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Top 10 Best Non Slip Shoes In 2024 Review & Guide

Here we have these best non slip shoes recommendations for you.

We know that the use of such shoes is a must if you work at the construction and industrial site.

So, we have collected highly reliable suggestions for you.

All of these loved and praised slip-resistant shoes are award-winning.

In addition, they are strongly praised and appreciated by the lifestyle footwear industry.

If you want to keep your feet secure while you work at the construction site or any other locations, then it is a must for you to wear these best non slip shoes.

They are of high quality and remain diversified looking. Furthermore, these safety shoes are affordable and identified as super-looking utility shoes.

So, let us have a look at the reviews now and see which of the safety shoe meet your expectations:

Fila Non Slip Shoes- Carries a rubber sole

Fila Non Slip Shoes

Brand: Fila Store
Color: Black
Material: Rubber sole

Crocs Non Slip Shoes- Easy to clean

Crocs Non Slip Shoes

Brand: Visit
Color: Black
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomers sole

Skechers Non Slip Shoes- Soft fabric shoe lining

Skechers Non Slip Shoes

Brand: Skechers
Color: Black
Material: Rubber sole

Reebok Non Slip Shoes- Full-foot flex grooves

Reebok Non Slip Shoes- Full-

Brand: Reebok
Color: Black
Material: Rubber sole

Dr.Scholl’s Non Slip Shoes-

Brand: Dr. Scholl's
Color: Black
Material: Rubber sole

New Balance Non Slip Shoes-

Brand: New Balance
Color: Black
Material: Rubber sole

Dr, Martens Non Slip Shoes- Extra tough durability

Dr, Martens Non Slip Shoes

Brand: Dr. Martens
Color: Black
Material: Synthetic sole

Ensure comfort and style

Shoes for Crew Store Non Slip Shoes

Brand: Shoes for Crews
Color: Black
Material: Rubber sole

ZONKIM Non Slip Shoes

ZONKIM Non Slip Shoes

Color: Black
Material: Rubber

Nunn Bush Non Slip Shoes- Abrasion-resistant and offer dual comfort

Nunn Bush Non Slip Shoes

Brand: Nunn Bush
Color: Black
Material: Manmade sole

Best Non Slip Shoes Review:

10. Fila Non Slip Shoes- Carries a rubber sole

Fila Non Slip Shoes- Carries a rubber sole

You might be wondering why to buy these Fila Non Slip Shoes, here we are going to tell you.

According to experts, this is the best non slip shoes option so far.

In addition, these shoes are made of imported leather.

They have an imported design and infused with a rubber sole.

The remarkable quality present in these slip-resistant shoes is that they show solid and top-notch performance.

As they are made of durable leather and even packed with synthetic overlays, that is why all of your occupational needs will be fulfilled by these shoes.

Furthermore, the element of superior traction is given by these shoes.

We have seen that the presence of a Solid rubber slip-resistant outsole makes this product a top-notch one.

It is claimed by the brand that these shoes are tested and proven and meets all of the applicable industry standards.

Besides, they successfully prevent slips and give you all-day comfort.

It is because of the presence of a Memory foam sock liner as well as midsole that the user is given additional comfort.

All in all, these slip-resistant shoes are the name of showing a relaxed styling element.

They have got perforations in them so that breathability can be enjoyed.

What We Like:

  • They are made of 100% Leather.
  • They have an imported design.
  • These shoes have a rubber sole.

9. Crocs Non Slip Shoes- Easy to clean

Crocs Non Slip Shoes- Easy to clean

Want to know the best part of these Crocs Non Slip Shoes, here you can check out that.

These shoes are also imported looking and they are injected with a synthetic sole. 

Most importantly, their heel measures approximately and around and about 0.65.

If you are currently linked to industries like foodservice, hospitality, or you are a healthcare worker, then do try out these best non slip shoes.

They are ideal to be used as chef shoes and also nursing shoes.

In addition, they are lightweight and highly supportive enough.

Like, if you work for the longest shift times, then it is recommended to try out and wear such a shoe type.

Apart from that, they are easy to clean and infused with this classy and durable enclosed toe design.

Most of the customers have praised using these non-slip shoes because they are ideal for women and men.

As they have an enclosed toe design as well as a thicker metatarsal area, that is why your feet will remain protected and secured from spills.

What We Like:

  • These slip-resistant shoes are easy to clean.
  • They are ideal to be worn by both men and women.
  • They are certified and injected with an enclosed toe design.

8. Skechers Non Slip Shoes- Soft fabric shoe lining

Skechers Non Slip Shoes- Soft fabric shoe lining

The next recommendation is from this Skechers brand who is known for making the best non slip shoes.

As you can see that these slip-resistant shoes are 1005 synthetic and come with a rubber sole.

Furthermore, these shoes are included in the supportive works hoe category.

Talking about the main features of this shoe type, you can see that they have a lace-up vamp and logos are present on their tongue/side.

The main reason that makes this shoe type so much popular is because of the reinforced stitching element on them.

Furthermore, these safety slip-resistant shoes have a padded tongue and collar.

They have a Memory foam padded insole insert and even Soft fabric shoe lining.

Workers always look for those shoes that have a shock-absorbing midsole and also OSHA-complaint nitrile outsole and both of these elements are present in this recommendation.

So, do you want to try out these non-slip shoes? You should be!

They even promise and claim to give Electrical Hazard Protection. Moreover, workers experience improved mobility time with every step that they take!

What We Like:

  • This one is a Supportive work shoe type.
  • They are featured with lace-up vamp and reinforced stitching.
  • These shoes are surrounded by a Soft fabric shoe lining.

7. Reebok Non Slip Shoes- Full-foot flex grooves

Reebok Non Slip Shoes- Full-foot flex grooves

Reebok slip-resistant shoes are the next top suggestion from our side. Most noteworthy, these shoes are made of 100% mesh and embedded with a rubber sole.

They have got these Full-foot flex grooves for enhanced and improved mobility.

If you are currently looking for those kinds of best non slip shoes that have a low-cut design, then choose this suggestion right now.

These shoes look extremely sleek and athletic looking.

They give you easy ankle mobility and that is the promising quality about them.

The high-end non-slip shoes are packed with a MemoryTech Massage footbed and this same element is clearly noticeable in this recommendation as well.

These are the kind of shoes that contour your feet ideally.

They give you immediate and instant cushioning.

Hence, this exclusive and positively reviewed non-slip show type has a Sublite foam midsole and guarantees to give you lightweight cushioning and super-soft support.

Your feet and toe will not feel any weight and burden because the toe of these shoes reduces weight.

We suggest you have these safety shoes as they give all-day cooling comfort.

If you have tried out this brand and their slip-resistant shoes, then do share with us your feedback about them.

What We Like:

  • These shoes have Full-foot flex grooves.
  • They give improved mobility.
  • They have got a Low-cut design.

6. Dr.Scholl’s Non Slip Shoes- Oil resistant and water-resistant

Oil resistant and water-resistant

Besides, you can try these Dr.Scholl’s non-slip shoes right now.

Most probably, this shoe recommendation will meet your expectations.

It is made by using 100% leather and carries a rubber sole.

In addition, these shoes are completely oil-resistant and water-resistant.

They have this slip-resistant Lock Step Outsole and fulfill all the possible numbers of SATRA TM63 and TM144 standards.

Giving you more of the details of this one of the best non slip shoes!

It has an anti-compression insole and also a Non-marking outsole.

These are such lightweight shoes that you might have never worn such shoes before!

Most importantly, they are made of durable and super lightweight canvas.

They are featured with this breathable lining and give immense comfortable time to the workers.

We can say that these slip-resistant shoes can bring a positive difference and a big change in your working routine.

Try them up and get back to us with your feedback.

Besides, these shoes are going to inspire and motivate you each single to work with passion and dedication.

What We Like:

  • They are Oil-resistant and 100% slip-resistant.
  • They meet and fulfill SATRA TM63 and TM144 standards.
  • These safety shoes have a Non-marking outsole.

5. New Balance Non Slip Shoes- Stylish design and solid construction

Stylish design and solid construction

New Balance non-slip shoes are the name of showing solid construction and stylish design elements.

To give your feet ultimate protection, this is the right set of best non slip shoes options for you.

In other words, they are the top-recommended industrial shoes so far.

Furthermore, this sporty silhouette gives you a comfortable fit.

In addition, they offer a familiar feel and remain to be an ideal option for all-day wear.

This brand has claimed to make this shoe set on the basis of a solid construction approach.

You can note down that these shoes have an all-leather upper and constantly give you a secure fit.

Customers have recommended this product on top notes because these shoes have given them lasting durability.

If you are working in the manufacturing industry or foodservice industry, then such a shoe type will make your working environment and routine more tired-free.

Lastly, these shoes offer underfoot comfort and they have ABZORB Crash Pad for the sake of absorbing impact.

What We Like:

  • These safety shoes are packed with a stylish design
  • They show solid construction.
  • These shoes give underfoot comfort for hours and hours.

4. Dr, Martens Non Slip Shoes- Extra tough durability

Dr, Martens Non Slip Shoes- Extra tough durability

If you are planning to get these Dr. Martens non-slip shoes, then go and get them tried on as soon as possible. They show extra tough durability and that is the unique selling point.

In addition, these best non slip shoes have air-cushioned soles and are injected with sidewall stitch construction.

These are pure industry-style boots and made for workers who work day and night at construction and industrial sites.

Most importantly, they have a heavy tread as well as a two-tone sole.

There is a signature heel loop on them and sewn with perfection.

Hence, you can have these non-slip shoes and keep on enjoying excellent durability while you are in your working mode.

On these boots, you are going to spot a yellow famous stitch and this element makes these shoes a more signature look.

Another impressive quality is that these shoes are oil-resistant and 100% slip-resistant, along with that, they offer a good amount of abrasion resistance.

You can share with us your thoughts regarding whether you like these safe working shoes or not!

What We Like:

  • They have a Synthetic sole and even featured with an air-cushioned sole.
  • These are classic-looking shoes.
  • They are infused with a durable and sidewall stitch construction.

3. Shoes for Crew Store Non Slip Shoes- Ensure comfort and style

Ensure comfort and style

Moving to the next recommendation, you can order these Shoes for Crew Store slip-resistant shoes.

These shoes are available in the form of sneakers and marked to be ideal-looking athletic-looking shoes.

They are wholly water-resistant and recognized as the best non slip shoes option.

To keep you feel protected, feel free to have this shoe set.

Besides, this shoe set is a feasible option if you often work for hours and hours.

It is claimed by the brand that these shoes are immensely lightweight.

They are known to be high-performance shoes and featured with a rubber sole.

Beyond, these defaults fit shoes give you additional and extra cushioning.

Apart from being called slip-resistant shoes, they are 100% water-resistant.

These shoes have the potential to prevent and resist liquids.

Along with that, they reduce trip hazards and keep you safe from all kinds of slippery environments.

So, are you ready to try out these athletic shoes? You can order them now.

They are quite ventilated and ensure comfort and style.

What We Like:

  • These are high-performance shoes.
  • They are 100% water-resistant.
  • They are lightweight and ventilated.

2. ZONKIM Non Slip Shoes- Breathable mesh layers

ZONKIM Non Slip Shoes

On the second spot, we have ZONKIM non-slip shoes that are here to grab your attention.

These shoes have a rubber sole and are infused with the presence of breathable mesh layers.

You can see that these shoes have a fashion knitted upper and manage to keep your feet dry in all kinds of wet conditions.

If you think that it is tough to get the best non slip shoes, then try this suggestion.

This one is a highly praised shoe set because it has a Toes Protection Structure Design in it.

Its rubber sole is super lightweight and that is the next attractive thing about it.

Moreover, these shoes are wear-resistant and they are injected with this bottom grain design so that the user can see superior grip time.

At the same time, these non-slip shoes are made in a way to protects your ankle.

They are surrounded by a Stretch soft lining and give your feet immense flexibility no matter you walk for hours and hours.

Hence, if your current working shoes are not working, try this suggestion and get a great experience.

What We Like:

  • These shoes have Breathable Mesh Layers.
  • They come along with a Toes Protection Structure Design.
  • They heavily protect your ankle.

1. Nunn Bush Non Slip Shoes- Abrasion-resistant and offer dual comfort

Nunn Bush Non Slip Shoes- Abrasion-resistant and offer dual comfort

The last and best non slip shoes option that we have for you is this Nunn 5Bush slip-resistant shoe set.

These are durable and functional shoes. They promise to give long-lasting comfort to you.

Most of the customers have claimed that these safety shoes are smooth enough and easy to clean.

In addition, they are made of high-quality faux leather and come in the form of a classic oxford silhouette.

There is a traditional lacing on them and this whole shoe set has a padded collar for experiencing secure wearing.

For your working shoes, it is important for you to seek a comfort element in them and this exclusive suggestion meets this respective standard.

Most importantly, these shoes have a Dual Comfort footbed and are injected with memory foam.

They are composed of EVA layers and smoothly give you all-day comfort.

It does not matter whether you are working in a hospital, restaurant, or you are serving in a kitchen environment; this is an ideal suggestion for you that you must have to try.

What We Like:

  • They are super durable and functional.
  • These shoes have a padded collar for secure wearing.
  • They are in fact oil and abrasion-resistant.

How the Choose Best Non-Slip Shoes? – A Buyer’s Guide:Best Non-Slip Shoes

If you are given the task to get the best non slip shoes, then it is important for you to keep in mind these tips.

We hope that this guide will tell you how to choose slip-resistant shoes in a proper manner:

Foot Type:

First of all, you have to determine your foot type and on the basis of it choose your non-slip shoe set.

In other words, you have to understand your foot profile and then choose the shoe set accordingly.

For the information, there are two main types of feet and they are pronated feet and supinated feet. s

Material Of Outsole And Insole:

Secondly, you have to consider keeping in mind your shoe insole and outsole material.

If your shoe sole material is of high quality, then you will be able to enjoy stability.

In addition, most of the soles are made of rubber and that is the primary and common material that is used in the best non slip shoes.

The Aspect Of Slipping In And Off Simple:

Try to have those non-slip shoes whose design is user-friendly.

They should not slip away at any cost. Furthermore, high-end non slip shoes do not give you a hard time while you walk for a long time.

There are a few slip-resistant shoes that are packed with elastic side gores.

And this main element allows the user to experience flexibility and maximum comfort.

Enough Airflow:

Besides, it is recommended to have those best non slip shoes that allow enough airflow!

This way, your feet will never and ever become smelly.

High-end shoes allow excellent ventilation and make your feet and shoes smell fresh for hours and hours.

Enough Cushioning:

Lastly, pick those non-slip shoes that offer enough cushioning.

It is this padding element of your shoe that is going to determine how much comfort level you will get!

Moreover, your non-slip shoe set should have the right amount of padding in it.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions:

What are the most comfortable slip resistant shoes?

The most comfortable slip-resistant shoes are from the brands like Dansko Professional, Dansko XP 2.0, Birkenstock Tokyo Super Grips shoes.

Furthermore, you can have Birkenstock Professional Unisex Slip Resistant Work Shoe and Croc Bistro shoes and also Skechers Sure Track Work Shoes for Women.

Rest, we have Skechers Flex Mcallen Slip-on shoes and Merrell Jungle Moc Pro Work Shoes.

What are the best non slip work shoes?

The best non slip shoes options are Dansko XP Clogs, Dickies Ape and Birkenstock Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe, and Croc Bistro Clogs shoes.

While you look for such shoes, make sure that they are lightweight and come with a padded tongue.

It is a must for those slip-on shoes to give you added comfort and super support to your feet.

What is the best non slip?

There are lots of best non slip shoe options and here we can recommend a few of them.

Some love to try out brands like Skechers Felton, KEEN Utility PTC, Fila Memory Workshift shoes, and Reebok Work N Cushion 4.0 shoes.

All in all, try to look for those safety shoe types that carry a professional look at their end.

It should offer maximum traction and support to the user.

Furthermore, if it has a metalogical footbed design and is also anatomically engineered, then that is great.


Now, you have got to know about the best non slip shoes recommendations.

So, which one you want to try, let us know.

It is time to enjoy some serious comfort while you work at the toughest industrial construction sites and that you can do this by trying these recommendations.

Keep in mind that these slip-resistant shoes are exclusively designed for workers who work for the healthcare industry and hospitality industry and even for the foodservice sector.

Once you try these best nonslip shoes, you will notice that they are much more comfortable to wear and lightweight. In addition, they are suitable for the longest work shift timings.

Besides, these recommended shoe sets have slip-resistant treads and give extra protection to your feet and toes.

You can keep in touch with us so that more info on the non-slip shoes can be given to you.

Keep connected over here.+