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How to Clean Nubuck Leather Boots in 6 Simple Steps

Nubuck is the finest type of leather. This greatly polished leather treated with sand polishing may look like Suede because of the velvet-like feel but it is completely different. Nubuck is highly sensitive to dirt and moisture, unlike other polished leathers.

Nubuck leather is therefore only advised for usage during dry conditions. If you wore the nubuck leather in the rainy season and it gets dirty then immediately clean it. But remember the cleaning process of nubuck leather is much more difficult than cleaning its alternatives.

You have to follow a complete set of rules to make sure the quality of the boots does not get damaged. In this article, we will share these tips and a step-by-step guide to clean nubuck leather boots easily.

So let’s dive in right now.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Nubuck Leather Boots:

Cleaning nubuck leather is a tough process. This is because most people do not know where to start and what material to use. Don’t worry, though; we have you covered. Here we will tell you the list of equipment that you will need during the cleaning process.

With these materials, you can avoid damaging your nubuck leather boots and enhance their durability. So have a look at them.  

  • A microfiber towel
  • A nubuck brush
  • Suede and nubuck cleaner
  • Suede and nubuck protector

Nubuck has individual fibers so you might need a towel to wipe away the dirt from the surface and get in deeper. The nubuck cleaner will finish the task by bringing the smaller particles to the outer surface.

At this stage, you can wipe these particles away using the microfiber towel but make sure you do not scuff your boots. Then the protector spray will keep the nubuck boots from getting dirty again.

Now let’s see each step deeply to clean your nubuck leather boots easily without damaging them.

1. Brush Off Dirt:

Nubuck has a lot of individual fibers that allow dirt to pass through them easily. But it means that you have to get in deep to completely restore the boots to their former glory. To achieve this task, you need to clear the surface first.

To do so take your towel and wipe away the dirt on the outermost part of the nubuck leather boots. But stay gentle and ensure you do not accidentally scuff the nubuck. But if your boots are dirt then start cleaning by banging the bottom of the boot against the ground.

By doing this, the caked-on dirt and make will wipe away easily. After this step, your boots are not going to look perfect but they will be clear of external grime and dirt. 

2. Locate Bigger Stains and Treat Them:

Before cleaning the entire boot, you must overlook the whole boot and locate the bigger and more heavily soiled areas. Any spot that looks dirty should be treated first with a suede eraser. This item of rubber helps to pull out dirt and stains without damaging the nap of leather boots.

You can also use the cleaning kit that includes an eraser and a suede and nubuck brush. This brush will allow you to treat the deepest spots without the risk of damaging your boots. But you still need to be careful here.

In comparison to other varieties of leather, nubuck is softer. Because of this, you might scuff the boots with the aggressive use of an eraser. In addition, if the treated areas look a bit discolored then apply some nubuck cleaner to them and the discoloration will go away.

3. Apply Cleaner to the Entire Boot:

At this stage, the boot surface is clean and all deep stains have been reduced. So start the deep cleaning process. Spray your leather boots down thoroughly with the cleaning spray and give it a moment to penetrate and react with oil or dirt in the nubuck.

Make sure to select a durable quality cleaner as it will clean and condition the nubuck efficiently. You can also apply the cleaner to all suede or nappy textured items for a better finish.

4. Wipe Away the Cleaner:

Wipe off your shoes after you have kept them with the cleaner for some time. Because of the cleaner, all the dirt and oil will come to the surface of the boots and you can easily remove all the debris and stains.

Now use the small wiping or blotting motions gently instead of scrubbing them. This is because harsh scrubbing can lead to scuffs. After you have wiped away the cleaner your boots will still be damp.

You might think about drying the boots with heat but do not go for this option. The reason is, heat can damage the exterior of the nubuck boots and warp their shape. Instead of heating, let your boots air dry at room temperature.

This might take a bit longer but provides the best results. Once your boots get dry check them again and repeat this step until the boots get clean completely.

5. Brush the Nubuck Leather Boots:

If your boots are completely dry and have no signs of stains or dirt then they are ready to be brushed out. In this step, you will need a fine soft-bristled brush. Such types of brushes allow you to get inside the fibers of the suede shoes so that you can restore the nap evenly.

There are many nubuck cleaning brushes available in the market but select the one that comes with 4 distinct brush heads. These specifically designed soft leather brush heads will help you to brush each part of the boots efficiently.

But make sure to be gentle while brushing the surface of boots as you are brushing the nap not the base. If you overdo brushing then the outer surface can get damaged so avoid this. 

6. Apply a Leather Protectant:

If after brushing, your leather boots are spotless and look new again then apply a protectant spray. This step is optional but it is highly recommended. Nubuck is a delicate leather and it can easily be damaged or warped by water.

But by applying the protectant you can protect your boots from getting ruined and keep dirt or debris from penetrating the surface. With the help of a protector, you can avoid the effort to clean them again and again.

However, for top-notch results, select the exquisite quality leather protectant that provides both conditioning and waterproofing features. The waterproofing will prevent the boots from damage and conditioning will revive their original look and keep them new for a long time. 

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Tips for Cleaning Nubuck Leather Boots:

Here are the easy tips to clean Nubuck leather boots that can make your work easy. Have a look at them. 

  • Use spray paint of the same color as the product itself to maintain the original color and hide possible scratches and rubbing 
  • Treat the leather boots with a water-repellent spray to protect them from moisture and dust
  • Use a slightly dampened sponge to remove white spots
  • Use high-quality nubuck cleaning products with combined brushes
  • Clean nubuck is the dry state and dries the boots at room temperature by putting the paper inside to absorb moisture. Keep nubuck boots away from heaters, batteries, direct sunlight, and open fire sources.
  • Do not use conventional shoe care products as they can damage the quality. Make sure to use cleaning products that are specially made for nubuck leather

How to Get Rid of Deep Stains from Nubuck Leather?

Here are the easy steps to clean deep stains from nubuck leather without damaging its quality. Have a look at them.

  • Wipe the stain with a brush or nubuck cloth
  • Use a special nubuck cleaning product to remove the stain
  • If you are using an aerosol then spray it onto the stain. But if it is the liquid then dab it gently on the stain with a cloth 
  • In case of ink stain, apply a specialized ink lifter. Use the lifter before the ink sets
  • At last, use a brush to bring up the nap after you have finished the cleaning process and the boot is dry

How to Remove Oil from Nubuck Leather?

If you are looking for the best way to remove oil from nubuck leather shoes then the following steps are for you. Let’s review them.

  • Use a special leather degreaser to remove oil stains from leather
  • Follow the degreaser instructions to avoid damaging the nubuck boots. Simply apply the spray onto the stain and leave it there for some time until the elements occur on the surface
  • In case of the toughest stains buy a high-quality suede block and use it to sand the stain until it is gone
  • Wife off the residue and restore the nap with gentle brushing

Wrapping It All Up!!!

If you are finding it difficult to clean the nubuck leather boots then this guide is best for you. With the tips and step-by-step process, you can easily avoid damaging your nubuck leather boots’ quality. So what are you waiting for? Use this guide to clean your dirty nubuck leather boots and enhance their durability.