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How to Clean Blundstones: Like New Shoes

In this article, we are going to discuss how to clean Blundstones properly. We guided you step by step so it will be much easier for you to understand the process.

So stay with us till the end of this article because I m sure this article is going to be very helpful for you.

If your Blundstones are dirty or ruined and you are planning to throw them away then you need to give them one chance because everyone deserves a chance.

Using our guide, you can quickly turn your dirty Blundstone into a new one.

So let’s not waste any time and directly get into the main topic that is, 

What You’ll Need to Clean Your Blundstones:How to CHow to Clean Blundstoneslean Blundstones

People often wonder how to clean Blundstone boots because they’re rugged boots.

But there is one advantage of these Blundstone’s that is the leather used in these boots is resilient which means that it will come back to its original shape quickly.

So dont feel any pressure while cleaning them and even if they are new or old you can clean them easily.

Before starting the cleaning procedure let’s list down all the things you’ll need during the entire process of cleaning. 

Things You’ll Need:
  • Any old shirt or microfiber soft towel.
  • Horsehair brush.
  • Conditioner that is appropriate for leather.
  • Saddle soap (you will only need saddle soap if your shoes are extremely dirty and contain stains).
  • Leather dye in dark brown color (it is only required if your shoes have scratches).

Blundstone Care Guide:Blundstone Care

There is no need to do every single step that is mentioned in this article. Depending on the situation of your Blundstone you need to perform the steps. Only do what is required

Steps 1-3 are likely to be the only ones needed if you bought your Blundstones within the last six months and you want to give them the store-bought new look. 

But if your Blundstone’s are extremely dirty and you have worn them in mud or spilled something oily on them then you need to perform all the steps as written.

In extremely dirty situations using saddle soap will be a good option. After using the saddle soap you can condition them.

If your Blundstone boots got lots of scratches then you need to add a leather dye in order to even out its color. By doing so your boots will look exactly like the new ones.

In addition, I’ve included a few approaches for suede and nubuck Blundstones.

And you can also add water resistance if you would like to do so. So let’s just look at the very first step. 

Step 1: Remove Excess Dirt with A Rag:

Place your boots together and remove the first as much as you can. After that use an old t-shirt or a microfiber brush.

Using any one of them will help you in removing even the smallest particle of dust from your Blundstone.

Make sure there is no dust otherwise if you start conditioning your boots while having dust on them you will end up getting nasty scratches on the upper side of your shoes which look very bad and will ruin the overall look of your boots.

Moreover, removing dirt before applying a conditioner ensures that you’re not pressing dust into the leather pores further.

There is no need for water at all in this step. An old t-shirt or micro-fiber brush works wonderfully.

You can only use water if you want to clean the soles of your shoes. While cleaning the soles with water make sure the water doesnt touch the leather. But in case water touches the leather do not panic at all.

All you need to do is let it dry before using the conditioner. It is much better to dip the piece of fabric in water and then clean the rubber sole with it rather than putting water directly on the sole.

Step 2: Apply Leather Conditioner:Apply Leather Conditioner

To apply a leather conditioner to each boot, apply between a dime or a quarter size depending on the size and thickness of your boot.

There are lots of conditioners that are suitable for leather Blundstone’s so you can use them. The good ones will not darken the leather at all and they will penetrate into the leather so quickly.

In this way, the leather of your Blundstone will remain flexible, relaxed, and supple.

Some conditioner provides a little amount of shine to the boots but this shine will not stay for a longer time it will fade on its own after first or second wear.

Make sure you apply an even layer of conditioner on both shoes. You can either use your hands or you can use any fabric to do so.

You shouldn’t apply too much conditioner to any part of the coat, but you shouldn’t be so meticulous that it’s perfectly even.

Wait for 10 minutes after applying the conditioner to both boots. In this time duration, the conditioner will penetrate properly into the pores of the leather.

Step 3: Brush Your Boots with A Horsehair Brush:

Swipe your boots with a horsehair brush. As a result, your boots will have a slight shine and even out the leather conditioner.

Putting a second coat on your boots is recommended if you think it is necessary after the brushing.

You’re all set if you’re satisfied with how your Blundstones look. Once you’ve slipped the Blundstones on, you can start wearing them once again. That’s all it takes.

Please continue reading if you’d like to go a little further for your Blundstones.

Optional Step 4: Waterproof Your Blundstones:Waterproof Your Blundstones

To begin with, I want to tell you right away that you can’t waterproof your Blundstones completely.

It is possible for water to enter through the upper leather and rubber sole because the sole is cemented.

To make the leather more water-resistant, you can take some measures.

You can use mink oil in step number 2 if you want to make your Blundstone completely water-resistant. Water will bead up and fall off of the leather when mink oil seeps into it.

But keep in mind that the mink oil will darken your leather boots. For example, if your Blundstone boots are mocha colored then they will almost look black in color after using the mink oil.

Leather waterproofing spray can also be used, which is an easy method.

But these kinds of sprays don’t stay on the Blundstone boots for a long time. However, they are a good temporary solution.

You can use these sprays when rainy or snowy days are near. It is a good way to protect your shoes. 

Optional Step: Use Saddle Soap to Clean the Leather:

Only use saddle soap if your shoes are extremely dirty. If there are any stains or mud which is not getting removed with cloth or microfiber brush then you need to use a bar of saddle soap.

It is recommended to use saddle soap after the first and before the second step. Saddle soap is extremely easy to use despite the fact of its brand.

All you need to do is open the tin or box of your saddle soap and add warm water to it.

Wet the dauber brush. Make suds by swirling your dauber brush in saddle soap while it is still wet.

Apply a circular motion to Blundstone leather by scrubbing it. Make sure the entire boot is covered in suds.

Once you are done, take a dry and clean fabric and try to remove all the soap from the boots. After this let your Blundstone’s completely dry for at least 6-12 hours.

Some people think about using a hair dryer at this point to speed up the drying process but by doing so you will end up ruining the leather of your Blundstone.

After 6-12 hours or until the shoes are completely dry now you can use the leather conditioner. 

Optional Step: Dye the Scratches:

You can add dye to darken scratches on your boots and give them a more even color by adding dye to the scratches.

The leather used by Blundstone hasn’t been dyed through, so scratches can stand out quite a bit.

It’s not possible to match the color of the scratches to the upper leather exactly, but you can darken them so they don’t stand out as much.

Apply dye to the scratches using a q-tip. Apply the conditioner after the dye has sat for a few hours.

If you’ve completed the optional step of applying saddle soap, you should do this step after brushing off all the dirt.

How to Clean Suede And Nubuck Blundstones:Suede And Nubuck Blundstones

Blundstones in suede or nubuck require a completely different process. As you can see in step one above, you need to remove all dirt from your boots.

To make sure your boots are clean, use a rag or old t-shirt to brush them.

Step 1: Use A Suede/Nubuck Brush:

You might need a care kit that is appropriate for suede and nubuck. Brush your boots in one direction with the suede brush. Suede brushes should not be used like horsehair brushes.

A suede knap needs to be restored. Brushing away from my body is what I usually do. For both boots, follow the same procedure.

Your suede and nubuck boots may only need this treatment. You should be able to use them as soon as you’ve restored the knap. Proceed to the next step if the dirt or oil stains are stubborn.

Step 2: Use A Suede Eraser:

There should be an eraser included in your suede and nubuck care kit. Use this eraser circularly to stubborn stains. In the process of lifting dirt from your leather, your eraser should darken a little.

Use your suede brush to remove the spot. Repeat this step if the stain persists.

A suede cleaner may be a better option if you have to repeat step 2 more than four or five times.

Optional Step: Apply Scotchgard to Waterproof the Suede:

For Blundstone, Scotchgard is one of the most wonderful things ever. Water will not penetrate suede or nubuck.

Since Blundstones are often worn in rough conditions, this is especially helpful.

Your suede Blundstones should only be sprayed with Scotchgard after they’ve been cleaned.

The best time to do this is when your Blundstones are new but don’t worry if you have owned them for some time already.

How to Clean Rustic Brown Blundstones:Clean Rustic Brown Blundstones

Rustic brown is the second most popular type of Blundstone leather. Its best part is that this leather doesn’t need much care.

In the leather care process described above, I would only follow steps 1-3.

The first thing you need to do is brush the dirt from your shoes, apply a leather conditioner, and then use a horsehair brush.

Do not ever think about using mink oil on your rustic brown leather and also keep saddle soap away from this leather. Make sure you dont use dye because it will look very weird too.

With Rustic Blundstone leathers, you basically never need to worry about taking care of them.

It’s not hard for the leather to outlast the sole since they’re already saturated with oils and waxes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Make My Blundstones Look New?

First, reduce all the creases by stuffing your boots with any old t-shirt or newspaper. Now use a leather balm on the Blundstone’s leather.

Then let them rest for 1-2 days and now they will look like the new ones.

Can You Get Blundstones Wet?

Wearing Blundstones does not require you to stay away from water, rain, or snow. They are slightly waterproof so they will not let your feet feel wet.

If your Blundstones are extremely wet then it’s better to air dry them properly before wearing them.


So finally we have come to the end of our article. I hope now you know how to clean Blundstone’s properly.

Make sure you follow the guide exactly as written. If you face any difficulty let us know in the comment section.