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ASICS Women’s Gel Acclaim Training Shoe Review

The ASICS Gel Acclaim Training shoe is the perfect option for active workouts, as it has all substantial characteristics, which we appreciate in an ideal training shoe.

They are lightweight, durable, and breathable due to synthetic leather and mesh upper.

These shoes feature the exclusive GEL Cushioning System that offers excellent shock and impact absorption.

The outsole of the shoe is durable as a tough rubber compound is used to make them.

Besides, their price is super budget-friendly, so that you can get an affordable, comfortable, and lasting shoe.

With this the shoes excellent when it is considered in the design aspect and the training aspect then this shoe can play along with your heavy-duty training methods.

Other than that, this shoe can be an excellent companion when it comes to combining style and training as the design approach is phenomenal and the durability and the flexibility that this shoe provides are also great.

External Design ASICS Gel Acclaim

The shoe is available in three designs only, all of them are basically white. One model is completely made of synthetic leather with blue and silver inserts.

ASICS Womens Gel Acclaim Training Shoe

The two others have a mesh upper with synthetic patches in blue and pink colors.

The color schemes are attractive and bright, though they can’t be worn as casual shoes when it comes to wearing them to the gym then they can grab a lot of attention and not only that some factors are in play which makes your training fluent and easy.

But as we were talking about the color scheme there are several choices as mentioned above and with these choices, there is no chance that you don’t like any color scheme.

This wide range is because you can choose your preferred color scheme.

On the back of the shoe, there’s a heel pull-loop for easy on and off wear. The full white lace-up closure and soft mesh tongue provide a secure and comfortable fit.

The midsole is also white, covered with the non-marking grey outsole, which is very durable as well.

ASICS Womens Gel Acclaim Training Shoe

All of this plays in making this shoe durable and flexible. And when you are training then these are the qualities to consider in a shoe.

The durability makes you feel relaxed and determined on your training and the flexibility in the shoe makes your training routine fluent and easy to follow.

You won’t feel weighed down while you are training.

So, if you are buying any other shoe that is for training purposes then make sure that you consider these choices or factors before buying because they can affect your training either positively or negatively possible.

The silhouette of the shoe is bulky a bit, but it allows it to make it maximally stable and secure.

Wearing Advantages ASICS Gel Acclaim


As the midsole is entirely made of CMEVA, which is an extremely light material, and the upper is covered with a thin mesh and synthetic leather, the low weight of the ASICS Gel Acclaim, which is about ten ounces in US size 8, inherent in this model.


The maximum flexibility of the shoe is reached by means of the cushy midsole and flexible rubber in the outsole, which protects the sole of the shoe from damage without impeding the motion.


Mesh upper with extra perforations in synthetic leather patches and light mesh lining allows your feet to breathe easily and avoid sweating during hard training.


Special cushioning technology, used in the midsole, and extra cushioned insole provide added comfort and shock absorption.


High-wear areas on the upper are protected with quality synthetic leather patches, while the sole is covered with a durable rubber material.


Designed and built on lasts and molds that are tooled specifically to designated widths.


ASICS Womens Gel Acclaim Training Shoe REVIEW

Heel Pull Loop

This small, almost invisible detail will become your indispensable tool while putting on and taking off your shoes effortlessly.

Extra Eyelets

The lacing system includes a pair of extra eyelets on the sides, which can be either laced for better stability or left free.


To provide maximum breathability the ASICS designed small perforations on the sides, back and front of the upper.

Another Know-Hows, That Supplied In A Model

Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System attenuates shock during the impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance, while a lightweight CMEVA midsole enhances cushioning for a wide range of workouts, and the AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) outsole provides superb traction on a variety of surfaces and exceptional durability.

These are some additional factors that are in play with this shoe. And all of these details may be small and slight but when it comes to looking at the big picture then all of these small details create that big picture.

What it means is that when it comes to making sure that your training routine is not interpreted then these are some details that play a vital role in that making your routine fluent, comfortable, and flexible at all the time. Now: you will be able to move easily and freely around the gym with these shoes on.

Conclusions ASICS Gel Acclaim

Lace-up the ASICS Women’s GEL Acclaim Cross-Training Shoe and unleash your inner beast! Enjoy cool design, perfect stability, and support, great quality, and, of course, a very affordable price.

Take your comforts to the next level; keep free and nice with these awesome shoes from ASICS.

This is an overview of this shoe and I will not say that buy it but when it comes to training then this shoe can turn some heads around with the durability factor which we have discussed and the flexibility of this shoe makes sure that you have the right amount of stability and balance when you are training.

So, getting this shoe can be the perfect decision that you take when it comes to training because this shoe with all the features in mind can be the perfect companion for you when you are training.

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