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Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE VS Roshe 2 Flyknit V2

Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE is a brand new model, which has added that simple sporty vibe without overdoing it. Originally, the sneaker has got its name from two Chinese Mandarin words smashed together. When “Kai shi” is spoken, it means “to begin.” Therefore, the shoes symbolize a new beginning for each person, who wears these shoes. It may be the beginning in sport or life. The shoe has an appealing design, combined with functionality.

As for the Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2, it has appeared in summer 2017 and has captivated the hearts of many Nike fans due to its revolutionary upper, a flexible fit, and a streamlined design.

Depending on the budget, personal needs and preferences, you may choose one of these models. The article suggests information about these sneakers and a recommendation which one to choose.

General Specs

Feature Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE Roshe 2 Flyknit V2
Runner Type Neutral Natural
Best Used On Road Road
Best Used For Universal activity Running/Casual wear
Midsole Soft foam midsole Three-density midsole
Upper Seamless mesh fabric upper Flyknit upper
Midsole drop 8mm 8mm
Size 7.5-14 6-15
Price 54-152$ 90$
Estimated Lifespan The upper limit is 400 miles. The upper limit is 400 miles.
Release Date 2016 Summer 2017

Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE VS Roshe 2 Flyknit V2: Key Features

Feature Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE Roshe 2 Flyknit V2
Fit The shoe fits snug thanks to the lace-up closure for a secure fit. One-piece sock-like collar provides a snug fit. However, the shoe runs a little bit narrow, so people with wide feet aren’t recommended to wear these shoes.
Stability The shoe is stable thanks to the lacing system and a rubber outsole, which provides stability and good traction. Besides, the insole is cushioned, so that the foot feels secure and don’t slip. The rubber outsole and a foot-hugging upper ensure good stability. Besides, a reinforced cage around the heel also promotes stability.
Support A lacing system and the heel cage keep the foot in place. An easy lacing system, a triple-density cushioning system provides a unique combination of support and softness.
Responsiveness Soft foam in the midsole ensures good cushioning. Triple-density cushioning provides a balance of good responsiveness and shock absorption. The midsole is lightweight and it bounces back quickly for better responsiveness.
Performance The shoe features a wide toe box so that the toes move freely. Good shock absorption, cushioning and traction, provided by the midsole and outsole, also enhance performance. The shoe ensures an efficient walking or running with its midsole, which has three densities, supportive and breathable upper, a soft insole and grippy outsole.
Special Technologies Seamless upper means that the upper is one-piece unit without any seams, which may cause irritation. Also, it is more lightweight compared to its counterparts.

Phylon Technology is used in the midsole. Phylon material is soft and springy. It provides excellent cushioning, firmness and supports the foot.

Flyknit Technology was developed by Nike for runners, who searched for a snug fit. This knit upper has static properties for a better structure and durability. This technology is used on the upper. Eventually, it is formfitting, lightweight and seamless.
Size Runs a little bit big, so people with narrow feet should go a half size down. Whereas people with wide feet may choose true to size. Runs true to size.
Weight 1.2 pounds 2 pounds

1. Design

Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE has been definitely inspired by the Nike Roshe Run. However, it is a brand new design, which features a unique bootie construction, a lightweight midsole, and a grippy outsole as well as the seamless mesh upper. Besides, there is a no-sew Swoosh design trademark and eyelets for a streamlined look.

The Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 has a remarkable design as the Flyknit upper with waves, which go across the entire shoe. The outsole and the midsole give enough cushioning and traction and pull tabs on the heel and the tongue make sure you put on and take off your shoes easily.

1.1 The Upper

Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE has a seamless mesh fabric upper. It is breathable, lightweight and comfortable as it prevents irritation. Whereas Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 features a foot-hugging upper as it is made with the Flyknit technology. Eventually, it is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and flexible.

1.2 The Outsole

The Outsole Nike Kaishi

Both sneakers have a durable rubber outsole with grooves for flexibility. Besides, there are small rubber pads, which enhance traction. The only difference is that the Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE has wider flex grooves, bigger pads, and the Nike logo is in the heel area. As for the Roshe 2 Flyknit V2, it has narrow grooves and small rubber pads. The Nike logo is placed in the midfoot area.

1.3 The Insole

The insole in the Kaishi 2.0 SE is soft and supportive. Besides, it gives extra cushioning. The Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 has a memory foam insole, which also gives extra cushioning and enhances comfort.

1.4 The Midsole

The Midsole Nike Kaishi 2 and Rooshe 2

Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE has a soft Phylon midsole, which is soft and bouncy. As for Roshe 2 Flyknit V2, it has a three-density midsole, which absorbs shock perfectly and prevents over-pronation.

1.5 Heel-to-toe drop

Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE and Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 feature an 8mm heel-to-toe drop.

2. Breathability

Breathability Nike Kaishi 2 and Rooshe 2

Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE features a seamless mesh fabric upper, which is less elastic and durable than the Flyknit upper. In the meantime, the Flyknit upper in the Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 gives the feeling of the second skin. Heavy-duty fibers are integrated with the TPU fibers, which makes the upper durable. In the meantime, the fibers are very lightweight, so the shoes are also lightweight and elastic.

3. Cushioning

Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE has enough cushioning in the midsole as well in the insole so that they absorb shock perfectly and the foot feels comfortable.

Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 is the champion of cushioning as the triple-density midsole gives enough cushioning, so the shoe is responsive as it provides an excellent energy return.

4. Comfort

The Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE is super comfortable! A lacing system is easy to use and it helps to create a snug fit. Besides, a padded collar and a seamless mesh fabric upper add to comfort. On top of that, pull loops at the tongue and the collar lets you slip in and out easily.

Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 is comfortable as the upper, made with a special technology, ensures a snug fit. The outsole is both durable and flexible and the insole has memory foam, which makes your run/walk super comfortable.

5. Flexibility

A seamless upper on the Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE and the cushioned midsole and outsole ensure better flexibility. Besides, the outsole is lightweight and flexible due to the grooves.

Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 features a stretchy Flyknit upper, which gives enough flexibility. Besides, the lacing and the outsole also allow the foot and the forefoot to bend.

6. Safety & Support

In the updated version, the Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE takes safety and comfort to the next level. The mesh bootie construction wraps the foot, which improves support. Besides, the outsole is made of durable rubber, which improves traction and a round toe with bumper. Therefore, it contributes to safety. The upper together with lacing provides a snug fit for increased support. Besides, there is the padding in the tongue and the collar, so the foot is supported well.

Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 also gives enough support to the whole foot thanks to the upper and cushioning, found within the whole shoe. The rubber pads on the outsole ensure good traction, which makes running safer.

7. Durability

The Flyknit technology, used in the Roshe 2 Flyknit V2, uses TPU fibers, which are extremely durable. Besides, the outsole is made of durable rubber, which also increases the lifespan.

The Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE features a rubber outsole and welded TPU overlays, which improve durability.

Bottom Line

So, if you are in two minds which shoes to buy, we recommend buying Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 due to these reasons:

  1. The price of the Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 is more affordable and it gives a better price/quality ratio.
  2. The inner part of the Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 is more comfortable as it has memory foam, whereas Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE has a padded insole.
  3. The Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 is more durable due to the TPU fibers, used in the upper.
  4. The Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 is more breathable thanks to the Flyknit Technology and perforations around the toes. The Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE also has a breathable mesh upper, but it is less breathable compared to the Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2.
  5. As for cushioning, the Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 features triple-density midsole, which gives a better energy return than the Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE offers.
  6. The Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 tends to be more flexible due to the one-piece Flyknit upper.
  7. The drawback of the Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 is the restricted range of colorways compared to the Kaishi 2.0 SE. Besides, the Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2 hasn’t been designed for vigorous activities as they may wear off quickly, whereas the Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE may be used for various activities.

Therefore, if you value good cushioning and breathability along with good traction, and you aren’t the fan of the vigorous training, go for the Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit V2. But if you are up to style and superior comfort, the Nike Kaishi 2.0 SE is your ultimate choice.

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