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ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Nova 2 Fitness Shoe Review

In the women’s studio collection, the GEL-Fit Nova 2 delivers a unique blend of sporty and chic elements with an update.

The GEL-Fit Nova 2 speaks to the stylish, yet a sporty girl with a low profile platform for not only a sleek image but a stable platform for various fitness routines.

This model is updated with a Mono-Sock Fit System for the comfort of a sock-like feel, and secure fit elevating the GEL-Fit Nova 2 to achieving balance and function.

GEL-Fit Nova 2 Fitness Shoe Review

GEL-Fit Nova 2 Fitness Shoe

You will be surprised that what this shoe can do and what this shoe is capable of. And all of it will be discussed later in this article so if you are looking for a training shoe then this can be your next pick.

This is a complete guide to understand the feasibility of this shoe.

As here we have tried to cover all the aspects of the shoe to make sure that this shoe is the best one to get when you are training.

So, stay tuned and make sure that you read the article to its verdict because all the small details that if you are geek can be important for you.

External Design ASICS  GEL-Fit Nova 2

The ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Nova 2 Fitness Shoe has a cool feminine design. Compared to its predecessor, which is represented in six colorways for any taste, the updated version of the shoe has two dark models (Black/Flash Yellow/Scuba Blue and Black/Silver) and two light ones (Blue Bell/White/Blue Purple and Taupe/Pink Glow/Aqua Mint).

GEL-Fit Nova 2 Fitness Shoe REVIEW

All the color choices mentioned above are exclusive. How?

Well, all the colors are brilliantly combined to create a phenomenal color scheme and that makes it evenly attractive.

So, you won’t have any complaints when it comes to the color scheme because all the color choices that are added by the company are premium and attractive colors.

And the schemes are also eye-catching so there is not a chance that you reject this shoe just because you didn’t found your preferred color choice.

The seamless upper of the shoe is made of light mesh and synthetic material with padded tongue and collar, and a traditional lace-up closure for a snug fit.

The new GEL-Fit Nova has a customizable fitting quarter panel brace, in step support band wrapping the forefoot. On the inside, there’s a removable cushioned insole and smooth fabric lining.

The sole of both models is not bulky, so the shoe silhouette is nice and taut.

In spite of these two models are relatives, the “father” is more appropriate for the gym, cross-training, various studio workouts, while the updated ASICS GEL-Fit Nova 2 can also be good for long-distance running, according to its improved outsole technologies.

Now: coming towards the design approach then it beats everything as it conquers factors like comfortability, flexibility, and style.

Yes! Style is the main agenda of this as you can rock it with any costume and you can even wear them as casual wear because of the fit and tight grip which we will discuss later and the beautiful color scheme which we have already discussed.

So, there is not a chance that you won’t prefer this shoe over others as it packs all the features and small details that there is when it comes to training and the durability test shoes that it can handle some tough workout routine practices.

Wearing Advantages ASICS GEL-Fit Nova 2

GEL-Fit Nova 2 Fitness Shoe Reviews


All shoes in the GEL-Fit Nova collection are super lightweight, as the materials used for them are not massive. You’ll get an effect of a second skin with these shoes due to their weight and sock-like fit combination.


Padded insole and stable sole provide great comfort and stability during various workout routines in both generations of the shoe.

While the extended version is supplied with extra synthetic patches on the sides, which are fixed with laces and allow for more secure and snug fit.


The breathability of the shoe is provided by means of air mesh textile upper only.

As the GEL-Fit Nova 2 is partially covered with synthetic patches, which prevent the free passage of air, the previous version is deservedly recognized as a more breathable one.


The new ASICS GEL-Fit Nova 2 has a more flexible and stretchable sole due to the more textured outsole with flex grooves.

But the overall flexibility is high in both versions by means of Internal Flexible Fit System.


In terms of durability, the updated version of the shoe clearly wins, as special AHAR and AHAR+ technologies are used in the high-wear areas of the non-marking outsole.


Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System, implemented in both versions reduces impact and allows for a smooth and natural ride during various workouts.

Another Know-Hows, That Supplied In A Model

The Rearfoot GEL cushioning System is a silicone-based cushioning system that provides a lower shock when the heel impacts the ground offering a better cushioning.

The ComfortDry Sockliner is a unique dual-layer cushioning system combining the support of base foam with the slow recovery of lazy foam, for a customized insole.

Also contains anti-microbial properties for a cooler, drier, and healthier foot environment.

The AHAR technology, or ASICS High Abrasion Rubber, is a tough rubber compound used at the heavy contact. It helps cut down on excessive wear. Non-marking rubber outsole with AHAR Plus technology provides exceptional durability in high-wear areas. The Pivot Point on the sole to promote more efficient and secure motion.

The MONO-SOCK Fit System keeps midfoot in place with an internal arch sleeve for the comfort of a sock-like feel, and secure fit.

All of the factors are mentioned above and when it comes to considering these factors then it might not look that much but when you put them in play then they can show you how best the shoe performs because of them.

Some small factors when combined they can be one large big factor that this shoe has and that is comfortability. The comfort level of this shoe is endless and that can be the best part when you are training your butt off and you get tired or feel pain in your feet just because of the shoe.

Now: this scenario can be the worst for regular training and that’s why comfort level is considered when it comes to training.

Conclusions ASICS GEL-Fit Nova 2

This sturdy, good looking and well-designed shoes will be perfect either for any kind of workout or general everyday wear. You’ll love the lightweight comfort, flexibility, and slave style of the awesome ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Nova 2 Fitness Shoe.

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