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New Balance Women’s WX822V2 Training Shoe Review

The New Balance WX882V2 is an incredibly soft yet stable shoe, which takes the science of soft to a whole new level, compared to the previous version of the shoe.

With soft and consistent cushioning, it delivers plush comfort from the first mile to the last. And, in cool bright colors and attractive design, the WX822V2 is sure to stand out at the gym.

New Balance Women’s WX822V2 Training Shoe Review

New Balance Women's WX822V2 Training Shoe

Designed specifically for the needs of the female athlete, this high-intensity training shoe helps you rev up your workout regimen.

Who says yesterday’s workout was good enough? Push harder, move better, and no longer in the New Balance Women’s WX822V2.

And if you buy it and take it to the gym then for sure with proper lighting of the gym it will stand out of the crowd.

The design dynamic strictly follows a feminine design approach that can be perfect for those Women athletes who want to make a difference in this world with style. 

With that, it can make sure that your workout routine is also comfy and easy to follow as the comfortability factor is on point with these shoes.

Other than that, when it comes to style then it can be extremely stylish as the design is phenomenal but about this, we are going to discuss later in this article.

But this design is exceptional and it also defines the true meaning of comfort and stability at the same time.

There are several features in these shoes that you must know and I will discuss them in this article so read along. 

External Design New Balance WX822V2

New Balance Women's WX822V2 Training Shoe

The New Balance Women’s WX822V2 is offered in a wide variety of bright catchy colors: Blue/Green, Grey/Purple, Silver, Pink, and other combinations.

The upper of the shoe is made of breathable synthetic and mesh textile with a no-sew material application.

Contrasting padded collar and tongue with imprint foam provide a very snug and comfortable feel. Traditional lace-up closure with a pair of additional eyelets allows for a secure and adjustable fit.

On the inside, you’ll find soft textile lining and super-cushioned OrthoLite premium insole for arch support and durable comfort.

New Fresh Foam used on the midsole has a very unusual and attractive porous texture, besides it’s partially painted in basic shoe color.

Such a unique sole design is completed with blown rubber outsole for stability and comfort on the bottom of the shoe.

This materialistic soft looking design can not only blend in while training but this can also blend in casual wear.

This can be the perfect advantage for you as it is not only restricted for training it has versatile use.

All the materials used in the making of this shoe are premium and it can make sure that it will give you an extreme level of durability and flexibility.

With that, the use of these materials is intelligent and the placement of them can be off point but when it comes to durability then this shoe fulfills that task.

There are materials inside that are targeting your comfortability factor. But about this, we are going to discuss this later in this article.

Wearing Advantages New Balance WX822V2

New Balance Women's WX822V2 Training Shoe


The durability of this model is provided by means of the durable outsole that wraps up on the toe area, covering the most high-wear area of the upper in that way.

Comfortable Fit

Simple no-sew overlays wrap the foot in the right places, giving a comfortable snug fit.

Whilst a neoprene stretch tongue further benefits the general fit of the shoe, becoming accustomed to its wearer and leaving you with a plush feel as it hugs the foot.


Innovative Fresh Foam midsole created from a single piece of foam provides a plush, more natural ride, while the OrthoLite Premium insole provides additional cushioning for arch support and durable comfort.


The outsole provides stability for your most intense workouts while the upper focuses on forefoot lateral stability and comfort with imprint foam pillows on the tongue and heel to get you through that extra set.


Breathable air mesh upper allows air to permeate the shoe, promoting a cooler, drier, and altogether more pleasant environment, regulating the in-shoe temperature during exercise.


New Balance Women's WX822V2 Training Shoe



Extra Eyelets

The lacing system includes a pair of extra eyelets on the sides, which can be either laced for better stability or left free.

Another Know-Hows, That Supplied in a Model

Fresh Foam is an innovative midsole material, created from a single piece of foam that provides a cushioned, more natural ride.

Imprint foam comfort pillows on the heel and tongue help with reducing pressure, offer enhanced fit, comfort, and support as you move.

Bootie Construction of the upper delivers stability during side-to-side movements for a custom-like fit.

Blown Rubber is a lightweight rubber providing cushioning used on the outsole.

OrthoLite Premium Insole is a very washable and convenient insole that provides additional cushioning for arch support and durable comfort.

Conclusions New Balance WX822V2

The New Balance Women’s WX822V2 is designed for the specific needs of female athletes. Move without reservation in a custom-like fit that supports each step you take and each rep you complete.

Forefoot support gives stability while imprint foam and no-sew materials keep you comfortable to push harder on the way to your goal.

This review will help you determine and make judgments about these shoes.

This is a complete review of this shoe and if you ask my final verdict then it can be the best shoe that you get especially for training purposes.

Though it got style and you can rock them with the sporty outfit but using them as casual wear can be a hassle.