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The Best Crossfit Jump Ropes, Durable, Adjustable and Weighted

Whether you are a professional CrossFit expert or you want to join this fitness regime, then the best jump rope will increase the efficiency of your workout.

  • Ball bearing system avoids twisting and tangling
  • Maximum comfort with memory foam handles
  • Adjustable 9 foot long rope

  • Carrying bag and e-book included
  • Great for crossfit and cardio workouts
  • Adjustable 10 foot long rope

  • Tangle resistant cord
  • Non slip foam grip
  • Adjustable 9.8 foot long rope

Though jumping ropes may appear simple, they are accessible and provide an excellent workout anytime for your body. But like most people, you probably left your jump rope many years ago, and you have never tried it. jump ropes have many benefits to your cardio and health.

Also, the current coronavirus pandemic has made most people to stay at home. Therefore, you may be unable to visit your gym. This makes it more convenient to convert your home into a workout area. There is no tool which allows you to do it better than a jump rope.

It is cheap, has less space requirements and you can share it with your family members. However, there are many jump ropes in the market, and getting the best one for your needs can be challenging. Therefore, we have reviewed some of the best CrossFit jump ropes in the market.

Top 10 Jumping Ropes

  • Ball bearing system avoids twisting and tangling
  • Maximum comfort with memory foam handles
  • Adjustable 9 foot long rope

If you’re looking for the #1 jump rope in the market, then I’ll suggest the DEGOL skipping rope. It’s easy to adjust the cable length easily, and also has easy-to-grip handles.

Furthermore, the handles don’t get sweaty after some use. It also takes up little space in your room and the rope’s ball-bearing system is uniquely designed to avoid winding, twisting or bending like some fitness ropes while also ensuring a stable and relaxed rotation. Besides, it can handle huge loads which makes it ideal for professionals.

Finally, this jumping rope will help shape your stamina, endurance, speed and muscle tension of your body. The cable is also coated with PVC, which making it more durable. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for cross-training, boxing and MAA.

The handles are easy to grip
It is simple and easy to use
It’s lightweight and portable
Works as indicated and has a perfect style and feel
Some users complained of the rope breaking after some uses
  • Carrying bag and e-book included
  • Great for crossfit and cardio workouts
  • Adjustable 10 foot long rope

Rated #2 in our review, Sportbit jump rope is suitable for both adults and children. This is because of its 10 feet cable that can be adjusted to suit any height. And besides, it’s unique design helps you feel more spin for enhanced control.

Overall, this rope is ideal for individuals who need a portable and lightweight cable. It’s also ideal for individuals who are working on intense cardio exercises due to its improved control and speed. Finally, you will shop with more confidence as it comes with a six-month warranty

It’s adjustable hence anyone can use it
It comes with an e-book guide
It is quite affordable when compared with similar models on the market
Works great and comes with a bag for holding it
It works great, but its bent and squiggly hence can hit your feet while you’re jumping in a steady rotation
  • Tangle resistant cord
  • Non slip foam grip
  • Adjustable 9.8 foot long rope

If you’re looking for a jump rope for throwing the double under, then the GoxRunx 2 is your best match. It comes with a 3m adjustable cord which is ideal for any height; you only need to cut the rope to suit your height. Because of this adjustable height, you don’t have to buy different ropes for your family members, instead, vary the workout schedules.

The cable is also tangle-resistant and does not twist even when you jump fast. The design is also top-notch, durable and is comfortable to handle even for extended periods. Don’t worry about the skipping rope falling off your hands as you’ll enjoy a firm handle grip. Finally, it comes in different colors including blue, black, orange and blue.

Very durable and high quality
Provides a tight grip due to its foam handle
Its weight is perfect for throwing a double unde
Easy adjustment
The rope twists up constantly
  • Digital counter keeps track of rotations
  • Ergonomical weighted handle
  • Adjustable 9 foot long rope

If you want to monitor your calorie burning rate, then go for this skipping rope. Now, input your weight on its in-built counter and track the calories you have burned over time. The display screen on this fitness device displays Timer, Calorie, Weight and Circles which helps you monitor the workout progress. It’s also integrated with a sound effect which lets you know when you achieve your set goals.

The package includes an extra rope that enables you to adjust the cable to suit a taller person. And the handles are anti-slip and ergonomically designed to offer the best comfort and perfect grip. The training rope also includes an extra battery and screwdriver for opening it when you want to charge it. Overall it’s suitable for women, men and children.

The rope can be adjusted to suit anyone
Easy-grip and weighted handles make it ideal for workout
Easy to set up with no tools needed
Lightweight and great quality
It does not offer value for its price
  • Comfortable non slip grips
  • Smooth ball bearings for easy rotation
  • Adjustable 9.5 foot long rope

Well, if you are looking for a wire cable which doesn’t tangle, kink or bend like some models in the market, then I’ll suggest you buy this skipping rope. It’s resistant to both wear and tear and comes in a lightweight design and comfortable handle which enables you to work out for longer hours without strain. Besides, it’s also ideal for men, women and kids and works for any type of workout including boxing and CrossFit. Its 9.5 ft. long rope is easy to adjust and is made from durable materials that won’t twist or kink during workouts. The custom foam grips are also comfortable for long-term use, and you have the option of customizing the rope length to suit your needs.

The rope is super long
It is suitable for beginner workouts
It’s lightweight and durable
Sturdy and works as advertised
The cord is quite long which makes it unideal for small workout spaces

Rated #6 in our review, this jump rope is ideal for cardio workouts and is suitable for both beginner and professional users. It’s easy, lightweight and you can carry it conveniently from one place to another. It’s also designed with ball bearings in the handles which enables you to spin them quickly while remaining tangle-free. This also enables you to jump with more speed and confidence for a better workout anywhere. Due to its ergonomic design and foam handles, it’s comfortable on your hands and you won’t experience any strain or tension with long-term use of the rope. Finally, it’s easy to adjust and works for children, men and women from 4 ft. 9″ to 6 ft. 6″. Finally, it’s manufactured from the best materials and has a lifetime guarantee.

Easy to setup
Durable and forgiving enough for beginners
Comes with an easy to follow booklet
It is decently priced
Its less durable

Ballistyx Jump rope is a next-generation jump rope that tones your body to the perfect physique. It comes with 2*360 degree rotating cables which enhance your jumping speed. One cable is for maximum cardio and conditioning while the lighter one is for faster speeds. Get your blood pumping and work out your muscles with this jump rope designed with the athlete’s body in mind. It offers the required durability, and it won’t snap, ink or splinter even under intense pressure. Anyone who loves a good sweat will realize that this rope is a perfect gift as you will burn fat and build muscles quickly with it. Finally, it comes with a life-time money guarantee that increases your purchasing confidence.

The poly covers and handles have a nice feel
Easy to use and adjust
Comes with two robes
The system for changing out the ropes is quite burdensome and clunky

8.Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope

If you intend to work out more to build your muscles and keep your body healthy, then get this skipping rope. It is lightweight and 2*85g load iron block and gives you easy workouts and body workout routine. The first time you open the package, you will enjoy faster assembly, easy adjustment, and you will enjoy the workouts. Besides, the cord is made from thickened PVC, which protects it from damage. Also, it’s ideal for beginners, advanced, men, women and kids.

Plastic handles grip weak
It comes at a reasonable pric
Easy to adjust
The rope doesn’t hang well and straight

Though it’s one of the last items in our review, Sonic Boom M3 jump rope is designed for serious athletes who want to improve their workouts. It’s designed using top-grade materials including 360° ball bearings to improve its speed, durability and tolerance.

Are you sick of ropes whose screws fall out when you are enjoying your workout session? Well, this rope is screw-free and is ideal for both men and women. It’s fitted with 10 feet polymer-coated speed cables that increase your workout speeds helping you to build muscles and shed excess pounds. Besides, it comes with a life-time guarantee enabling you to enjoy protection against breaks and changes of the heart.

Setting it up is much easier
Easy to adjust the height
Nice handles
Cables are prone to permanent kink

The last product in our review also doubles to be one of the best ropes for enhancing your jumps. These jump ropes have no tangling, kinking or bending like the regular leather or PVC ropes and gives you the ultimate exercising you need. Besides, it comes with a carrying case, and it can fit any man or women bag.

Finally, the product has been tested and assessed by Elite Athletics and ascertained to be of the right durability and performance. We are sure you’ll enjoy the durability and performance of this rope in the market. And though it’s the last product in our review, it remains one of my top favorites especially when I need a budget rope. It’s also ideal for travels as it comes with a carrying pouch.

Great quality product
Comes with its carrying pouch
Easy to set up
Not suitable for beginners

Type of workouts that can be done

  • Basic jump
  • Boxer step
  • Alternate Foot Jumps
  • Jump rope jack
  • High knees
  • Mummy kicks
  • Criss-cros
  • Alternate foot jump
  • Side swing
  • Side under jump
  • Heel-toe step
  • Crisscross double under
  • Backwards jumping
  • Half and full twist
  • Mummy kicks
  • Double unders

Things to look for when purchasing a jump rope

  • Rope length
  • Rope weight
  • Quality of the Rope
  • Benefits of jumping rope
  • Jumping rope improves your heart health
  • It helps in weight loss
  • A Jumping rope reduces your belly fat
  • Helps to decrease foot and ankle injuries
  • Improves your coordination
  • Jumping bone increases your bone density
  • Increases speed and agility

Getting a quality jump rope can be a daunting task if you don’t know what the features to look for. Besides the market is flooded with cheap and substandard products and you can easily purchase a jump rope which is less durable and long-lasting.

We have researched the best jump ropes in the market to ensure you get high quality and user-friendly cables that will serve you for many years to come. Using these ropes, you can handle different workout exercises as well as adjust your speed; some also enable you to monitor your workout progress. Choose the jump rope that matches your needs and purchase it today.