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New Balance Women’s WX857 Cross-Training Shoe Review

If you’re looking for superior stability along with total comfort, the New Balance Women’s WX857 Cross-Training Shoe is for you.

An evolution of the WX850 series, the WX857 has a powerhouse of stabilizing technological features like a ROLLBAR with medial and lateral TPU posts for motion control, an external heel counter, and a full EVA Strobel Board.

New Balance Women’s WX857 Cross-Training Shoe Review

Balance Women's WX857 Cross-Training Shoe

In addition to these stability features, it offers N-ERGY and C-CAP for shock absorption and leather upper and a Phantom Liner for comfort. You’ll train like a pro in the New Balance WX857 athletic shoe.

By providing an intense level of stability and an extreme level of comfort at the same time.

The use of TPU and the Mesh on the different sections of the shoe with the soft and comfy foam all of it makes this shoe stable, relaxing, and comfortable.

So, now you can easily make sure that your routine is completed with ease and proper stability.

The special need of having a training shoe with you can be satisfying as it can help you do those hard tough workout routines and make you feel comfortable and keep you stable all the time.

External Design New Balance WX857

New Balance Women's WX857 Cross-Training Shoe

The New Balance WX857 is represented in classic Black, White with Light Blue, and White with Black colors in leather, and in Navy with White in suede.

Both smooth and suede leather is very breathable and flexible materials, there are five perforation details on the upper of the shoe.

The lace-up closure has an interesting design with metal inserts and extra eyelets for a more adjustable fit.

A padded tongue and collar with webbing heel pull tab provide added ankle support and easy on and off.

You’ll also find a Seamless Phantom Liner on the inside, which reduces the weight of the shoe and enhances the comfort and fit.

The shoe features 11mm heel-to-toe drop, so the sole in whole is rather high, with the cool patterned insert in the heel area.

The whole image of the shoe is rather bulky, especially comparing with minimalist fitness ladies’ shoes, but it’s worth the support and comfort you can get from this shoe.

Women's WX857 Cross-Training Shoe

Coming towards the comfortability that can be the main reason most women love these shoes because it’s a soft and comfy foam that is removable and that makes it convenient for different styles of routines. Now: you have a shoe that can be your daily wear and your gym wear.

The design aspect is phenomenal and when it comes to the durability factor as I have discussed above this specific shoe is specially designed for wear and tear.

Thus if you have bought this shoe for training then they will give you a great time to make sure that you are feeling comfortable when you are training.

With that, the exterior design gives more information about you and how well you take care of yourself. So the exterior is designed in such a way that it can define you and make sure that you move around with them in style.

Now: all you have to do is make sure that you have the right color that you prefer and leave all the durability and the comfortability factor to this shoe because it can fulfill everything once and for all.

All the exterior details I have discussed above are fascinating and these are small details but when it comes to defining a shoe then these small details play a vital role in that.

So, if you are buying a shoe then notice all the small details that the preferred shoe has to offer.

Wearing Advantages New Balance WX857


The New Balance WX857 is not the most lightweight shoe, but despite its bulky construction, it is rather lightweight.

As weight matters when it comes to routines and working out. So, it is important for a training shoe to be lightweight and have comfortability which we will discuss later below.


The shoe has an external heel counter with a full EVA Strobel board that makes the model very stable and secure.

So, this material makes it possible for this shoe to hold you with grip and give you more enhanced stability in those agile workout routines.

Secure and Soft Fit

Solid leather upper and adjustable lace-up closure with extra eyelets also increase supportive qualities of the shoe allowing for a snug and stable fit, while the seamless lining and mesh-lined tongue enhance the comfort, reducing the weight of the shoe at the same time.


Natural leather is a rather breathable material, that’s why the New Balance WX857 offers the great in-shoe feel, air circulation, and moisture management.

This will help you keep your feet free and this feature will make sure that your feet are not tired pretty easily.


Durable leather upper and ENCAP midsole technology provide maximum durability of the shoe, protecting all high-wear areas from damage.


A cushioned EVA footbed, N-ERGY and C-CAP technologies in the midsole provide the most advanced shock absorption and give just the right amount of cushioning.


Balance Women's WX857 Cross-Training Shoe


Nice pull-tab is both a catchy element of the shoe design and a convenient detail for easy on and off.


There is a row of perforations in the leather upper of the shoe, which are very important for maximum breathability and moisture management.

Extra Eyelets

The shoe has two pairs of extra eyelets, which can be used either for an extra tight fit or for hiding the laces inside. The one can also leave them free and tie shoelaces in the usual way.

Another Know-Hows, That Supplied in A Model

ROLLBAR is a posting system designed to reduce rear-foot movement. Together with medial and lateral TPU, it posts for ultimate motion control.

N-ERGY is a resilient engineered elastomer designed to provide shock absorption and responsiveness for the optimal ride. The cushioning of the shoe is reinforced by means of C-CAP technology, which is a compression-molded EVA for superior midsole flexibility and cushioning, and ENCAP, which is also a core of soft cushioning EVA in the midsole with a tough polyurethane rim for more support and durability.

Phantom Liner on the inside fits seamlessly and super-smooth, it is ultimate in comfort and construction, distributes pressure evenly across the foot.

Conclusions New Balance WX857

Get superior stability and comfort in the New Balance Women’s WX857 Cross-Training Shoe. Constructed from breathable leather and mesh, this women’s training shoe offers optimum motion control, responsiveness, and stability for any workout.

From lunges to squats, make your transitions smooth and effortless in a pair of the WX857 sneakers from New Balance.

If you are thinking that why get a specific training shoe when you can get any shoe and do training in them.

No! You are wrong, any shoe won’t support you like a specific training shoe such as this one as it may be expensive or somehow you don’t prefer this shoe then there are several shoes that you can buy right now that are specifically designed for training.

As any shoe won’t keep you stable and allow you to be flexible but this specific shoe has all such qualities thus getting a training shoe for your routine workouts can be the best way to perfection your routine and make your routine seamless and easy.