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10 Best Yoga Shoes of 2024 – Reviews, FAQs, and Guide

Do you get uncomfortable doing certain Asansas when doing yoga? We know who the culprit is. The SHOES

Having Yoga shoes while performing yoga simply enhances your experience, and in a good way.

Nevertheless, if you are exhausted from doing yoga in your house, surrounded by the same environment, it’s time to take things up a notch and go outside to do it. 

After all, Yoga is all about making you feel better.

And What better place to feel good than the outside? But, we suggest that you better buy Your Yoga shoes before hitting outdoors! 

Although people may prefer that yoga is better done barefoot, but, it is for the best, that you wear Shoes.

It allows you to have a full-on yoga experience without having to put yourself at the risk of compromising the physical and mental peace that yoga brings along with it.

The yoga shoes are made to be comfortable and prevent you from being at risk. 

We have searched all around the Internet and through the customer reviews and brand knowledge, we bring you the best Yoga Shoes for you to buy! 

Keeping in mind our criteria for buying yoga shoes, after searching the internet, we have finally put together the top 10 yoga shoes you should buy in 2020. 

Sanuk Women

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2

Brand: Sanuk
Color: Black
Man Made sole

VIFUUR Barefoot Yoga Shoes

VIFUUR Barefoot Yoga Shoes

Materials: Rubber sole

Vibram Womens VI B Fitness & Yoga Shoe

Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness & Yoga Shoe

Brand: Vibram
Color: Black
Rubber sole


Benefits: Long-lasting

Vibram VI-S

Vibram VI-S

Brand: Vibram
Color: Dark Pink
Phylon sole

Capezio Daisy

Capezio Daisy

Brand: Capezio
Materials: Suede sole
Color:Light Ballet Pink

FitKicks Foldable Yoga Shoes

FitKicks Foldable Yoga Shoes

Color: Battle Royale
Rubber sole

Skechers Women

Skechers Women’s Meditation

Brand: Skechers
Color: Black
Rubber sole

New Balance Studio Skin

Brand: New Balance
Color: Pigment/Metallic Gold
Rubber sole

Bloch Canvas Boost

Brand: Bloch
Color: Black
Rubber sole

1- Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2

Sanuk Women

Bearing in mind our criteria set for the best yoga shoes, this one is the perfect fit!

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 shoes are so comfortable that you can wear them not only for yoga but as casual wear as well! These shoes will match all your outfits. 

When it comes to being fancy, this one doesn’t stay behind and looks incredibly fancy as it comes in multiple colors and sizes.

Choose the size and color that fits you the best. The options to choose from are just so many, which is why this becomes our first pick when it comes to buying the best yoga shoes.

These Shoes keep your foot in a single place when it comes to doing yoga.

These shoes are the best, as they are extremely comfortable as well.

The straps provide extra benefit to keep your feet in place and well-rested.

What We Like:

  • Unique Flip-Flop Style
  • Textile Upper
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Breathable Shoes
  • Provides Good Traction.
  • Durable

2- VIFUUR Barefoot Yoga Shoes

VIFUUR Barefoot Yoga Shoes

These shoes come off as multi-purpose. Apart from being yoga shoes, these shoes can be used in the water as well! Talk about Two for the price of one!

These shoes are designed lightweight, flexible, and because of being water-proof, they dry off very quickly as well.

These shoes have a foam arch, making them very comfortable. The shoe sole is made out of rubber to provide better traction for doing yoga.

Apart from being extremely comfortable, these shoes are very affordable as well! These shoes are very easy to wear and take off as well.

These shoes are very stylish and can also be used with your other outfits as well as for yoga.

What We Like:

  • Waterproof
  • Very Much flexible
  • Foam Arch Support
  • Foot Protection
  • Provides Good Traction.

3- Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness & Yoga Shoe

Vibram Womens VI B Fitness & Yoga Shoe

Vibram is one of the renowned companies when it comes to making yoga shoes. These shoes, unlike the other shoes on offer individual slots for each toe, so you get comfort and flexibility with traction at the same time.

The Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness & Yoga Shoe has a rubber sole. The sole of these shoes is very well made, due to which it provides the best traction.

Due to the separate toe design, achieving new poses becomes a lot easier and provides a better yoga experience overall. These shoes are all made out of fabric – wow! 

This amazing wear increases your overall experience of yoga. The Size range of these shoes is just amazing.

The only downside to these awesome shoes that it only comes within only a few colors so the user is limited to buy one of a few choices.

These shoes are very lightweight and extremely easy to wear as well as being breathable as well.

Due to these qualities, these shoes are preferred by many as it makes the ideal yoga shoe.

What We Like:

  • Open design
  • Separate toes
  • Good grip
  • Breathable
  • Ballet-inspired style

4- VIFUUR Quick


Before, these shoes were only used for water conditions. Then, one user posted a review of them about how good they are for yoga, and things have changed ever since.

These shoes prove one of the most elite choices when it comes to yoga considering the traction and flexibility it provides, making zero compromises on the comfortability of the shoe at all.

These shoes stand out as they are extremely comfortable as well as they are very fashionable. We bet your friends will ask where you bought these shoes from! 

Moreover. The build quality of these shoes makes them more desirable and eye-catching.

It uses fabric and an elite type of elastic which helps it to dry very quickly.

You can also take these shoes out for a spin no matter whether you are playing sports, a casual morning jog, but you can also take them for hiking!

What We Like:

  • The Quick-Dry future shows when you come out of the water and they dry very quickly.
  • Very Lightweight, as yoga shoes are meant to be.
  • Long-lasting
  • Multi-purpose.

5- Vibram VI-S

Vibram VI-S

Originally studio shoes, this pair can also be used for yoga, pilates, or barre class as well.

The Vibram VI-S makes a great choice because the maker of the company has thought about how this shoe should be really flexible and comfortable as well.

The manufacturer also brings into account that many sporting activities require footwear that provides good traction and perfect grip with the ground so that the shoes don’t hold back the person participating.

For the people that are still convinced that barefoot is better, these shoes feel as if you are barefoot!

These shoes come in as many as four colors, so you can purchase any color that you like or think will go best with your outfits.

The design is also very nominal. The top of the foot remains uncovered with only two thin straps that are in a position to keep the shoes from getting off your feet. 

Moreover, you can expect these shoes to be very lightweight and to be a perfect match in accordance with your foot without any issues.

The sole is made of a non-marking rubber compound having small nubs that provide strong traction with any surface. 

These shoes are a bit costly than the other shoes we have mentioned, but rightfully so as they will last longer.

To conclude, Vibram VI-S is an investment that you will be glad to have made going forward.

What We Like:

  • The upper part is made of Interlocked fabric.
  • Five-finger design is a comfortable trait when looking for yoga shoes.
  • Minimal design – not too fancy, not too simple.
  • Lightweight and Flexible

6- Capezio Daisy

Capezio Daisy

The Daisy – as the name suggests, was made as a standard ballet slipper, but it turned to be a great option for yoga.

This is because ballet dancers require good traction and control over their movements. The requirements go hand in hand with that of the shoes for yoga.

Seeing that it is the best of both worlds, we put this shoe on your recommendation list.

The upper part of the shoes is made out of leather to provide you a better feel and for stopping the shoe from slipping off your foot.

While the sole offers a leather layer that provides an extra layer of protection that allows you to make your movements safely.  

Although it comes in white and black color as well, we suggest that you buy it in its own original color. it’s a great choice as its original color provides a rather natural look.

It also comes in different widths, narrow or wide, you can choose whichever fits you the best. There is an elastic drawstring to keep the shoe attached to your foot.

The lining of the Daisy is a Canvas to give a breathable experience and due to this, you can wear it with or without socks.

It also features an ID tag inside the shoe, so you can be free of the worry that you may lose your shoes and also makes you feel more secure.

As for the cost, these shoes are actually very affordable as compared to the other shoes that we’ve put on our list.

Because of being built of leather, these shoes will last longer. They don’t do well against water, so make sure to keep them away from water though. 

What We Like:

  • Made of Leather
  • Full Sole
  • Has Canvas Lining

7- FitKicks Foldable Yoga Shoes

FitKicks Foldable Yoga Shoes

Equipped with Flex-Form technology at their base, these shoes make a solid impression when choosing multi-purpose shoes.

They go an extra mile in terms of stretching and versatility, due to the slip-on design, of course, the blend of Spandex.

They also feel very comfortable because of the minimum cushioning used. You can put them on for a yoga class and take them to the beach afterward – the shoe will feel comfortable as ever.

The support these shoes provide is nothing short of impressive. The tabs that are present alongside the protective toe guard and a foldable design make them an ideal companion for most of the situations that come to mind.

This is a great option for travelers given how lightweight these shoes are. These shoes function well for swimming and doing yoga as well. 

These happen to be some of the best yoga shoes available in the market right now. They are not very expensive, and their price is easily justifiable. 

What We Like:

  • Made of Rubber, 
  • The design fits very nicely
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in various sizes

8- Skechers Women’s Meditation

Skechers Women

Whether you’re into yoga or meditation, if you love doing your workout outdoors, this flip-flop is a perfect match for you.

These shoes stand out because they use premium quality materials that feel very comfortable as well as safe.

Being specifically made for yoga, they feel very soft due to their fabric as they are specifically suited for day to day yoga sessions.

In fact, the shoe is imported and plays a vital role in helping you achieving mental peace and taking yoga up a notch.

It has a 0.5-inch platform due to which it becomes very easy to wash it. You can wash it anytime you want and it’ll give you a feel of a brand new shoe.

It has a padded toe post that delivers premium safety. Fabric straps are also there to take the foot protection up a notch.

The inclusion of a rubber sole is duly noted as it proves to be very comfortable and helps your foot stay in its proper shape.

What We Like:

  • Very Much safe.
  • Fabric Straps.
  • Included Rubber Sole.

9- New Balance Studio Skin

New Balance Studio Skin

These shoes were initially made to be used in dancing. This pair of shoes is also an amazing choice if you decide to do Pilates, and yoga with them.

Talk about being a multitasker! This shoe provides the person with a slip-on sort of protection, which delivers maximum comfort with flexibility.

Also because it offers the traction that you require to achieve proper yoga poses. It also prevents from shoes getting smelly and without a doubt, has one of the best in-studio designs.

The Studio Skin Yoga shoes provide extra cushioning with a great outlook so that it helps you stay comfortable and keep balance while you’re doing some of the toughest poses.

It provides a satisfactory fit due to its stretchable material, and the inside of the shoe is carved by NB Fresh technology to eliminate the chance of catching bad odors during the action.

To end with, these Studio Skins have an open heel silhouette to help you stay grounded and stop you from losing your balance once you decide to carry on with your workout.

Being from one of the Elite Sportswear, these shoes fulfill our expectations by a mile.

The Studio Skins are easy to wear, lightweight, and simple to wear when you need to use them for practice, and it delivers just the right amount of pressure required by the action in the main parts.

If you prefer indoor exercises more than the outdoors, you should grab these kicks with a slip-on design!

What We Like:

  • Fits perfectly. 
  • Open Heel.
  • Cushioned Area
  • Great Traction.

10- Bloch Canvas Boost

Bloch Canvas Boost

These shoes are the toughest ones on our list, as they were initially designed to handle hard and solid workouts.

The Bloch Canvas Boost checks all the boxes for yoga. Due to the split sole, it’ll work extremely better than usual sneaker types.

This shoe will unlock all your movements and you’ll also get an excellent deal of support, and protection.

The Bloch Canvas Boost is created with a simplistic black canvas. These shoes adapt to the situation and are breathable and flexible when needed, and they come with a lacing system that pulls the sole up from its arch, providing a better fit overall.

These shoes are carefully amplified for optimum comfort, while the inside of the shoe contains a lacework type of lining that provides airflow and absorbs sweat, protecting your shoe against smelly odors.

Another thing that stands out is that the antimicrobial treatment stops the smells of infuriating smells.

The inner part of these men’s yoga shoes is created with gel to provide a shock-absorbing feel, that’ll come in handy if you’re using these to go on a run or walking to the studio.

The central part of the shoe utilizes an air unit at the heel area which makes these shoes optimal for aerobics, and therefore the outer part of the sole has a unique pattern that provides traction allowing the shoe to work well on any surface.

The price of the Canvas Boost is a bit more than any of the previously listed products, but rightfully so, provided that these shoes can be used as multi-purpose sneakers and also, you’ll be able to take on any workout when wearing these shoes.

What We Like:

  • The Upper part is canvas-like. 
  • Has Laces.
  • Air Cushioned Sole
  • Great Traction

Best Yoga Shoes – Buyer’s Guide:Yoga Shoes

Before choosing your yoga kicks, we suggest that you compare them against our buying guide so you know you have bought the best pair for you and which prevents you from being at risk. 

Are they Safe Enough?

Doing Yoga is not as easy as it sounds. Before making your decision based on how good the shoes look, first make sure they are safe.

After all, A safe shoe is a good shoe. You have to make sure that the shoe has a good grip and traction when you are doing the asanas suggested by your yogi, or google-whatever you prefer. And doing so is only possible if your shoe won’t lose its grip.

 Are they Flexible Enough? 

Flexibility is one of the main keys of yoga, and you should buy shoes that feel the most flexible.

Your feet need to be able to go along the flow and move freely when you do yoga.

If you want to enhance your yoga experience, then you need to wear your shoes, which will allow you a full range of your movements.

You can test the flexibility of yoga shoes by examining the material it is made out of.

So, when you are buying a pair of yoga shoes, keep in mind that yoga shoes are supposed to be flexible and offer protection at the same time.

Are they Comfortable Enough?

Comfort is the most important point when looking for any sort of shoes, however particularly when searching for yoga shoes.

You should discover a pair of shoes which are comfortable. Your yoga shoes should be adaptable and comfortable.

Your shoes should be made out of material that isn’t just comfortable but durable, as well.

The best yoga shoes will have a conventional level of comfort. If your yoga shoes are giving you sufficient support, you will be able to perform the yoga effectively and easily.

Are They Fancy and Lightweight?

The purpose of Yoga shoes is to imitate a person being barefoot. They need to be lightweight but Everyone will look for shoes that provide comfort yet also look fancy.

Though the style is not the thing to look for when considering buying shoes, it doesn’t hurt to try and blend into the trends.

When considering buying a pair of shoes, look for important factors like comfortability, traction, and being lightweight. If they are fancy, That’s a plus one!.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it okay to wear footwear in a yoga class?

As long as you’re wearing shoes that are comfortable, flexible, and breathable, yes it is okay to wear certain footwear in a yoga class.

Can yoga shoes be worn in the water?

Only certain shoes are allowed to work underwater. if you have aqua shoes or a shoe that you know can survive underwater, wear them.

How do you wash this type of footwear?

These shoes are designed to keep the odor away. But unless your shoes are made of leather, feel free to wash them.

Can these designs be worn casually?

We have carefully chosen these shoes so you can use them casually as well as for yoga.

Is it hard to find the right size? 

No, finding the right size is not hard when it comes to yoga shoes. They are preferred for their availability of sizes

Can I go running in these best shoes for yoga?

Most of these shoes are multi-purpose and can bear anything you throw at them, so yes, take them for a spin! 

Is yoga shoe heat resistant?

Most people walk to the beaches in their yoga shoes. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer makes sure that the shoes are heat resistant.


These are the best options for buying yoga shoes in 2020. We hope you find that you find your perfect fit here.

Nevertheless, We couldn’t express more about how important it is to have yoga shoes when you go for yoga.