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Fila Outfit Ideas for Style-Oriented Individuals

Comfortable, creative, high-quality, and versatile, every piece of Fila’s clothing is exclusive and tasteful, and their designs and materials radiate with fine craftsmanship. Since 1911 the company has been providing people with premium sportswear and accessories, collaborating with international sports stars, growing into the most iconic sportswear brand in the world.

Nowadays Fila offers a wide range of athletic and casual footwear: specialized shoes for CrossFit, basketball, tennis, running, hiking, soccer, volleyball, as well as flip flops, sandals, and boots.

Activewear, casual wear, and sportswear are produced for men, women, and even kids. The range includes shorts, sweatpants, leggings, matching sets, tracksuits, sports bras, tops, jerseys, T-shirts, jumpers, polo shirts, and lots of other stuff.

Also, Fila’s developed clothing for skiers, skateboarders, snowboarders, and baseball players. They have lots of accessories like sunglasses, hats, caps, watches, underwear so that it’s super easy to get an incredible Fila total look.

We’ve prepared a list of Fila outfits ideas for men and women to demonstrate that unique brand’s style and inspire you to create your own Fila getup.

Fila Outfits for Women

Here’s a perfect running outfit from Fila FXT: sports bra and leggings matching set and a pair of super lightweight and breathable Fila FXT Energized Full Panther sneakers.

fila shoes

If a sports bra seems a kind of “showing off”, wear a top over it to have a comfortable and productive run.

fila sports bra

Sporty yet classic fall styles for any taste – that’s a result of an incredible collaboration of Fila and Urban Outfitters companies.

Fila and Urban Outfitters

When it’s cold outside, cozy clothing in vibrant colorways is exactly what we need. Married To The Mob and Fila created this fantastic sweat-shirt and a warm hoodie for you.

Fila fantastic sweatshirt

This Fila tennis outfit is an embodiment of the 90’s sports style’s beauty and perfection. Uncluttered and clean – that’s what true classic looks like.

Fila tennis outfit

Diversify your fall-winter wardrobe with fashionable and comfy pieces from Fila: Tionne crop tee in red and the Frances jogger sweats. Complete the look with the Cage retro high-top and enjoy this trendy casual image.

Frances jogger sweats

Grey velour leather Fila Cage mid-cut with stylish cutouts at the heels will also work with this street style for girls.

Fila Cage midcut

And how about such slim Fila jumpsuit with a nice flannel shirt around the waist?

slim Fila jumpsuit

This is another MTTM and FILA collaboration result – simple, but so dope. You can wear it on your usual day or try as one of the most fantastic workout outfits.

fantastic workout outfits

If you wanna add something really special to this look, Fila Disruptor Low Shoes are exactly what you need.

Fila Disruptor Low Shoes

Fila Heritage representative – this baggy gray T-shirt with traditional FILA logo in the middle – will come in handy in case of the retro outfit plus size creation.

baggy gray Tshirt

What will make this style even more “historic”, is this pair of Fila Women’s Drifter Slide Rubber Sandals. Durable and strong, these summer shoes also feature EVA outsole, which makes them exclusively comfy and supportive.

Fila Womens Drifter Slide Rubber Sandals

Feel that ocean breeze? Extremely bright FILA + Urban Outfitters collection offers incredible colorways, suitable for a bunch of occasions.

FILA Urban Outfitters

Blue, white, and red – classics that has become a tradition. Another plus size outfit from Fila that will turn heads.

plus size outfit from Fila

Fashion is the main basis of Fila, even if talking about workout outfits. Sweatpants & sports bra matching set in black and white is on point. However, what makes it look even more elegant is that bright accent on the shoes.

Sweatpants sports bra

Feel free to experiment with different colorways of the Fila’s footwear to this end.

Filas footwear

Bring your ideal sense of style to the tennis court with amazing polo T-shirts and headbands from Fila & UO collab.

headbands from Fila UO collab

For cross training, try old good yoga pants and bra from the Fila FXT collection.

Fila FXT collection

And for dessert, meet this classy street look – extremely elegant and snowy white. Top and skirt are not all we’ve got. To complete the outfit, wear these trendy Fila platform flip flops.

Top and skirt

Fila platform flip flops

Fila Outfits for Men

Men set or a tracksuit is a must-have piece of clothing for guys of all ages. This super versatile and comfy item has broken the limits of workout outfits long ago, and now it’s actively worn in everyday life. To expand the potential of an ordinary tracksuit, Fila has experimented with fabrics (included slim velour) and crazy colorways.

Fila Outfits for Men

Fila Outfits for Men for guys

Fila Outfits for Men for all ages

Fila Outfits for Men tracksuit

The same was done with a classic zip model, which was updated and improved to keep up with the times.

classic zip model

classic zip model for all

classic zip model for men

classic zip model for all ages

fila classic zip model

fila classic zip model for all

Bucket hat has become an outstanding part of a casual street style. Despite Fila was one of the first to introduce this trend, it keeps developing it in collaboration with other companies like Joy Rich and MTTM.

Bucket hat

Fila Bucket hat

Golf fashion always borders with classics, that’s why golf players usually look so clean and sharp like it’s the greatest day in their lives. It’s not weird, as this sport doesn’t require any significant movements or exercises – everything’s calm and slow. Here we’ve got two options from Fila: one is for summer, another – for cooler weather, however, both of them are definitely on point.

Golf fashion

Fila golf

An ideal tennis outfit is always about both comfort and style. Usually, it includes a polo tee and loose shorts. You can also try a cap (if you like playing in it), and choose the shoes able to cope with all those turns and jumps, supporting your feet as Fila Cage Delirium Sneakers do.

ideal tennis outfit

fila ideal tennis outfit

fila ideal tennis outfit for men

Running outfit is something you should choose by yourself, according to your own comfort needs. Remember that nothing should distract you, so opt for clothes you won’t even feel on yourself. It can be a jersey or a long-sleeve T-shirt with shorts, leggings, sweatpants, joggers, or an ordinary tee. Also, pay thorough attention to the sneakers – they should be meant for running, like Fila Kenya Racer 3.

longsleeve Tshirt

fila longsleeve Tshirt

fila longsleeve Tshirt for men

fila longsleeve Tshirt for all

longsleeve Tshirt wear

fila longsleeve Tshirt

In spite of the company’s sports orientation, its production is not confined to sneakers only. It also offers a range of footwear from flip flops and sandals to hiking shoes and even boots. Let’s get to know some of them:

FILA Mindbender F Shoes

FILA Mindbender F Shoes

Fila Dls 96 Basketball Shoe

Fila DLS 96 Basketball Shoe

Fila F13 Weathertech Boots

Fila F13 Weathertech Boots

Fila Men Cross Flip Slippers

Fila Men Cross Flip Slippers

Fila Legacy Sneakers From Fila Fxt

Fila Legacy Sneakers from Fila FXT

Fila Men’s M Squad “pavement” Fashion Sneaker

Fila Mens M Squad Pavement Fashion Sneaker

Fila Men’s Transition Athletic Sandals

Fila Mens Transition Athletic Sandals

Fila Mb Mesh Sneakers

Fila MB Mesh Sneakers

Fila Men’s F-13 Ps

Fila Mens F13 PS

Super Nice Fila With a Cotton-like Feel Upper – Perfect for Everyday Wear.

Super Nice Fila with a cottonlike feel upper perfect for everyday wear.

Fila Skele-toes Water Shoes for Minimalist-lovers

Fila SkeleToes Water Shoes for Minimalistlovers

Fila Fxt Legacy Training Shoe

Fila FXT Legacy Training Shoe

Fila Grant Hill Ii Mid Og 1995

FILA Grant Hill II Mid OG 1995

Fila Spaghetti Basketball Sneaker Shoe

Fila Spaghetti Basketball Sneaker Shoe

In addition to lots of sportswear for men and women, the company also has a Fila kids collection, featuring very stylish outfits for children of different ages.

sportswear for men and women

fila sportswear for men and women

Don’t neglect accessories, as these tiny details make your image unforgettable and unique. Experiment with Fila bags and sunglasses – show off your creativity and fashion sense.

Fila bags and sunglasses

Image Credit by Fila USA

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