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Reebok Women’s Realflex Train 4.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe Review

Hit the gym wearing lightweight cross-training shoes for the next total body workout, enjoy running, jumping or just walking in them, or even attend a dance class.

Reebok’s gonna be your training partner in the form of the Women’s Realflex Train 4.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe. A grooved outsole with individual, multi-directional nodes and carbon rubber on the forefoot and heel makes the shoe absolutely flexible and durable. A breathable mesh upper, EVA midsole, and removable footbed keep it ultra-comfortable, while the lock-in AdaptaLink lacing system secures your foot.

A breathable mesh upper, EVA midsole, and removable footbed keep it ultra-comfortable, while the lock-in AdaptaLink lacing system secures your foot.

External design Reebok Realflex Train 4.0

The Reebok Women’s Realflex Train 4.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe is represented in a great choice of colors. It features synthetic and hexagonal shaped mesh upper for a comfortable fit that is super durable and features a low-cut design for added mobility around the ankle. The upper has a newly developed AdaptaLink technology that helps evenly disperse force on lace pull for full foot locked-in feel.

On the inside, there’s a removable polyurethane sockliner that features extraordinary cushioning that accompanies orthotics as well.

There’s a toe cap for added protection and IMEVA textured midsole (it’s white in the majority of colorways) that’s gonna help to provide both cushioning and support.

The outsole is engineered with individual multi-directional nodes that deliver a more natural flex as you move, and each of them shapes in a certain way in thickness, height, and width to comfort you with every single stride that you take. Carbon rubber on the forefoot and heel area of the outsole offers strategically-placed traction.

Wearing advantages Reebok Realflex Train 4.0

  • weight

The Reebok Realflex Train 4.0 weights about 7 ounces due to its rather lightweight construction and design.

  • stability

The shoe has a 3DFuseFrame upper construction and an EVA footbed that add to the model extra layer of support and stability.

  • secure fit

New AdaptaLink lace-lock system allows for a secure fit feel and easy tie and tighten, while the midsole cradle with SmoothFuse construction guarantees molded lateral and medial support, locking your foot onto the platform.

  • breathability

Lightweight hexagonal mesh, used on the upper, is a very breathable material that increases air flow, that’s why the Reebok Realflex Train 4.0 offers great in-shoe feel, air circulation, and moisture management, keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

  • durability

Durable rubber in high-wear areas of the outsole and synthetic patches on the upper provide maximum durability of the shoe, protecting the shoe from damage during training.

  • cushioning

A highly-cushioned EVA footbed technology provides added comfort, advanced shock absorption and gives just the right amount of cushioning.

  • flexibility

Low-cut design of the shoe offers a freedom of motion and quicker, highly flexible transitions, while the separate flex groves of various shape and size all over the outsole take the flexibility of the shoe to another level, providing a free range of natural motions.

  • Details
  • removable footbed

This super-cushioned footbed is ideal for any type of workout, extremely comfortable and supportive, though you can remove it effortless if you need to.

  • Another know-hows, that supplied in a model

New AdaptaLink lacing system keeps the flex-friendly fit secure.

3DFuseFrame upper construction and SmoothFuse technology allow for molded lightweight lateral and medial support, adding an extra layer of stability.

IMEVA outsole with flex grooves enhances your natural motions, supplying you with a freedom of movement.

EVA sockliner provides unbelievable all-action cushioning and an awesome support.

RealFlex grooved outsole gives the incredible comfort of every single step you take.

Conclusions Reebok Realflex Train 4.0

Wanna launch your training to a new level? Say no more – the light and flexible Reebok RealFlex Train 4.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe is what you need. The mesh upper of this cutie cools your feet during demanding activity, while the toe and heel caps increase durability and support, and the SmoothFuse technology throughout the midsole improves stability. Let your foot flex and move naturally with the RealFlex Train 4.0 from Reebok.

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