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Do Timberlands Run Big?

Timberland is the most recognized footwear because of its stitch detailing, signature wheat color, and hard-wearing build. It is often replicated but never rivaled.

These boots have high durability no matter whether you wear them for work or casual occasions.   

They are made with high-quality materials that provide better shock absorption, arch support, and cushioning.

The only difficulty that people face is with the size. Most of the time they can not fit these shoes easily because of their big size. 

If you are having this issue then this article is right for you. Here we will discuss whether timberlands run big or not and how you can overcome this issue. So let’s begin right now.

Do Timberland Boots Run Big?

The simple and short answer to this question is Yes. Timberland boots do run big most of the time. People mostly face boot-sizing issues when they order them online.

Because of online orders, people have to rely on the size chart made by the manufacturer as they can not try the shoes to check their size.

The original Timberland waterproof boots and their Earthkeeper range are approximately half-size larger than the usual size.

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But the Timberland White Ledge and MT Maddsen ranges are true to their sizes.

If you are looking forward to ordering their popular 6-inch premium waterproof boot then order one size down from your sneaker size. In addition, it is also possible that your foot size is not available in the size chart.

The timberlands can be either too large or too small for your feet. So do not place any order without reading the whole description and specifically the timberland size. 

How Can You Find the Right Size Timberlands? 

Here are some easy steps to find the right size timberlands online that you must follow. So have a look at them

  • Take precise measurements of your foot. Confirm the measurement by repeating this step multiple times 
  • In case you do not have a measurement tool then use your hand or a pencil to measure. Record the measurements in a copy or on your mobile phone
  • You can also use a previous record of Timb boot size or any other available shoe size 
  • Match your foot size in inches or cm with the size chart  
  • If your feet size is not available then you can also use a reference of existing perfectly fit shoe size
  • Once you find your feet size from the chart, check the reviews of that specific boots to see their pros and cons 
  • Now, go through the brand policies to check if they are okay with changing shoe sizes or not

Tips to Fit the Big Timberlands:

Here are some easy tips that you must follow to fit timberlands effortlessly.

  • Try wearing thick socks to fill up the extra space
  • Fill the extra boot space with newspapers and tissues 
  • Buy an external thick insole that is specifically made to help with loose boots
  • Tye the laces extra tights to solve the problem 

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Properly measure your feet and record the measurements on your mobile phone or notebook. Match these measurements with the size chart and order the right timberland.

In most cases, you get the right size timberlands so do not worry about the size. If you get bigger size timberlands then follow the tips that we have mentioned here.