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Can You Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit? Different Ways to Do It Right

Cowboy boots are the symbol of authority and give confidence to men who wear them. At this time, the popularity of western boots is high like the sky. Many variants of these fantastic boots are available that you can pair with different attires for a better look.

Most men wear cowboy boots with jeans. But the question is whether cowboy boots look well with a suit or not. You’ve come to the correct spot if this is what you’re wondering. Here we will discuss whether you can pair cowboy boots with a suit or not and if yes then how.

So let’s get started right now.

Can you Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit?

Yes, you can match a suit with cowboy boots. In old times, it was considered a criminal offense to pair cowboy boots with a suit. But thanks to evolution and modern trends. Now men can wear these boots with any clothing style for an elegant look. 

It is possible to wear cowboy boots with a slim suit, business suit, or any formal suit you want. But there are some technical aspects that you should consider while pairing cowboy boots with formal suits. 

Cowboy boots have a rugged appearance that goes well with western-style attire. Because of their texture, most men consider it difficult to style them with formal attire. But it is possible to style the rugged cowboy boots with any attire you want.

In addition to the rugged appearance, they come with a sleek glossy texture that adds a sense of luxury to cowboy boots. Because of this luxury touch, cowboy boots are perfect for suits. Boots that are made with caiman, cowhide, or lizard are perfect for formal attires.   

You can also select leather boots with a similar texture. But it’s their unique appearance that works with both formal and informal attire. Furthermore, you can also wear shoes with leather soles. They keep the foot firmly on the ground and provide better traction.

How Should You Pair Cowboy Boots and Suits?

Wearing a pair of cowboy boots with a suit is not enough. You have to select the right styles and color combinations to look fabulous effortlessly. Now you might be wondering how you can select the right suits for cowboy boots.

Do not worry we have got you covered. To look elegant you need the best pair of suits and cowboy boots. Once you have them, you can easily style them for any occasion. So let’s have a look at the factors that you must consider to make the right pair of cowboy boots and suits.

1. Material:

The material is the first thing that you must consider while pairing up boots and suits. Make sure to use boots that are made with genuine leather. The best choice is full-grain leather if you are thinking of buying cowboy boots. This leather type comes with the most natural properties of leather that give both comfort and a sleek appearance.

2. Color:

The second aspect to consider is the color of the leather. Avoid bright color cowboy boots like light blue, red, or yellow as they do not sync well with all types of suits.

3. Heel Height:

Check the heel height of the cowboy boots as too much height does not get well with suits or formal occasions. You must keep the style correct no matter whether you go.

4. Looks:

The essential factor to consider is the look. The ends of your trousers must be wide enough to accommodate the shaft of the boots. Plus, the shaft has to be tucked inside the dress pants.

What Factors to Consider to Select the Right Cowboy Boots? 

Here is the list of factors you must consider while buying cowboy boots for the first time. They will help you to get the right boots for your occasion in less time. So let’s review them.

1. Comfort:

Looks are important for any occasion but never compromise comfort for a better appearance. Make sure to select cowboy boots that come with extra padding and provide better arch support to feet.

In this way, you can walk comfortably and cover a long distance without hurting your feet. Normally, it is not easy to walk in cowboy boots as they are made for professional work. But with the right cushioning and material you can make it possible to cover long distances without hurting your feet.   


There is no reason to compromise style for comfort. With good quality shoes, you can have both style and comfort at the same time. All you need is to take some time to check the quality and materials of the boots. 

The good thing is there is a huge variety in the market and you can easily get quality cowboy boots that look good, feel good, and are easy to wear on and off. To get stylish shoes here are some factors that you must review.

Exotic Skins:

Normal cowboy boots are made with cowhide leather. But with time, manufacturers have experimented with a variety of animal skins to produce great-looking boots. Typically, exotic skins are used on the boot vamp.

The vamp is the part of the boot that covers your foot and is exposed past your pants leg opening. Some other popular skins are alligators, lizards, and ostrich. These shoe skins can be worn with casual wear and are highly comfortable.


Different toe styles are used to make cowboy boots. The most common toe is the R toe. It is tapered but round at the tip. This classic toe style is a favorite of most men as they work well with suits. Some other toe styles are

  • Roper Toe – This toe style is most popular in cowboy boots. It is fully rounded and it is worn often with casual wear
  • Square Toe – This style has recently become popular. It is flat and wide. This toe type looks good and stylish with a blazer and slacks 
  • J and D Toe – This toe type is pointed. They look well with slacks and suits as D-toed cowboy boot has a snub tip 


The most important factor is the heel height when looking for stylish cowboy boots. The heel gives extra height to boots and affects the comfort levels of the boots. Most ropers have short heels like 1.5 inches or less.   

The heel height is considered typical as most cowboy boots have the same size. This heel size is comfortable and does not cause any difficulty while walking. It also provides better arch support to feet and has a high shock absorption rate. 

2. Versatility:

Quality cowboy boots can be worn with a variety of slacks and suits. If you select the right cowboy boots then you have to pack less during traveling as you can wear the same pair on multiple occasions. 

Also, select a boot color that matches the suits you wear most of the time. Do not worry about the jeans or slacks as almost all cowboy boots work well with them. 

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Where Can You Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit?

Yes, you can wear cowboy boots for professional work. Many professionals use cowboy boots during work. They integrate these professional shoes naturally without causing any sort of discomfort to their feet. So have a look at professions that use cowboy boots.

1. Texas Rangers:

It’s no surprise that Texas rangers wear cowboy boots. The law enforcement agency also has cowboy boots as a part of its dress code. Besides the boots, they need a dress coat, a tie, a dress shirt, and a cowboy hat. 

2. Mariachi Bands:

These bands include cowboy boots in their suit combination from time to time. Along with well-crafted instruments they require a nice suit. The mariachi bands are highly appreciated in both Mexico and Texas. Plus it is a deeply respected profession in other parts of the world as well.

3. Retail Store Manager:

Cowboy boots are famous in Texas. You can see them everywhere including the feet of retail store managers.

4. Electricians:

In the south, cowboy boots are prominent among electricians, especially the ones with rubber soles. These boots work as insulation to avoid electric shock.

Which Boot Designs Goes Well With A Suit?

Here is the list of best boot designs that perfectly suit formal wear, especially suits. If you are looking for different boot designs to pair with suits then this list is best for you. So have a look at it and select your favorite shoe designs.

1. Chelsea Boots:

You can easily wear business casual suits with Chelsea boots. They have a unique charisma that goes well with both formal and informal. Chelsea boots have a high potential to light up any clothing style effortlessly. Plus, with Cuban heels, you can give a different dimension to your look.  

2. Combat Boots:

These boots make an effortlessly effective combination with suits and formal dresses. But make the ends of your trousers narrow to make the laces visible. With this style, you will get beyond-expectation results. 

3. Work Boots:

Simple work boots have their unique charm and reflect their best charm in winter. They are made with durable quality material and provide proper protection for feet.

4. Cowboy Boots:

Last but not least, cowboy boots have the best style. Their textures and surfaces work well with any clothing type and give a classy look.

What Outfits Should You Not Wear with Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy boots do not fit well with all suits. That’s why it is better to avoid such outfits. If you want to pair up cowboy boots with a suit then better do it right. Usually, well-fitted pants are perfect for cowboy boots. 

You can also select boot-cut jeans, and dress pants. But make sure these pants are not tucked inside the boots. Furthermore, here are some dresses that you should not wear with your cowboy boots. 

1. Sportswear:

The first outfit that you should never wear with cowboy boots is sportswear. They are opposite from the boots and never go well with each other.  

2. Street Attire:

Informal street attire is the second style that you should avoid pairing with cowboy boots. Street attire goes well with sneakers as compared to western boots. So do not wear them with formal boots. 

3. Unnecessary Accessories:

Accessories like top-off belts or hats can be a block in your appearance. So avoid wearing too many accessories that take away the spotlight from your prestigious cowboy boots. Always keep it clean and simple.

4. Fringe and Sequin Attire:

Fashion stylists do not recommend wearing cowboy boots with such clothing as they do not integrate well.

5. Overalls:

Such type of clothing is more suitable with sneakers than any footwear. So do not pair overalls with formal boots.

6. Casual Wear:

This is another dressing style that you should avoid wearing with cowboy boots. So do not pair casual dresses with formal boots.

When You Should Not Wear Boots With a Suit?

Indeed, cowboy boots work fine with formal attire. But there are some occasions when you should avoid wearing boots and style your suit with other footwear and here are these situations.

Formal Environments:

Dress boots are always more casual as compared to standard dress shoes. In most formal environments, dress boots may be too casual, even when paired with a suit. 

Hot Weather:

Boots are always considered cold-weather shoes. In hot situations, they may look odd against the typical fashion of the area. They also hold extra warmth that makes it uncomfortable for men to wear them in scorching heat situations. In such situations, it is better to wear light dress shoes until the temperature drops.

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Wrapping It All Up!!!

In cold situations, it is best to wear cowboy boots for both formal and informal occasions. They are made with durable leather and provide enough comfort for feet. With the right styles and color combinations, you can wear them regularly for work with a suit.

If you do not know the right combinations of cowboy boots and suits then the above guide is for you. Try all the combinations and see which one looks best on you.