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10 Best Wrestling Shoes Reviewed 2024 – Guide)

Wrestling is a good and serious sport. If you have decided to get into this sport, your initial purchase would be of wrestling shoes (also called WWE shoes) and this purchase would be considered as an important one.

The shoes that you choose in this sports plays a major role not just in your career, as well as in your life.

Wrestling might cause some serious damage if you would not select the best wrestling shoes for yourself. Sounds scary, right?

But you do not need to worry about, we are here to help you, so, you can choose the best shoes for you.

There are several brands in the market, which release a ton of wrestling shoes each year, how can we help you with that?

Well, in this regard we are here to provide you with all the necessary information about the wrestling shoes, their materials, their qualities, why you should choose a particular item?

Do you think that’s all? Not even close yet, we have specified 10 of the best wrestling shoes for 2024 and their important qualities based on the people that are using them.

Our work does not just end here, in this article we will also inform you about the things, you should look for in wrestling shoes before you buy them and wear in your fight, remember this sport requires the best, so, always choose the best.

Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero, your wrestling journey begins

Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero

Brand: adidas
Color: Black/White/White

ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0

Brand: ASICS
Color: Jet Blue/Olympic Gold/Red
Rubber sole

Adidas Wrestling Men’s Response 3.1

Brand: adidas
Materials:Rubber sole

Adidas Performance Men’s Mat Wizard.3, wrestle becomes a passion

Adidas Performance Men’s Mat Wizard.3

Brand: adidas
Materials: Rubber sole

Adidas Pretereo III, wrestle with best wrestling shoes

Adidas Pretereo III

Brand: adidas
Color: Grey/Gold/White
Rubber sole

Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5, wrestling becomes a passion

Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5

Brand: adidas
Color: Grey/Eqt Yellow/Utility Black
Rubber and Leather sole

ASICS Men’s Split Second 9, best wrestling shoes for a winner

ASICS Men’s Split Second 9

Brand: ASICS
Color: Red/Silver/Black
Rubber sole

Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4, wrestling becomes a hobby

Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4

Brand: adidas
Color: Solar Yellow/Solar Red/Gum
Rubber sole

ASICS Men’s Cael V7.0, best wrestling shoes in its price

ASICS Men’s Cael V7.0

Brand: ASICS
Color: Black/Orchid/Turquoise
Rubber sole

Adidas HVC2 Speed, best wrestling shoes for best wrestlers

Adidas HVC2 Speed

Brand: adidas
Materials: Rubber sole

1- Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero, your wrestling journey begins

Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero, your wrestling journey begins

These best wrestling shoes are manufactured by keeping the main focus on the design that would help you in having a strong grip on the ground, this design will help you in dodging and move around with ease.

Wrestling shoes should also fit you properly because the fitting is a crucial key when you are escaping from your opponent.

Now, here is the best part, this item, in particular, provides the best features that would help you against your opponent. 

These wrestling shoes are manufactured by 2 piece-performance mesh, this mesh is one of the most rigid ones that you’ll ever come across in wrestling shoes.

The mesh is breathable and durable, which makes your shoes dry quickly and provide you with good endurance.

Suede is considered as the strong material when it comes to wrestling shoes and for your fortunate, these shoes have an outsole manufactured of suede, which is durable and boosts your speed.

Another quality that would intrigue you is the extra grip because of the suede outsole.

This extra grip makes you feel barefooted on the mat, which makes your movements quick and you can pivot yourself without losing your ground stance.

This item is one of the best-rated wrestling shoes on amazon because of is weight, it is considered as the most lightweight shoes with a good standard of flexibility,

And here comes the best part, this stunning design is available in a lot of colors, which means you can choose from plenty of options to wear with the same lightweight, comfort, grip, and airflow.

It is amazing, right? These qualities are the reason to place these wrestling shoes in the 10 best wrestling shoes of 2024.


  • The suede outsole provides grip and endurance.
  • Breathable mesh keeps your feet cool.
  • Quite flexible.
  • Rubberized manufacturing, which provides superb traction.
  • Lightweight shoes.

2- ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0, best wrestling shoes for casual wrestlers

When we are presenting the best wrestling shoes of 2024, we can not neglect this item.

This item is an inspired version of Jordan Burroughs shoes, who is two times the world and Olympic champion wrestler. This item is produced by specific technology use in the best wrestling shoes.

The use of breathable mesh on top provides good airflow that keeps your feet dry and provides durability and comfort even in your most intense matches.

These wrestling shoes are equipped with a well-integrated lace garage technology, which provides a firm grip on the wrestling mat.

Another factor that can easily be observed in these wrestling shoes is that they are designed specifically by keeping tournament regulations in mind, they provide quick movement in an instant, to compete with your opponent. 

Sounds interesting, there is even more; these wrestling shoes provide a fabulous traction mechanism that can not be observed in most of the shoes, they have specific rubber traction pods, in front and in the rear to provide astonishing traction on the mat, which aids in fast and precise movement.

As you know pivots, picks, and throwdowns are the keys in wrestling, and these best wrestling shoes provide you with all the necessary advantages over your opponent, by all means, they ensure you have the right fit, right grip, good flexibility.

And amazing movement controls.


  • Comes with a Non-bulky tongue.
  • Single upper mesh layer, good for breathability and sweat.
  • Provides excellent flexibility in moving over the mat.
  • Equipped with Integrated lace garage technology.
  • Rear and forefoot rubber traction pods.

3- Adidas Wrestling Men’s Response 3.1, wrestle with prideAdidas Wrestling Men’s Response 3.1, wrestle with pride

These shoes are the best wrestling shoes in the market in its price.

They provide a snug fit to a wrestler because of its upper mesh, this mesh is also breathable, which allows passing air in between and keeps your feet cool.

Because of this mesh, the wrestler can move easily and on a mat, within an instant. You must be wondering, why we included these shoes in our list of best wrestling shoes, right?

Well, for your fortune these shoes provide ankle support to the wrestler, which keeps your feet steady in the match.

Their shaft measures 4 inches from the arch and gives a stable heel of 7 inches, which will provide good pivots in your wrestling match. You get these shoes in yellow, white, blue, and black color.

These shoes provide super traction on mats, want to know how? All credit goes to the rubber-sole and outsole, which is thoroughly man-made.

These rubber soles keep your footing stable on the ground by increased traction qualities, you can pivot on the wrestling mat with high endurance.

These shoes also come with a strong rounded area at the forefoot that keeps your feet secure and comfortable throughout the match.

These wrestling shoes are lightweight wrestling shoes, which gives the sense of being barefoot that makes it easier for a wrestler to move on the mat easily.

These shoes come with a good response rate, which enables a wrestler to get those pickups on time and make those throw downs amazing.


  • Has a rubber sole.
  • Very responsive to the wrestler
  • Made from the synthetic mesh upper
  • Comes with 7 inches heel
  • 4inches shaft from the arch
  • Extremely low weight and flexible.

4- Adidas Performance Men’s Mat Wizard.3, wrestle becomes a passionAdidas Performance Men’s Mat Wizard.3, wrestle becomes a passion

When these shoes are coming from Adidas you know, you have to expect quality products from them, these shoes are not any less either.

They are strong, lightweight, durable, and shows great traction. The mesh that is included in this pair is a 3D mesh designed specifically for the comfort of the wrestler and to keep your feet cool.

This pair of shoes come with underlays that offer good support to your ankle and midfoot, so you can easily pivot on the wrestling mat.

Stay with me, it is going to get even better, these shoes are very lightweight and they snug to your feet.

You might be wondering about the three white stripes, right? Well, these stripes are specifically placed on the shoes to provide you Armstrong fit, and you can move within an instant against your opponent.

These shoes are ideal ones if you are a freestyle wrestler, they give you a lot of advantages over the other cheep wrestling shoes that you are forced to go with these.

According to customers, they felt a reinforced strength on the upper side of these shoes and the outsole is all in one-piece along with a rubber sole, which provides a strong and rigid grip on the mat when you need it the most against your opponent.


  • Provide good support to your ankles and feet
  • Great traction on the mat
  • Best wrestling shoes for freestyle
  • The outsole is in one-piece
  • Comes with 3D mesh that allows better breathability.

5- Adidas Pretereo III, wrestle with best wrestling shoesAdidas Pretereo III, wrestle with best wrestling shoes

These shoes are completely redesigned after their previous models, with a whole new look, breathable mesh, unique design, and an outsole, proved by a champion of the London Olympics.

These shoes are not much popular in the market, but if you are looking for an item worthy of your purchase, you should definitely try this one.

These best wrestling shoes arrive with a lightweight sole that does not require any break-in period.  Its rubber outsole offers a great grip and you can pivot in all directions on a wrestling mat.

Stay with me, it is getting even better. These wrestling shoes have an anti-slip lining, which does not let you slip on a wrestling mat and you can grab every opportunity to attack your opponent.

These shoes have a solid sole with a reinforced ankle that provides support to your ankle in a  wrestling match, plus you can always have the edge of flexibility with this option.

You can observe a lace-up mechanism that keeps your feet secure in these wrestling shoes.

The best part is yet to come, most of the option we included are preferable for men but these shoes come in grey and gold color, and sizes starting from 4.0 up to size 15.0, which makes them kids wrestling shoes and even ideal as wrestling shoes for girls.


  • The heel is firmly supported.
  • Comes with anti-slip lining.
  • The Ankle zone is reinforced to provide support.
  • The outsole is made of rubber.

6- Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5, wrestling becomes a passionAdidas Men’s Combat Speed.5, wrestling becomes a passion

As the name indicates these wrestling shoes are an ideal option for those who are looking for a responsive, quick, and fast wrestling shoes.

If you are one of them, you are in for a treat. The combat speed 5 is not only flexible, but they provide rigid support to its consumers, they get on your feet with a tight snug and provides good traction throughout the wrestling match.

The single-layer mesh is breathable and keeps your feet cool and dry even in your most intense matches.

These shoes come with a TPU- stripes and integral support panel, which is the reason behind the amazing traction, you can observe in a wrestling match.

These shoes are equipped with a unique midsole called die-cut EVA that offers another level of comfort to the people who wear them during their wrestling match.

It provides a responsive and quick grip on the mat because of the split outsole made of suede and leather that helps in quick pivots, to take every possible advantage over your opponent.

It comes with a rubber sole that gives your gives you the durability, in your wrestling match, it is one of the best wrestling shoes out there in the market, hence part of our list.

You can totally rely on this item with your wrestling career.


  • Single-layer of breathable mesh
  • Internal, die-cut EVA midsole can be seen
  • Quite lightweight
  • Extremely flexible
  • The integral support panel that provides comfort.

7- ASICS Men’s Split Second 9, best wrestling shoes for a winnerASICS Men’s Split Second 9, best wrestling shoes for a winner

A wrestling match can be deadly, you need to be quick, fast, and alert. This is only possible if you have the best wrestling shoes with you that provide support, flexibility, agility, and traction.

Want to know more about this item, keep reading! You are at the right spot, the ASICS is one of the best wrestling shoes that you can get from the market.

It will offer a great combination of every trait. You can do high-performance with these wrestling shoes for training, you can trust them, they would not let you down.

The uppers are manufactured with a thin layer of breathable mesh and you can have an excellent airflow, which will keep your feet cool and dry.

These shoes come with extensive support for the ankle that helps in pivot against your opponent.

ASICS has added a tight lacing mechanism that provides a snug fit on your feet and you can perform your best against your most competitive opponent.

These wrestling shoes have a lightweight split-sole design that gives you flexibility and agility in moving around the wrestling mat.

These shoes are the best wrestling shoes that would not let you loose your feet on the mat even when you are under pressure from your opponent. 


  • Comes with a split-sole design to give comfort
  • Amazing on mat traction
  • Synthetic and breathable mesh uppers for good airflow
  • Good flexibility 
  • Lightweight design increases response

8- Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4, wrestling becomes a hobbyAdidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4, wrestling becomes a hobby

These shoes were sold as a featured product on amazon because of its higher demand and why there would not be?

These wrestling shoes provide a lot of quality features at a very low price. Sound amazing, right? Stay with me and learn more about this item.

These wrestling shoes come with a single layer of breathable and flexible mesh, with ankle support, and extremely light in weight. All these qualities forced us to put these shoes on our list of best wrestling shoes in 2024.

The combat speed 4 provides a snug fit and lightweight properties, which would make you feel as you are wearing a “sock”.

This model comes with a TPU-stripes that provides a snug fit along with durability and comfort, it does not just end here, you will also experience excessive support for your ankle.

The best part of this item is yet to come, in these wrestling shoes you will get a slip-suede and leather outsole that offers a good amount of grip that you need to achieve those last throwdowns, and the presence of an internal die-cut EVA midsole gives you the right amount of comfort that your feet need in a wrestling match.

These wrestling shoes are specifically designed to give a snug fit that you desire, it is recommended to always order a half size larger than you normally wear because these shoes want to offer you freedom of movement,


  • Provides flexibility in movement
  • Die-cut EVA midsole gives ultimate comfort
  • Great ankle and foot support is provided
  • God traction by slip-suede and leather outsole
  • Single mesh upper with good airflow

9- ASICS Men’s Cael V7.0, best wrestling shoes in its priceASICS Men’s Cael V7.0, best wrestling shoes in its price

Are you looking for a shoe that works as an all-rounder in your wrestling career?

Well, this is exactly what you are looking for! Comfort, flexibility, support, stability, and perfect traction on the mat is the definition of these best wrestling shoes.

This does not just end here, these wrestling shoes come with leather uppers that are breathable and provides a good airflow along with flexibility that is necessary for a wrestling match.

These shoes are in our list of best wrestling shoes in 2024 because of multiple factors, they not just provide speed and agility but they also provide good ankle support. So, you can perform good pivots on a wrestling mat.

These shoes are equipped with an integrated lace garage that allows you to tuck your laces away in your pockets, so, that you will not tangle with them in the whole wrestling match.

The tongue present in these wrestling shoes are not bulky and also breathable, which helps to keep your feet cool and dry.

The presence of rubber sole allows you perfect traction along with the wrestling mat, these shoes are A Cael Sanderson’s signature shoes. 

These are very popular wrestling shoes in the market that delivers you a great quality along with a great performance, at a minimal price.


  • The tongue is not bulky and breathable
  • Specific traction zones for wrestling
  • Comes with rubber soles
  • Equipped with integrated lace garage
  • Synthetic breathable leather uppers 

10- Adidas HVC2 Speed, best wrestling shoes for best wrestlersAdidas HVC2 Speed, best wrestling shoes for best wrestlers

We had a lot of options to place, in our list of best wrestling shoes in 2024, but when we came across this product we were not able to leave it behind.

Decent design and lightweight wrestling shoes that deliver high response rate, flexibility, and durability as well as firm grip to the wrestlers.

These shoes are manufactured by suede leather uppers, which are durable and rigid. Our reviewers have claimed that these wrestling shoes provide a lot of ease in high-performance training, keeping your feets cool and dry.

The laces that are equipped in these wrestling shoes are elasticized, this mechanism keeps your laces in one place and does not let trip on your laces during a match.

It comes with a rubber sole, which is all in one piece, beneath the shoe; this rubber sole provides full traction and pivots along with the wrestling mat.

Your steps play a vital role in a wrestling match. If you are looking for a wrestling shoe that gives you an upper edge against your opponent in firm steps, this should be chosen, these are the best wrestling shoes that provide firm footing on the ground.


  • Single-layer of breathable mesh
  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Elasticized laces for a firm grip
  • Rubber sole in one-piece
  • Leather and synthetic suede uppers that provide comfort

How to Choose the Best Wrestling Shoes for Yourself?Best Wrestling Shoes

We gave you some of the best wrestling shoes that you can buy in 2024, but you might be wondering, how can you choose the right one for yourself, right?

To help you in this case, we have to think deeper, how can you narrow down to select your best wrestling shoes? Let us initiate with the basics.

Are you really serious about wrestling? If you are, how serious you are about wrestling? Are you a passionate wrestler, participating with his life goal to be a champion? Or you are just an amateur looking for some hobby to kill your surplus time?

An honest answer to these questions would take a long route to guide you for the best decision and how much you should invest in the equipment?

If you are not into wrestling for the long term you should not spend a lot of amount on expensive equipment.

But if you are serious about wrestling as a profession your equipment should include the best wrestling shoes for you and for that you should spend how much you can!

Every person is different from others, what works for me would certainly not work for you, and so does our needs. The most vital feature your shoes should have is comfort.

Get your desired shoes, put them on, train in them, use them for most of your day. Do you feel like these shoes are part of you? If they do, you have your answer and let those shoes guide you around.

What are the Different Types of Wrestling Shoes?Wrestling Shoes

We gave you a list of best wrestling shoes in 2024, how would you choose one for you without enough information?

With that said, there are two types of wrestling shoes available in the market, split soles, and full soles, full soles can also be called as non-split soles. 

Full Soles or Non- Split Soles:

A full sole or non-split sole is the one having a one-piece of full-length rubber sole covered on the entire bottom portion of the shoes.

Such type of wrestling shoes provides a great amount of traction on the mat but usually way more than split sole wrestling shoes.

These shoes do not allow better flexibility and movement freedom to the wrestler because of the whole rubber sole that is stiff.

Full sole wrestling shoes shall last longer and provide more durability than split-sole wrestling shoes.

So, if you are looking for a durable option, would not cost much through and would last longer throughout your wrestling career, your option should be full sole wrestling shoes.

Split-sole Wrestling Shoes:

These are the wrestling shoes that have different pieces of rubber soles attached beneath the shoes.

These are generally favored by most of the professional wrestlers because they are lightweight and flexible than full sole wresting shoes, split-sole shoes give a sense of being “bare feet”.

Split sole shoes give you a lot of traction without being dense or heavy, this kind of sole provides the wrestler with more agility and movement freedom as compared to non-split wrestling shoes, but it gets worse,

These shoes are not long-lasting due to the thin and light material use in the manufacture of the sole and they require to be changed on daily basis.

How Long Will Wrestling Shoes Last?

If you are buying a pair of best wrestling shoes, definitely it can last longer than you thought it will, but only if they are treated properly with care.

It is recommended to always wear a good quality of cotton socks beneath your shoes, which will lower the chances of your shoes damaging from inside.

Always keep your nails short and clean to prevent nail damage and shoe damage. There are sometimes when your cheapest pair would last longer than your expensive one, or it can also be another way around.

Some brands are more durable than others. In a wrestling match, you and your wrestling shoes take the same beating. So, it is recommended to always choose a durable pair of best wrestling shoes if possible.

These shoes are not designed for casual use. Their rubber might get loose from your daily usage or running.

You should only wear them when you are on a wrestling mat because these shoes are specifically designed for those mats.

In addition to that, if you wear your wrestling shoes daily, soon they would get dirty and you have to clean them, regular cleaning of wrestling shoes might also reduce their life.

How to Size Wrestling Shoes?

You found your best wrestling shoes, what would be the next step? Of course, what size would fit you? Well, the answer to your question is a bit tough, it depends on you or the person you are buying it for.

Many professional-level wrestlers like to have snug fit shoes on their feet. However, if you are still a young person and your feet are still growing, it would be better to select a bigger number.

Some brands recommend their size guide, you should definitely see that before you buy that particular brand.

For an instance, Adidas and Asics, both recommend their customers to buy a shoe that is one-half greater than the normal shoe size you wear, while Nike suggests their customers always go for a full size larger than your normal.

How to Clean Adidas Wrestling Shoes?

When you buy the best wrestling shoes for yourself you do not want to lose them quite early, right? Well, for this you have to take the best care of your wrestling shoes that you can.

This will not only increase the longevity of your shoes but also it will prevent you from a lot of skin infections that you might come across by the use of dirty wrestling mats you use in your daily training.

You can easily clean your wrestling shoes but first, you need to collect the tools, which include a basin or bowl, warm water, and a soft cotton cloth or washcloth.

Then you can follow the enlisted steps to completely clean your wrestling shoes.

  • Fill up your bowl with warm water. Keep all the detergents and soaps away from your bowl, as these could highly damage your wrestling shoes.
  • Slightly submerge your cloth in warm water and rub against your shoes gently. Do not scrub your shoes, it is not recommended at all, you can damage your shoes. 
  • Once you have removed all the stains from your shoes, put them aside, and let them dry. Do not use any kind of dry cloth, this can also result in shoe damage.

Your wrestling shoes are meant to have a proper snug fit, with these abrasive scrubs you might end damaging your shoes.

It is recommended to always read the whole instructions and recommendations provided by Adidas along your shoes to have a long experience of your favorite wrestling shoes.

What To Look For When Buying Wrestling Shoe?Buying Wrestling Shoe

When you buy perfect wrestling shoes for you, how would you know that it is perfect for you?

There are multiple factors that you should keep in mind before buying your best wrestling shoes.


This is an important factor that determines how good your wrestling shoes would work for you. You need to look for shoes that offer such comfort and ease that those shoes become part of your body.

Shoes that offer a tight and firm grip around your feet is what you need! And a comfortable sole that offers support to your underfoot can never let you down.


The traction of your shoes depends mostly on the style and the weight you are competing in. Your performance depends a lot on the tractions of your shoes.

You can find tractions on all the best wrestling shoes, but there are different types of tractions.


This type of traction is mostly used by wrestlers who fight in the heavyweight category.

In this category, wrestlers do not have to move a lot on the matt but they need a firm foot on the ground, this V-shaped traction allows them to do so.


This type of traction is mostly used by lightweight wrestlers because their strategies involve plenty of quick movements and pivots, they need agility and rapid response,

This circular traction allows a wrestler to perform in various angles without slipping and they can achieve that by circular traction.


Best wrestling shoes are made from the best material. Wrestling shoes are made to provide quality and durability, and in this regard, material plays an important role.

Most of the wrestling shoes out there in the market are manufactured from mesh, leather, suede, and nylon. Their purpose is to keep your feet cool and dry with maximum durability and comfort.

The difference in price mostly determines the difference in the material used for the manufacturing of wrestling shoes. If you want to get the best wrestling shoes, you might have to invest accordingly.


The weight of the wrestling shoes highly affects a match.

The reason is that you need to freely move on the mat without anything holding you back, but if you have wrestling shoes that have a high weight, they would slow you down and you might give an advantage to your opponent. 

Although heavyweight wrestlers sometimes opt for heavier wrestling shoes because they require their stance to be firm and attached with the ground, although it narrows down to your personal opinion, your strategy, and your ease.


The most important part of a wrestler’s journey is to buy the best wrestling shoes for himself. Your whole career as a wrestler depends on the shoes that provide you stability, support, agility, traction, and comfort.

The best part is that if you find your best wrestling shoes you will always have an advantage over your opponent and these shoes will always help you in moving around the mat.

Your wrestling shoes will be the reason that would allow you to achieve all the pickups, pivots, and throwdowns at the right time to always win a perfect match.