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Types of Boots Men Every Guy Should Know About!

In this article, we are going to discuss all those types of boots men should know about. 

Men have no lack of choice when it comes to types of boots. From the timeless Chelsea boot to the rugged hiking boot, there’s a style of boot to suit every taste.

For every taste and occasion, there are boots for men. The only problem is a lack of knowledge and understanding.

Selecting the right boot for any occasion can be tricky and difficult for some people. 

But we are here for the rescue. We will ease this difficulty for you and will tell you about all those types of boots men should own and which one is perfect for any specific occasion. 

So without wasting any further time let’s get started with our first very popular type of boot that is, 

1. Chelsea Boots:Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are the perfect pair of stylish boots. A Chelsea boot is an ankle-high boot with an elastic side panel and a low heel.

In addition to leather and suede, the canvas is also a common material for these boots. Dressy and casual are blurred by their sleek silhouette. 

They are semi-formal pair of boots so with chinos or denim they look perfectly amazing. If you want a more formal look you can style them with formal suits too. 

There are two distinct styles of Chelsea boots. One is the bulkier fit and the other one is the slimmer yet sleeker fit.

The slimmer fit goes perfectly with suits and the bulkier fit look perfectly with casual outfits. 

2. Chukka Boots:

Chukka boots are another types of boots men should prioritize. 

In addition to their leather or suede uppers, chukka boots have crepe soles and two or three eyelets. Their toe boxes are typically very round and their soles are thin.

With jeans, chinos, and suit trousers, you can wear them smart or casually. Chukka boots are also a pair of semi-formal shoes so they can go with both casual attire and semi-formal attire perfectly. Style them with jeans or chinos and a nice blazer. 

These shoes are not appropriate for the winter season so prefer wearing them in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. 

3. Desert Boots:Desert Boots

Chukka boots have one specific style that is Desert boots. Their leather construction is the same as chukka boots but there is a difference in sole design. 

Instead of vulcanized rubber or leather soles, desert boots have crepe rubber soles. Crepe soles are a perfect choice if you want to wear boots for a longer time. 

Desert boots are casual pairs of shoes so wear them with everyday casual outfits. You won’t find a Desert boot that looks great with a suit, even though some brands make Chukkas that do.

4. Service Boots:

The military is the origin of service boots.  Modern men’s wardrobes have adapted the military boot style over time.

Getting a pair of service boots is a good idea for every guy. Many brands combine ruggedness and durability with a touch of style.

Service boots are casual pairs of shoes. If you are thinking about wearing them in mud then throw this thought out of your mind.

Service boots go perfectly with raw denim jeans. It will be tricky for you to style them with any other type of lowers. They dont look good at all with suits or formal wear. 

5. Hiking Boots:Hiking Boots Necessary

A hiking boot should be comfortable, durable, and water-resistant. There is no doubt hiking boot makers take aesthetics into consideration, but these boots aren’t really designed to be stylish. 

The most common material used in these boots is nylon, leather, and canvas. They are slightly above the ankle in order to provide proper protection to the foot. 

Modern hiking shoes are now constructed from materials that work perfectly in extreme climatic conditions too.

More often, you’ll find rip-stop nylon or a super-hardened composite upper instead of good old-fashioned leather with steel shanks.

It is common to pair hiking boots with a backpack, shorts, and a t-shirt. They are not for style purposes so you can wear them with any hiking clothes. 

6. Derby Boots:

Oxfords and Derbys are often confused, but there is a critical difference between them.

There are eyelets sewn into the vamp of the Derby, which has an open lacing system. An easy slip-on Derby is made much easier by this feature.

You can pair these boots either with casual style or dressy style. They’re great for classing up your everyday wear thanks to the open lacing system.

You need to figure out on your own whether you want to dress up with these shoes or whether you want to look casual. 

7. Oxford Boots:Oxford Boots

There is no open lacing system on Oxford boots, unlike Derby boots. Wearing them is slightly harder than wearing derby boots. But compared to derby boots, Oxford boots have more style versatility.

In the business world, Oxfords are common, but oxford boot-style shoes are less common.

If you want to pair them with a suit go ahead as they look amazing with such formal attire.

In the fall and winter seasons, oxford boots look perfectly amazing. Apart from the formal attire these boots also look great with a smart-casual outfit. 

8. Work Boots:

As per the name, these boots are specially designed for working men. They are designed to protect your foot from hazards during job hours.

The most common features of working boots are steel toes, slip-resistant soles, and electrical hazard protection.

They are either made of nylon, suede, or leather. Yes, these boots are not for style purposes but there are a few brands that added a style factor to these boots in order to make them more appealing. 

Combine utility jeans with hard-wearing shirts and work boots. A pair of clean lines and a modern silhouette will make your work boots look stylish.

9. Cowboy Boots:Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are one of the most popular types of boots men should definitely own.

These boots were very popular in California and western countries but now they are popular all around the world.

Cowboy boots are very durable and sturdy just like work boots. They have a pointed toe along with a high heel. Some cowboy boots also feature decorative stitching in order to give a more appealing look to the boot. It reaches approximately mid-calf.

These boots are made from a thick material like leather. The good quality ones last for years.

If you want a more casual look then style them with a plaid shirt and raw denim jeans.

But if you want a western or cowboy type of look then wear these boots with bell bottom jeans, a cowboy hat, and a leather jacket.

10. Moc Toe Boots:

Moc Toe boots combine a mocassin’s water-resistance and sturdy build with a work boot’s lining, sole, and ankle support.

The work boot has become popular in recent decades because they are less bulky. Moc toe boots fit in between the fashion and function spectrum, just as combat and service boots do.

Fall and winter are the perfect times for moc toe boots. Whether worn with jeans or chinos, the workwear aesthetic works well with mocassins.

These boots are perfect for providing both style and functionality. 

11. Combat Boots:Combat Boots

The combat boot is a fashion statement because of its size and boldness. There are several styles of combat boots to choose from, including some that are a little more fashionable than work boots. 

You can style them with cargo pants or jeans. They go perfectly with streetwear clothes.

12. Engineer Boots:

The engineer boot is another type of rugged work boot. Its simplicity, durability, and no-frills make it a favorite among motorcyclists.

A leather strap runs around the ankle or calf of an engineer boot, which is made from a few pieces of leather.

These boots look great with denim jeans, a nice simple shirt, and a denim jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Most Versatile Boots for Men?

There is no doubt that the Chelsea boot is the most versatile boot for men.

It looks great with a variety of pants and can be dressed up or down.

How Many Boots Should a Man Own?

It completely depends upon your own choice. But you need to own two pairs of boots for sure which are dress boots and casual boots.

How Do You Break in New Boots?

It is possible to break in new boots in a few different ways. The simplest one is wearing them daily for a few hours in your house until the day you feel comfortable.

You can also a boot stretcher or shoe trees if you want to.

Wrapping It All Up!

So we have discussed the 12 most popular and amazing types of boots every guy should know about.

I hope that this article helped you alot and you will select the exact right pair of boots next time you need them. 

Let us know in the comment section which boot is your favorite and how you style it.