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New Balance Women’s WX711V2 Training Shoe Review

No rep is too many for the 711v2 Graphic Trainer.

This versatile women’s training shoe has the comfort to go and go. Cush+ and imprint foam around the heel and collar make every impact more enjoyable, cushioning your heel with, literally, a pillow of comfort.

The women’s 711v2 leads in style, too, with a fun graphic print that sets this cross-trainer apart from the rest.

New Balance Women’s WX711V2 Training Shoe

New Balance Women's WX711V2 Training Shoe

Let’s keep it short because this shoe can be the best one when it comes to training as it might not look that much but in this article, we are going to get into some pretty details about this shoe so by this you have a vivid idea on what this shoe is and what it is capable of.

All you need to know is that when it comes to agility and flexibility then this shoe can turn your head as this is the best one to go for if you are looking for such features.

But there is more to this shoe that I have already said so let’s begin with this article.

External Design  New Balance WX711V2

New Balance Women's WX711V2 Training Shoe

Unlike the previous version of the shoe, which is represented only in mesh upper design, the New Balance WX711V2 also offers heather models with TPU reinforcement.

The heathered upper material has been treated with sweat-wicking properties, that help guide sweat away from your feet and out of your shoes and works in conjunction with the ventilation design.

There’s a traditional lace-up closure to give you a more secure and accustomed fit, nice padded tongue and collar that hug your foot with comfort and support, and pretty soft textile lining on the inside that’s gonna give you a great in-shoe feel, as well as a super awesome hill pillow that allows reducing pressure.

The Heel of the training shoe has been designed with an SBS visible heel tech crash pad for increased shock absorption whilst a durable synthetic outsole with flex grooves provides for increased flexibility.

The exterior is supervised to give a feminine touch so that it may look like a stylish shoe but instead it is a training shoe.

Most training shoes are strictly aggressive so that you have given off a training shoe vibe but this one is beautifully structured and it will make sure that when you are not training then you can wear them on a casual walk.

I will not talk about the comfort factor in this heading that is to be discussed later but if you are taking this shoe for a walk then you won’t feel it.

Wearing Advantages New Balance WX711V2

New Balance Women's WX711V2 Training Shoe


One of the advantages of this shoe is its weight.

The women’s size 8 weighs less than 7 ounces, which is incredibly lightweight.

You’ll never feel weighed down by these shoes when you work out or walk around.

You’ll never feel weighed down by these shoes when you work out or walk around.

Because when you are training then it is important for your body to not have an extra weight attached as it will require more force and it can also disrupt our routine.

So, when it comes to training then lightweight shoes are excellent workout companions as they can be flexible and make sure that you have enough support to hold your body up.


In spite of the CUSH+ foam used in the midsole is 13% softer than other performance foams, it doesn’t reduce durability.

The high-wear areas on the upper are covered with synthetic patches, while the most exposed zones of the outsole are protected with additional carbon rubber onlays.

Secure Fit

Traditional lace-up closure of the New Balance WX711V2 provides a snug and secure fit while working out.

When you are training you don’t want laggy and loose shoes but some people have small feet or some other reason a shoe is loose to them but when it comes to this shoe then the fit is excellent and as I mentioned closed lace-up mechanism is excellently designed.


CUSH+ technology and imprint foam around the heel and collar make every step freer and lighter, cushioning your heel with a real pillow of comfort.

So, comfortability should be the main factor when you are out there buying yourself a training shoe. As when training you need to put a lot of feet and arm at work so they need to be comfortable.

So, this can be the best solution if you want to keep your feet comforting.


New Balance Women's WX711V2 Training Shoe

The outsole of the shoe has deep horizontal flex grooves which promote flexibility. They allow your feet to move in natural motion so that your stride is always strong, stable, and smooth.


Besides the mentioned above advantages, this shoe features great breathability as well.

The light heathered upper offers great ventilation, helping your feet to stay cool and dry whilst on the move.


The fabric mesh lining of the shoe is almost seamless, while the collar and the tongue are so padded and soft. Besides, the model is supplied with extra cushions for extra cushioning and convenience, which you’ll feel even during the first trying-on, all that makes the NB WX711V2 incredibly comfortable.


New Balance Women's WX711V2 Training Shoe


According to reviews, the shoe has quite wide toe-box, providing you with a spare place inside to feel comfortable and free, though stable.

Another Know-Hows, That Supplied in A Model

CUSH+ technology is an ultra-soft (13% softer than other performance foams) and responsive cushioning system, which doesn’t reduce durability or stability.

The shoe has an SBS Crash Pad, this visible crash pad absorbs shock from heel impact so that you can remain comfortable as you walk, run, or jump.

TPU outsole technology protects the high-wear areas of the sole from damage and quick run-out.

Conclusions New Balance WX711V2

The New Balance Women’s WX711V2 is an extremely attractive and comfortable shoe.

They’ll be a good variant both for any type of workout and for an ordinary walk; it’s a total breakthrough in the world of comfortable cross-training shoes.

This updated version with modern technologies and catchy design definitely put the New Balance WX711V2 Training Shoe to the next level. Comfort. Cute.

What more could a girl want?

That is beneficial for those who do hard workout routines as they are extremely versatile and that can make these shoes powerful and strong.

You can buy any training shoe and I will not say buy this one but this is my genuine opinion about this shoe and I’m sure it might have helped you make a rather careful decision.

But all you have to look in a training shoe is the ability of flexibility and comfortability because it is the main part that you need to take care of while training.

You are all loosening up and one thing that can keep you restricted in your training routine are your shoes. So, choose them wisely and make sure that you are getting what you preferred.

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