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Can Birkenstocks Get Wet – Easy Steps to Dry Birken

Birkenstock? When was the last time you heard someone use this word? You would be familiar with it if you were from Germany.

However, if you’re not familiar with it, make sure you finish this tutorial. Birkenstocks sandals and shoes are popular with both young and old because of their affordability and comfort.

The greatest thing is that as you wear them, the foundation molds to your feet, making them comfier.

Birkenstocks can get wet, but other questions remain unresolved. If they become wet, what should be done?

The list goes on. There are a lot of fallacies about Birkenstocks that we want to dispel here.

Can Birkenstocks Get Wet?Can Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks may become wet, much like many other types of shoes and sandals.

You should keep your Birkenstock sandals out of the water if you plan on using them throughout the spring and summer months.

The water-resistant types of Birkenstocks, on the other hand, are essential if you want to wear them near water.

There is, however, a limit. Birkenstock waterproof shoes and sandals should not be immersed in water.

What Happens When Birkenstocks Get Wet?

Solely plastic and uncomfortable shoes might claim to be waterproof, but this simply isn’t the case.

You’ll get your shoes wet at some time in your life, whether you’re aware of it or not, and there’s no need to worry about it.

Birks are also the subject of a few urban legends. Don’t worry about ruining your Birkenstocks with a few drops of water.

However, they may get distorted if they are exposed to excessive moisture, whether through immersion in water or rain.

Furthermore, the seal may be removed or even broken since it is made of a water-absorbing substance.

Water-resistant Birkenstocks are available for those who routinely walk through puddles or puddles of water.

How to Maintain Your Birkenstock:How to Maintain Your Birkenstock

Keep them from becoming wet. Since all Birkenstocks are constructed of the same synthetic material, including the waterproof ones, it is best to keep them dry at all times.

Keeping your fur-lined Birkenstocks clean requires extra attention, so be sure to do it on a regular basis. To clean them, use a dry brush or shoe cleaner and a moist towel.

Keep your Birks out of direct sunlight, since the material is brittle and prone to deformation.

A waterproof spray may also be used to keep water out of your Birkenstocks slippers. However, you should utilize the spray from afar.

Can You Wear Birkenstocks In The Rain?

Yes, Birkenstocks with EVA foam outsoles are water-resistant and may be worn in the rain. The quality of your Birkenstocks will degrade over time if you wear them in wet conditions.

Getting your Birkenstocks wet may make you assume they’re damaged, but that’s just not the case.

They may be waterproofed in a variety of ways, including putting them in a well-ventilated place where the air can move freely and rapidly dry them out.

Additionally, you may cover the microscopic pores in your Birkenstock midsoles using a cork sealer to prevent water from getting inside.

Cork is water-resistant, which helps keep Birkenstocks safe from the damaging effects of water.

Wax buffing your Birkenstocks might help make them more water-resistant if you plan on wearing them in the rain.

Can You Wear Birkenstocks to The Beach?

It’s OK to go around in Birkenstocks on the beach. To prevent water from seeping into your Birkenstocks if they are accidentally struck by the waves, apply a cork sealer before heading to the beach.

Even though your Birkenstocks are likely to become wet and sandy when strolling on the beach, cleaning them afterward will not be an issue.

Sand may be removed and your Birkenstocks waterproofed using the following cleaning process after a day at the beach.

When it comes to traveling to the beach, Birkenstocks are the perfect option since they can be personalized to complement practically any attire.

Wear your Birkenstocks with a loose tee and denim shorts for the ultimate summer style.

Do Birkenstocks Get Smelly After They Are Wet?

Birkenstocks will stink if you leave them in the water too long. Getting wet causes mold to develop in them, resulting in a bad smell.

When your Birkenstocks become wet, you don’t want them to smell bad, so follow these easy cleaning procedures.

A little amount of water may seep into your Birkenstocks, even though they are waterproof, and this water might cause them to smell if they aren’t cleaned.

Reduce the formation of mildew and bad smells by ventilating the birks to allow fresh air to pass through them.

Can You Wear Birkenstocks to The Shower?

None of the above choices may be worn in the bathroom. It’s not a good idea to wear your Birkenstocks to the shower, even if they’re waterproof.

If you wear your Birkenstocks to the shower on a daily basis, they will wear out with time.

Even if they are regularly cleaned, excess water may cause them to become stale and moldy.

How to Fix Birkenstocks After They Are Wet?How to Fix Birkenstocks

No matter what kind of shoes you wear, you will inevitably get your feet wet. This is how to cure wetted shoes, so follow these steps if you’ve got them:

  • Make sure you have the Birkenstock maintenance kit and apply the Birkenstocks cleanser to the shoes before you begin to remove the dirt.
  • You may use the kit’s stain repellent to treat any extra stains, and then brush the shoe to remove them.
  • If you don’t have the time or resources to undertake regular cleaning, you may simply use soap and water to remove any stains or filth.
  • Shoe filth may be easily removed with a soft cotton towel.
  • When washing your Birkenstocks, be careful not to over-stretch them or damage their features and finishes.
  • Waterproof your Birkenstocks by applying cork sealer to the whole midsole area and sealing up any little holes.
  • Keep in mind that the cork sealer will eventually wear off, necessitating a new application.
  • When shoes are wet, the first instinct that comes to mind is to warm them up to eliminate the water that has accumulated.
  • However, overheating your Birkenstocks will degrade the quality of the material, resulting in a full loss of your footwear investment.
  • Birkenstock’s cork soles are susceptible to heat, so keep that in mind.
  • Keep your shoes out of the direct sunshine if you can help it.
  • Shoes should be stored in an area where they will have access to air and some sunshine so that they can dry.

Is Birkenstocks Waterproof?Birkenstocks Waterproof

There are waterproof and non-waterproof Birkenstock sandals available from the company.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is used in the construction of Birkenstock’s water-resistant footwear. In severely damp situations, the quality of most Birkenstocks shoes will deteriorate with time.

In addition to being water-resistant, Birkenstocks may be washed in the dishwasher. Colors are also available in a broad range.

Because of the materials used in their production, the waterproof Birkenstocks are very light.

You may feel like you’re walking on the foam when you wear them. It’s great for avoiding blisters on your feet because of the padding!

Do Birkenstocks Run Big or Small in Sizing?

The size of Birkenstock is consistent. On foot, it doesn’t matter whether it’s huge or tiny. When I ordered a regular size 8, which I normally wear, it fit well and without any issues.

In addition, most Birkenstock sandals and shoes include an adjustable strap so you can get the perfect fit.

Most people will tell you to get one size smaller than your typical shoe size to ensure a proper fit, but this isn’t always the case.

What Kind of Feet Do Birkenstocks Fit?Feet Do Birkenstocks Fit

Footwear designed to support the arch of the foot might take some time to become used to.

Birkenstocks, on the other hand, are recommended by podiatrists because of their exceptional heel and arch support.

These shoes are much like the others but without the underlying anguish. They are the same. There has been a shift in the perception of Birkenstocks in the last few years.

Birkenstocks are also rather pricey, which is something to keep in mind. Because of the pressure and heat generated by movement, the outsole of the shoe is made of cork.

As a result, each pair is distinct. They are often recommended by podiatrists because of their comfort and adaptability. For city walking, they’re a popular choice.

Both on grass and cobblestones, the memory foam footbed and soft straps will provide you with maximum comfort. No shoes are required by certain Birkenstock devotees.

The Bottom Line!

Birkenstocks may endure a long time if they are cared for properly. If you’re wondering whether or not Birkenstocks are beneficial for your feet, you’re not alone.

Definitely, they help to keep your feet in a proper position.

However, water and sunshine may shorten their lives, so take precautions to keep them out of harm’s way.

Otherwise, they’re suitable for everyday use due to their durability and water resistance.