that fact into account.
  7. Pay attention to the arch of your feet. Flat feet walking shoes and shoes for those, who have high arches, have different designs.
  8. As a rule, overweight people have wide feet, so you have to check the width of your feet along with the same for the shoes to make sure that they will suit you.

P.S. If you are afraid of making a mistake, just ask for help from a salesperson or shop assistant at any sports store. And remember that you can always exchange your shoes.

Features of an Ideal Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers

Although it’s vital to find walking shoes for overweight walkers, it’s also difficult and confusing. As a matter of priority, we have to decide what kind of shoes to look for. The variety of sports shoes for walking, designed for obese women will impress everybody.

ASICS, New Balance, Skechers, Saucony, Brooks and many other sports companies have special types of walking shoes for overweight women. In addition, all of them have supplied their walking shoes with all necessary features and technologies.

Thus, these walking shoes will definitely provide you with great support. Rubber walking shoes will give you waterproof defense; shoes with the open mesh will create a well-ventilated environment and moisture-management for your feet; shoes, possessing a heel clutching system are a good choice to have supportive footwear.

So, what kind of shoes to look for a heavy person, and what to pay attention at first?

  • All-Round Comfort

Nobody can argue that the priority of any walking shoes is to be comfortable.

  • The Sole

Stable and flexible sole, which is able to provide your knees with support and prevent your lower back from the pain, is the primary feature of the right pair of walking shoes.

  • Cushioning & Shock-Absorption

A good cushioning will always be in a great demand among overweight walkers.

  • Weight

Walking shoes must not be heavy (no matter what they are made of). Lightness is everything you must feel, wearing them.

  • Stability & Security

The reliable and stable walk is what you have to wait for from ideal walking shoes for heavy women.

  • Breathability

In addition, walking shoes should maximally breathe: a constant air circulation will not allow your feet to overheat, smell, and sweat.

Every step is gonna be smooth if your walking shoes are perfect!

FAQ: Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight?

You do everything possible to be slim, but all your efforts have no result. Does that sound familiar? Unfortunately, there’s nothing new for lots of women.

Sometimes it’s really challenging to find out why this or that person keeps gaining weight. Moreover, in some cases, healthy food and physical exercises are not enough to lose extra weight.

Thus, you’ll not get the desirable results until identifying the real reason for gaining weight.

There are a lot of reasons, connected with this. Each situation is individual and depends on many factors. But we’ll try to describe some of the most common causes:

  1. First of all, your thyroid is likely to become the source of weight problems. It’s up to the doctor to determine if you have problems with thyroid and what to do with it.
  2. Also, don’t forget about the importance of the water you drink every day. Although the daily total water intake is about 2.7 liters for women, it should be increased in some separate cases. The time, when you drink water, is also important. It’s better to do this before you want to eat something, not after.
  3. Check up all food you eat (especially its quantity). Healthy food does not always mean diet.
  4. Your mental and emotional state plays a really essential role on your way to the ideal figure. The negative way of thinking prevents you from losing weight, vice versa, it makes you keep gaining even more pounds!
  5. You have to be self-confident and believe that everything you do will be efficient.
  6. Of course, don’t forget that not all exercises are aimed to help you to lose weight. Some of them are created to get bigger muscles, which will increase the number on your scale. In this regard, you don’t have to be afraid of walking (muscles will unlikely appear, but extra weight will go away for sure).

The Last Word

Never despair if you have any problems with extra weight. There always is something you can do about this – a kind of way out.

If you have already found out that gaining weight is disturbing you, move on to the physical exercises. Walking is a great way to fight with extra pounds. It’s an easy and really effective way to solve this problem. In some cases, walking may be too difficult and exhausting even for people, who aren’t overweight.

Remember that a lot depends on your walking shoes. Perfectly selected walkers will make every step more comfortable and efficient. Just pay attention to what you put on, and you’ll do your feet a favor, indeed.

Find your best walkers and enjoy every single movement!

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