The Adidas Performance Women’s Pure Boost X Training Shoe is the ultimate combination of performance and style, with no compromise – exactly what women want. Built for a better ride and a smoother stride, this trainer is unbeatable. Unlike the majority of modern women’s shoes (which actually are a smaller variant of the same model for men in another colorway), the Adidas Performance Pure Boost overlooks major differences between men’s and women’s needs in terms of fit, cushioning, flexibility, and stability. It reflects the shape of women’s foot, not only in the upper but also in the wider stance of the forefoot. This fact makes the shoe perfect for sports ladies.

External design Adidas Pure Boost X 

The shoes are available in a great variety of colorways: from splashy bright colours (Shock Pink, Semi Solar Slime, Sun Glow Yellow), floral and zebra prints, to classic Black without any twists. The analogous Pure Boost X Running Shoe is represented even in the wider range of colorways, so the one can choose an appropriate pair for any sportswear.

The design of the silhouette of the shoe is meant for women, especially the mesh upper and floating arch, in which the upper is completely detached from the BOOST foam sole. The flexible stretch-web outsole adds a grid-like pattern to the bottom of the shoe, too.

The stylish look that many training shoes lack is guaranteed to turn heads, no matter whether you’re gonna use it for the gym, running, or the sidewalk.

Wearing advantages ADIDAS PURE BOOST X

  • weight

As the midsole is entirely made of Boost, which is an extremely light foam material, and the upper is covered with thin mesh, synthetic and textile materials, the total weight of the Adidas Performance Pure Boost X is about seven ounces, which is a very lightweight shoe. This characteristic is one of the first mentioned in the majority of customer reviews.

  • flexibility

Stretch mesh with supportive overlays wraps around the bottom of the arch, hugging the foot, allowing the arch to move and flex naturally. But the maximum flexibility is reached due to cushy and bouncy foam in the midsole and stretchy rubber that wraps and protects the Boost without impeding its stretch in any direction in the outsole.

  • breathability

Mesh and textile upper allows your feet breathe easily and avoid sweating during a hard workout.

  • sock-like arch support

Sock-like arch support provides a comfortable foot-hugging fit, though it takes a little time to get used to. It offers all-around support and feels natural.

  • arch gap

A gap in the overlay at the arch supports the natural movement of your foot and creates a streamlined look.

  • women-specific fit

Adidas studied the shape of women’s foot and how it changes before and after loading as the foot moves through a stride. This information, and a desire to create a shoe with “feminine, sophisticated, and sleek aesthetics,” resulted in a unique Pure Boost X design.

  • Details

solid tongue

The shoe tongue is not movable, as it’s connected to the soft collar. It allows making a very comfortable fit around the ankle.

  • Another know-hows, that supplied in a model

FLOATING ARCH basically is a hole between the shoe upper and the sole which feels pretty snug and looks cool. It allows lifting the arch of the foot for a natural feel, fit, and stride.

BOOST is definitely one of the best cushioning technologies in training shoes. This Adidas’s cushy, bouncy, and highly flexible new foam has energy-returning properties, which keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy. It kind of feels like going on clouds.

STRETCHWEB OUTSOLE provides a very flexible and cushioned ride with terrific ground-feel, so you even don’t notice the shoes and can focus on your training. The pivot-point rubber also delivers smooth rotational moves.


Women don’t like bulky athletic silhouettes of the shoes; they have to make an accurate and beautiful look of feet. That’s why the Adidas Performance created a model that is able to emphasize neat silhouette of women’s feet. The Pure Boost X is a light and comfortable training shoe, which combines the stylish look, form-fitting midsole thanks to a floating arch, and the added bounce from the BOOST foam.

Treat yourself with these cool, comfortable and nice shoes from Adidas Performance, and you’ll definitely turn a lot of heads wherever you appear in them.

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