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10 Best Bowling Shoes Reviewed in 2022: A Complete Guide

When you start playing any game you must need its accessories. Without having the accessories you cannot play the game.

Likewise, if you start playing bowling, you need its proper accessories. In the bowling, you need the ball, shoes, and the proper kit. Either you rent all those things or buy them.

Most of the places you went to play bowling. They provide you shoes and the ball. Otherwise, you should bring your own.

But you are not allowed to play in the street shoes. The best bowling shoes enhance your performance in the game.

Want to know something interesting about this review?

You will be able to know all the information regarding the Best bowling shoes available in the market.

It will have all the details of the top products that can help you in making sure you know about the best choices you have. 

All the bowling shoes listed in this review come with procs and cons with them. It will make sure that you can choose the right one for yourself according to your requirements.

This is why you must know all the details and facts about these bowling shoes.

We also have a complete buyer’s guide that is specially designed for the reason to help you know which bowling shoe you should prefer while buying.

It contains all the essential things you need to look for in a bowling shoe when you plan to buy one for yourself. 

So, Let’s get started with the good stuff, shall we?

Without taking more of your precious and useful time, we will take you straight towards the collection of top bowling shoes available in the market.

There you will be able to find every detail about the shoes and choose the best one for yourself.

Best Bowling Shoes Review!Best Bowling Shoes

Bowling is a good playtime that can be a relaxing recreation time for many people. Like every other sport, it also needs some kind of equipment to help you move and perform better.

Shoes play an important role in helping you to bowl better and help you achieve perfection in the game. Many people struggle to find the right type of bowling shoes for themselves.

Well, there is no need to worry about it at all now. The reason behind it is we have jotted down our best ten picks of the best bowling shoes for you.

Now, you can choose any of these best bowling shoes. Each product comes with a rigid design yet offers comforts.

Let’s take a quick peek at these amazing shoes to help you choose the best one according to your requirements.

1- Brunswick Sport Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Sport Bowling Shoes

First, on the list, we have premium-grade bowling shoes from Brunswick. Coming with a mesh upper these shoes are pretty comfy and keep your feet at ease.

The quirky design is a perfect blend of style and sporty shoes. With rubber outsole yet light in weight, and pure slide microfiber sole. So both the shoes can fit well and you can enjoy the bowling sessions.

It can be tough to wear such shoes for a longer time. But these amazing bowling shoes are breathable keeping the feet cool.

Want to know the best part?

These shoes are convertible from lace-up into a slip-on for further support. If required, tight up the laces and you are all set yet remain fitted.

It is considered to be one of the best bowling shoes because of their comfort while wearing them.

Next, the tongue smooth slide and foam-padded collar enhance its performance. So women with different feet sizes/shapes can wear these shoes.


  • Foam padded
  • Lightweight
  • Microfiber slide sole


  • Stiff sole

2- KR Strikeforce Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce Bowling Shoes

Looking for a light, comfy option for a night out with friends? Then you are in the right place as we have the best bowling shoes for you. Made with high-quality material, these are a must-have for bowling sessions.

If you are also a bowling freak or a pro player then check-out these Flyer shoes. Unlike other options in the market, this one comes at a reasonable price.

The mesh upper along with universal soles adds to the comfort level. You can have fun gaming period with these shoes and take it to another level.

They not only help you to get more dexterity but play a big role in providing you more comfort while wearing the shoes without a doubt.

The manufacturing especially revolves around the ease and comfort level. Hence offering you far more breathability and keep the feet cool even on hot days.

Either you are right or left-handed, the universal sole allows you to slide smoothly. And release the ball without requiring any extra efforts down the lanes.

With these shoes, not only you can improve your bowling skills and boost the game. But the rubber outsole offers extra stability and support to the midsole and sole.

This allows you to stop the slide where needed without dismissing the strike.


  • Amazing traction
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Low-quality sole

3- Dexter Bowling Shoes

Dexter Bowling Shoes

This next product on the list is from Dexter and offers the best bowling shoes. When we look at the bowling shoes in the market, Dexter is a renowned name. They always bring something unique yet reliable on the plate.

The bowling shoes are also among the top-grade products of the market. Manufactured from rubber, and comes with a leather toe drag.

These shoes are an ideal choice for all bowling fans and players. It is considered to be one of the best bowling shoes because of their comfort while wearing them.

Here’s the deal!

The SST 8 are graceful yet snug and keep you at ease. Then there is amazing traction to make the experience even better. Hence you can stand out on the lanes with these durable shoes.

Moreover, the uppers are specially made from softer, full-grain leather. This feature keeps your feet relieved and provides the required support.

Coming towards the slide, Dexter SST 8 standout in this aspect also. There is an interchangeable sole design allowing you to adjust the slide.

So the shoes fit you well and provide traction for right/left-handed.


  • Interchangeable sole
  • Rubber sidewall
  • Grain leather upper


  • Over-priced

4- BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

BSI Women's Classic Bowling Shoe

If you are looking for reliable shoes in a reasonable range then these are the best bowling shoes. For females the market has a lot more options hence confusion is a compulsion.

But not anymore as these shoes offer all the desired features. From an appealing style to comfort level, it has everything.

Made with quality leather the uppers are super smooth and soft. You won’t feel tightened or uneasy and the feet won’t sweat like hell.

Instead, the breathable design will keep the feet cool and airy even after long days. Then there is a padded collar and tongue to further increase the relief.

Now, you will never have to rent shoes for the bowling nights will your girls. These shoes come at such a low price and offer much more than anticipated.

They not only help you to get more dexterity but play a big role in providing you more comfort while wearing the shoes without a doubt.

It only gets better!

The midsole and sole will provide the required support and stability to your feet. Made from lightweight EVA, these shoes will help you to beef up the game.

If you are left-handed and can’t find an ideal pair, then these are your stress busters. Coming with a universal sole, these shoes can fit any sort of player.

The plus point of these shoes is its attractive pink color that every woman adores.


  • Universal slide
  • Padded tongue
  • Leather upper


  • Low quality

5- Dexter Ricky IV Bowling Shoes

Dexter Ricky IV Bowling Shoes

After a long, tiring week, we all deserve to relax, chill out a bit to release the stress load. And what else can be a better option than being your pals for a bowling night?

Of course, we would all love to have a fun night but not with rented shoes.

What’s the bottom line?

Dexter has always served its customers with quality products. The Ricky IV bowling shoes are also among the best sellers. Either we talk about the engaging design or the quality, it tops the market in all aspects.

Made with synthetic material, smooth upper and lined fabric inner sole. All these things work together to make such a fine piece with durability.

The lightweight outsole is an optimal choice for long bowling matches/league nights. Then there are padded collar and tongue to boost the comfort level manifold.

Finding a perfect fit for left-handed players can be a tough nut to crack. But Dexter Ricky IV has solved this problem also with the universal soul.

It is considered to be one of the best bowling shoes because of their comfort while wearing them.

There is a non-marking rubber sole with a defined heel. Hence you get the perfect amount of traction while sliding and also support to do so.


  • Rubber outsole
  • Durable and affordable
  • Universal sole


  • Might be uncomfortable

6- Brunswick Flyer Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Flyer Bowling Shoes

Here are another Brunswick Flyer shoes for crazy bowling fans. All those who love to chill out at the bowling clubs with their gang can rely on these. No other brand can offer such stunning, best bowling shoes.

The soft, smooth internal design keeps your feet at ease even after long nights. Yet the exterior is pretty taut to last an eternity so you won’t need rented shoes.

Rented shoes can be quite painful and cause uneasiness. Plus you need to spend so much if you are a regular bowler. So a far better option is to get your pair of Brunswick.

It is considered to be one of the best bowling shoes because of their comfort while wearing them.

These amazing shoes have a non-marking rubber outsole. Hence the midsole, sole, and slide remain intact even after long use. The universal shoe sole is a bigger plus point here.

They not only help you to get more dexterity but play a big role in providing you more comfort while wearing the shoes.

It only gets better!

No matter if you are right-handed or left-handed, these shoes are for you. A textile innersole lining and the padded collar and tongue. These features contribute to keeping your feet comfortable and cool.


  • Affordable
  • Durable universal sole
  • Padded collar and tongue


  • Heavyweight

7- Dexter Vicky Silver Women Shoes

Dexter Vicky Silver Women Shoes

Bowling is a sport that almost every other person loves. Women also enjoy this sport like men and tend to spend the weekend at bowling arenas.

But those rented shoes can be a real pain, especially for women. So here is the solution to your problem ladies. Dexter Raquel V is the best bowling shoes in the market.

These beautiful, appealing shoes in a snicker style will for sure boost your game. Made with premium-quality material, these are quite durable yet easy to wear.

Even on hot days, you can wear these for a longer period and your feet will be cool. It can be tough to find universal sole in quality shoes but Raquel V has it all.

Coming with a universal sole, these fit the requirements of left/right-handed players. Moreover, the horseshoe heel offers great traction levels and stability.

Hence you get that perfect strike while the slide breaks with equal support. It is considered to be one of the best bowling shoes because of their comfort while wearing them.

The design has non-marking rubber outsoles which are pretty tough. Next, the man-made upper brings a new touch to the shoes while keeping it soft.


  • S9 microfiber slide
  • Rubber outsole
  • Affordable


  • Rigid heel

8- Dexter Women Kristen Bowling Shoes

Dexter Women Kristen Bowling Shoes

Next on the list, we have these stunning bowling shoes from Dexter. This brand has always promised quality and maintained it over time.

The best part is that there are options for both; men and women. Hence any of you can find his/her ideal bowling shoe here.

The reason why Dexter shoes are the best bowling shoes is comfort. These shoes are also specially designed for providing you a premium-grade product.

As the foot sizes and structure of women differ from men, requiring separate shoes. Dexter Kristen’s shoes are the best bowling shoes for women.

They not only help you to get more dexterity but play a big part in granting you more support while wearing the shoes without a doubt.

These have every feature that a bowler needs in his/her shoes. Either it is the universal slide sole or the sturdy design. Hence you will never have to rent on those painful shoes.

Instead, you can always enjoy your bowling sessions while your feet remain at ease. Manufacturing includes Nubuck leather which provides a retro look.

It can be a pain to wear shoes for hours while playing but these shoes are different. The S8 microfiber slide soles offer vents on both shoe sides. Hence your feet remain cool and won’t get sweaty or itchy.

Then the non-marking rubber outsole is another major feature. It not only adds to the stability but also helps with traction while sliding.

So you never miss a strike due to being uneasy or unbalanced.


  • Rubber outsole
  • Universal sole
  • Suede upper


  • Over-priced

9- Dexter Jack II Bowling Shoes

Dexter Jack II Bowling Shoes

These one here are the other best bowling shoes from Dexter. If you require reliable yet comfy shoes, you are in the right place. Not only these Dexter Jack II offers you durability but also are soft on the inside.

Here’s the kicker!

During league nights, one can feel tired and strained. In such a scenario, comfy shoes are the only blessing you need. Those painful rental shoes only make things difficult.

With a softer upper fabric, your feet will remain in the best state. The lace-to-toe design further adds to the comfort level of the shoes.

They not only help you to get more dexterity but play a big part in granting you more support while wearing the shoes without a doubt.

This feature is also responsible for providing enhanced stability and support. The rest is simply done by padded collar and tongue so you can strike with a slide.

One of the most stunning features is the inner lining to keep the feet cool. Even during the longest bowling nights, your feet will get less sweaty.

Then there are extra-long slide soles so you get that perfect strike every time. For the traction, the design includes non-marking rubber outsoles.


  • Extra-long slide
  • Rubber sole
  • Fabric-lined inner sole


  • Heavyweight

10- Brunswick Vapor Bowling Shoe

Brunswick Vapor Bowling Shoe

Brunswick is a well-known brand that always brings quality products to the market. Today also we have mentioned their products that are a must-have.

Since men have a different foot shape, sizing than women. Brunswick has specially designed these shoes for the men to be comfy in.

It is considered to be one of the best bowling shoes because of their comfort while wearing them.

Here’s the deal!

If you simply need the best bowling shoes, Brunswick Vapor is your thing. These shoes are amazing in every aspect with every feature one may need. From comfort to smoothness to flexibility, these have it all.

Designed for right-handed people, these have synthetic upper which is pretty soft. Next, these have foam padded tongue and collar to provide traction,

While striking you can slide with ease and get the required stability and support. The lightweight EVA outsole and interchangeable soles/heels are cherries on the top.

Even the slide of these shoes comes with a microfiber so you can have a relieved night. Further, the rubber push-off sole is the most required feature to provide traction.


  • For right-handed
  • Interchangeable heels/soles
  • Microfiber sliders


  • Narrow design

Best Bowling Shoes – Buyer’s Guide:Best Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are something that is not very popular but if you are into bowling then here is no doubt that you want to have one.

You must choose the right type of bowling shoes for yourself to make sure your dexterity is increased while bowling. 

As there is a variety of shoes available in the market it is sometimes difficult for the users to find the right type of shoes for themselves.

Well, there is no need to worry about it at all because you can look for the listed qualities in your bowling shoes to have the best one for yourself. 

Before buying the bowling you should know about some of its features. Then you should buy the best bowling shoes for yourself.

There are the following features you should know before buying the bowling shoes.


Left or Right Handed Bowlers:

Before buying the best bowling shoes you should know about your dominant hand. If right-handed is your dominant hand then you have to buy the shoes specially designed for right-handed bowlers.

Otherwise, you should buy custom left-handed bowler shoes. It will help you gain a better grip on the floor of the lanes while you are aiming for the pins.

These shoes are designed according to your dominant hand. This will make sure you can have a perfect score by dropping all the pins at the right time. 

The Soles:

The soles of the best bowling shoes should be sleek. It is because they have the sliding feature. When you throw the bowl it provides you slide.

This not only gives you a proper stance but also helps in making sure that the bowling ball has a proper throw. It is the perfect way to keep the ball in the right motion without damaging the surface of the lanes. 

 The heels should be made of rubber that gives you friction. That is due to balance the sliding feature of the sole. The rubber on the soles has some unique qualities in it.

It helps in sliding while you are about to throw the bowling ball but gives you a proper grip while you are moving on the floor. It also helps in keeping the balance while you are bowling fast. 

The Proper Size of Bowling Shoes:

When you buy bowling shoes it should perfect according to the size of your feet. It should not even too tight that you can’t even walk.

It should not be too lose that you can’t keep your balance. These shoes should be perfect on your feet. 

This will make sure that you perform better while you are bowling. They keep you steady as they maintain the perfect balance for you.

These shoes also make sure that your feet stay comfortable while you are wearing them. 

Comfort Level:

Bowling shoes should be comfortable. The more comfortable the shoes are, the more impressive your game is.

You should buy such shoes in which air seeps through. That is for maximum comfort and satisfaction.


Laces of the best bowling shoes should high quality. Because they should not be break easily.

Otherwise, you should fall or lose your stability. They are not fully tight or not loose. They should be according to your feet.

Structure of Shoes:

The best bowling shoes should be lightweight. Because it will increase your stability and grip. You should feel like your feet are in the air.

You should choose shoes that fit you perfectly. This mostly depends on the structure of the shoes. These shoes are specially designed according to your dominant hand.

Similarly, you can choose the one that is according to your feet structure. 


The best bowling shoes should be durable. They should be long-lasting.

The leather you in the making of should be high quality. The stitching of the shoes should be in a professional style.

Inner Sole:

There should be an extra cushioning in the inner sole of bowling shoes. It increases the stability and the comfort level of the shoes.

You must choose the bowling shoes that have better comfort in providing soles. These shoes are designed to help the users perform better at bowling while keeping the comfort level intact.  

Interchangeable Sole:

Some bowling shoes have interchangeable sole. It provides you the flexibility to change the sole of shoes. When you feel not comfortable in the sole you can change it.

It is one of the best things that you can do with your bowling shoes because there is a lot of sliding involved while you are bowling.

The soles of these shoes wear off at a reasonable time. This is why you should choose the shoes that come with interchangeable soles. 

Are Bowling Shoes Required?Bowling Shoes

When you start playing there are a lot of questions in your mind.

The first question is that are the bowling shoes required? Why do you not play in street shoes? What is the difference between bowling shoes and street shoes?

Most of the places you went to play bowling. They provide you bowling shoes. If they do not you have to bring your own. But you are not allowed to play in the street shoes. Why there such strict rules in bowling places.

You can bring anything with your street shoes from outside. They can put dirt, mark, and smirch on the bowling lane. The next person that came to throw the ball may be affected by these things.

The wet spots cause the person to slip on the bowling lane.

In the bowling, you have to throw the heavyweight ball from your one hand.

When you throw the ball you put maximum stress on your front leg. Then if your shoes do not give you relief on the front leg. That relief you only get from the best bowling shoes. Otherwise, you might injure yourself.

When you run on the bowling lane the important thing you need is the grip. The bowling lane is made of the polish wood. If you wear street shoes, they do not provide the grip.

They may cause a slip. That may hurt you very badly. But if you wear bowling shoes. They provide you the proper grip. You can throw your ball more effectively. This is the reason you need the best bowling shoes.

How Bowling Shoes Affect Your Movement?

Bowling shoes are made of leather and rubber. The sole of the best bowling shoes is super sleek like the bowling floor. Sleek shoes provide you the smoother motion.

The heels of the best bowling shoes are made of rubber. That stops the smoother motion cause by sleek sole. This prevents you to slip.

But in the street shoes, there is no sleek sole. It may cause you to stop your movement suddenly. Due to this you may fall on the floor and get yourself injured.

Bowling Shoes Protect the Lanes:Bowling Shoes

Bowling lanes are made of polish wood. If throwing the ball wearing the street shoes than it will affect the lanes. The street shoes put the dust and the mark on the floor.

But if you wear bowling then the lanes will be protected. It will save you and others from falling on the lane. When the bowling lanes are clean. You should get the firm grip and stability in the game.

This is the reason why users should wear bowling shoes while they are bowling. These shoes have a sliding sole that is accurate for the surface of the lanes.

You can easily master your stance without thinking about slipping. These amazing shoes provide you an accurate grip that helps you to hit all the pins in one chance.

The best part is that they do not put any marks on the lanes hence keep them protected at all times. This is why you should always wear bowling shoes to protect the lanes without a doubt.

Who Makes the Top Bowling Shoes?

The market overflowed with bowling shoes. There are a large number of companies that are manufacturing bowling shoes.

However, some of them manufacturing the best bowling shoes. You should always choose the top manufacturers for buying bowling shoes because they not only provide comfort but also help in allowing you better game support. 

These companies do not compromise on the quality of bowling shoes. The top five companies are Dexter, Linds, Storm, Nike, and Brunswick.

The companies that are ranked six to ten are Ebonite, Etonic, 3G Bowling, Adidas, and 900 Global.

Which Shoes Are Best for Women?

Shoes are something that provides us with a better grip and a marvelous stance. If you wear the right set of shoes for the right place then there is no doubt that you will perform better than everyone else.

Like this, women’s shoes are specially designed to help them work better in whatever job they do. They increase the dexterity and helps the women to be the best player at bowling.

When you plan to choose the right shoe for a woman to go bowling then you must explore your options. But with a wide variety in the market, this can be a difficult task for you.

Well not anymore because we are here for your assistance. We have collected a list of the best bowling shoes that are accurate for women.

They will not only increase the dexterity of the wearer but helps them to be more efficient while they are playing.

1- BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe

BSI Women's 460 Bowling Shoe

As a woman, you should have light-weighted shoes on. They not only help you in gaining comfort but also provide better movement ability.

These amazing shoes are specially designed for bowing to have a fantastic grip. They are equipped with a complete action leather upper and common sliding sole.

It allows you to move better and perform at your best while bowling. This amazing bowling shoe is perfect for women because of the microfiber lining sole.

It helps the user to focus better and maintain your stance. The better the stance you get in bowling, the better the chance you will have in hitting all the pins.

The extra plush inline sock lining is the cherry on top because it gives the user touch of extra comfort.

In short, it is one of the best choices you can make for the most comfortable women bowling shows available in the whole market.

They not only help you to get more dexterity but play a big part in granting you more support while wearing the shoes without a doubt.


  • More Comfort
  • Microfiber sliding sole
  • Light-weight


  • Need More Time For Cleaning

2- BSI Women’s #651 Bowling Shoes

BSI Women's #651 Bowling Shoes

Knowing the right shoe for bowling can give you a great advantage in the game. It can help you in making sure you get the best experience without worrying about any type of movement.

This amazing and remarkable BSI women bowling shoes can be the best choice that you can make for bowling shoes.

This bowling shoe comes with a sleek and stylish sports upper leather that not only gives endurance but also looks amazing.

It also comes with a padded tongue collar that provides better comfort while wearing these shoes. The lightweight EVA midsole also helps in increasing the dexterity of the wearer while you are bowling.

Women need more comfort in their shoes and this amazing bowling shoe provides exactly that along the with the glued and stitched sole. The whole thing is of great quality and you do not have to worry about it at all.


  • Comfortable
  • Glued and stitched sliding sole
  • Light-weight


  • Moderate Time For Cleaning

3- Dexter Women’s Ana Bowling Shoes

Dexter Women's Ana Bowling Shoes

These amazing shoes are also the best choice you can make if you are looking for the best bowling shoes for women. They are extremely supportable and help you play better whole you are in the bowling lanes.

The shoes are comfortable because of the soft sole that is made out of rubber. The comfortable sliding sole of the shoes helps in maintaining a grip on the normal ground but gives you a sliding effect when you are bowling.

These shoes are light in weight which makes sure you would not get tired while wearing them. This will increase your concentration and help you be better the game.

These shoes are made from high-quality material which can be the best thing for you. These amazing shoes are the best in the market because of their remarkable qualities and comfort.


  • Supportable
  • Comfortable sliding sole
  • Light in weight


  • Need More Time For Cleaning

Wrapping It All Up!

The best bowling shoes are necessary for the bowling game. You cannot play bowling games in street shoes. That might cause injury to you.

However, the best bowling shoes provide you proper slide and friction. You can improve your game by using the best bowling shoes. They provide you grip and stability during the game.

This is the best information that you can get on the best bowling shoes that are available in the whole market.

These amazing shoes come with pros and cons that can help you in making the right choice. The rest of the information will also be helpful for you in the best way it can.

I am sure that you will love the content because of authenticity. All of the information in this review us useful and authentic if you want to know more about the best bowling shoes.

Everything in here is properly managed and organized. This makes sure that the readers find it easier to look for any valuable piece of information right away.

We sincerely hope that all the information about the best bowling shoes is covered in this whole review.

But if there is still something which is left unclear then there is no need to worry about it at all. The reason behind it is that we are here for all the assistance you need.

You can simply ask us anything which you are finding difficulty in understanding and we will be there to assist you properly.

We will analyze all the queries that you will place and provide you simple solutions for it. In the end, we just want you to stay tuned and have an amazing experience wearing these shoes while bowling.