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10 Best Skate Shoes To Buy In 2024 (Buyer’s Guide)

Confused about choosing the best Skate Shoes from the wide ranges in the market? Don’t worry, we got ya covered.

In this article, we have reviewed the foremost leading skate shoes in 2020. Minimizing the chances of injury to your feet, we’ve picked out the most comfortable shoes out there from the top-tier brands. 

There are many contestants out there with various kinds of designs and soles.

In the past few years the trend of skateboarding has become very popular among teenagers; So are skate shoes. Keeping all of the general features into consideration, we’ve reviewed the best ones for you all.

Adidas Originals Seeley Sneakers

Adidas Originals Seeley Sneakers

Brand: adidas Originals
Color: Ash/White/Black

Vans Women’s Old Skool(™)Core Classic

Vans Women’s Old Skool Core Classic

Brand: Vans
Color: Black/White

Emerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe

Emerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe

Brand: Emerica
Color: Black/Black/White
Rubber sole

Lakai Men’s Sheffield Skate Shoe

Lakai Men’s Sheffield Skate Shoe

Brand: Lakai
Color: Black Suede
Rubber sole

Vans Men's Half Cab¿ Core Classics

Vans Men's Half Cab¿ Core Classics

Brand: Vans
Color: Black
Rubber sole

Enties Fader Skate Shoes

Enties Fader Skate Shoes

Brand: Etnies
Materials: Rubber sole
Color:Black Dirty Wash

Globe’s Man Tilt Skate Shoe

Globe’s Man Tilt Skate Shoe

Brand: Globe
Materials: Synthetic sole

HUF Men’s Soto Performance Skate Shoes

HUF Men’s Soto Performance Skate Shoes

Brand: HUF
Color: White
Rubber sole

Adidas SkateBoarding MatchCourt High RX2 Shoes

Adidas SkateBoarding MatchCourt Shoes

Brand: adidas Originals
Color: Clear Brown/White/Clear Brown
Synthetic sole

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoes

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Shoes

Brand: Nike
Materials: Rubber sole

Best Skate Shoe Reviews:

10. Adidas Originals Seeley SneakersAdidas Originals Seeley Sneakers

One of the best I must say! Adidas is the top leading brand with the most satisfied customers. They’ve never failed to deliver the best quality in each of their product and these fashionable Sneakers are one of them

These elegant skate shoes are available in more than 25 colors so they meet up to your perfect skate shoe checklist. They are so well designed to give you the smartest look in your group. 

They are a perfect pair of shoes and are so easy to wear and take off. Usage of the best materials is something common between all of the products ever made by Adidas so we’re not going to discuss that here. Yeah, the comfort these shoes give and the voguish style is no doubt, something very exceptional by this trademark.

Adding to its features, it has an extra padded foam at the ankles minimizing the chances of injury. It’s specially designed for skateboarding and gives full grip to us at the skate and gives us a clear-cut feeling of the skate. 

Well, it’s a little narrow from the end so you may order half of the size you usually wear.

However its glossy design makes it look ideal with any pair of clothes; no matter if it’s khakis or dress pants, everyone’s gonna love the perfect match!


  • Sleeky design.
  • Perfect grip on skate.
  • Available in more than 25 colors.
  • Extra foam at the ankles.


  • Narrow from the end.

9. Vans Women’s Old Skool(™)Core ClassicVans Women’s Old Skool(™)Core Classic

Our no.9 is something very special and classic. The Old School Boy look is the actual reason behind the popularity of these pairs of shoes. These shoes are mainly used for performing tricks while skateboarding and are highly recommended by some professionals.

Probably the most lightweight and breathable shoes out there. Other than that, these shoes prove to be very comfortable at the heels and give you a precise grip at the skate so you can show off your skills!

However, the thread-like material catches dirt deep inside, so it requires regular cleaning and great care has to be taken. Secondly, it is made up of canvas meanwhile on amazon and other sites they have shown them as if they are made up of leather.

But most of all, you are gonna get the exact size you ordered so you don’t need to worry this time ordering online. And we’re just in love with the old-school vibe they give; It’s something that makes them different from all other pairs of shoes.


  • Old school design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Exact size as stated.
  • Lightweight.
  • Best for a showing of our skills.


  • Gets dirty quite easily.

8. Emerica Romero Laced Skate ShoeEmerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe

This low-profile pair of shoes are manufactured using the best materials making it an environmentally friendly contender in the market. It holds us up the best and is a very comfortable set of shoes.

Many users complain about the tear and stitching problems occurring in the shoes. Therefore, Emerica Romero delivers us the one piece toe-cap in these shoes to avoid any kind of tear or stitching issue on a daily basis during skating.

Price is something which outlasts most of us from purchasing the best. This masterpiece gives us the best experience of skateboarding and is quite much affordable as well.

Moreover, the high-quality materials used in the making of this product increases the durability of the shoe.

These shoes are available in around 45 colors and designs increasing their worth. We’d highly recommend these shoes if you are not willing to invest a lot of money in your skate shoes, and want the best experience of skating.


  • Made up of environmentally friendly material.
  • Light on budget.
  • Low profile sole.
  • One-piece toe-cap to end tear and stitching issues.


  • They are stiffer and less padding is used.

7. Lakai Men’s Sheffield Skate ShoeLakai Men’s Sheffield Skate Shoe

A perfect solution for a wide-footed skater. Here is the most budget-friendly skate shoe in the market. Padding is also added in its built according to your comfort zone.

You get all the basics present in other skate shoes like rubber insole, wide outsole, leather material, etc. But the real deal is the grip in the base of this shoe. Adding to its features, it is made up of materials which makes it stretchable as well.

Well if you wear Nike or Adidas brand then you may not find it according to your wishlist. Basically, it’s a little loose in structure and optimized for wide foot skaters. It is available in 8 different designs customized according to your wish.

These shoes have a great board feel but don’t have enough cushion. The width is perfect for a wide foot and is really marked by their comfortability.


  • Perfect for wide-foot skaters
  • Best grip at the base
  • Quite Stretchable
  • Comfortable
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Quite Loose and Baggy for slim foot guys.

6. Vans Men’s Half Cab¿ Core ClassicsVans Men's Half Cab¿ Core Classics

This one is for collectors. The classic style skate shoes are a trademark of Vans. With all the basic features inside, it is the most durable and top-rated shoe in the market. It’s a classic design by Vans and proves to have a very prolonged life.

The traditional lace provides the best fit on your feet and the rubber sole doesn’t let you lose your comfort zone. These shoes are available in 2 major demanding colors i.e. Black and Navy.

In this product, Vans offer their original ‘waffle’ ensuring your comfort along with the modish design. Moreover, this brand features a side toe, increasing your flexibility and grip on the board.

Certainly, one of the best skate shoes of all time. Well make sure that it’s a narrow shoe so if you are a wide-foot skater, it may not be the right choice for you. Secondly, order a size above then you usually wear.


  • Durable.
  • Perfect feel on the board.
  • Their own-made ‘waffle’.
  • Classics.


  • Unexpectedly, None.

5. Enties Fader Skate ShoesEnties Fader Skate Shoes

The shoes were inspired by our past but made for our future. Very durable and firm against dirt. They are Low maintenance shoes with the most durable and flexible materials used.

Padded tongue is added to your heel making them the most durable and comfortable shoes in your shoe rack.300 NBS outer rubber sole is used to make them one of the most remarkable skate shoes ever.

If you ain’t fond of classic black, don’t worry, Enties feature these shoes in more than 25 colors.

They are made up of pure leather and have an egg midsole construction. They are extremely comfortable and I am sure you would love to have another pair of the same shoes once you order them.


  • NBS rubber sole.
  • Egg-crate midsole construction.
  • Open-cell PU foam inside.
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean.


  • None.

4. Globe’s Man Tilt Skate ShoeGlobe’s Man Tilt Skate Shoe

True phenomenon out there. Globe is a brand known for delivering a perfect 10 when it’s about perfect grip on board and durability. By using the S-track grip system on the base of these shoes, Globe is always successful in providing the perfect board feel on those who are light on their feet.

They have also used a cushioning system and a flexible padded tongue to make them the best of all. It’s a highly recommended option if you are not an expert at skateboarding and often suffer injuries.

They used a durable midsole so they may resist any kind of minor shocks and bumps while skating. Other than that, the manufacturers have made a logo out of molded thermoplastic rubber.

I’ll give them a perfect 10/10 as they have not failed in landing the best shoes. The lacing system makes them look perfect on your feet.


  • Ultimate Grip.
  • Synthetic Sole.
  • Sturdy.
  • Lacing System.


  • It’s available in only black color.

3. HUF Men’s Soto Performance Skate ShoesHUF Men’s Soto Performance Skate Shoes

If you’re a beginner and new to Skateboarding, these are the perfect pair of shoes for you. While doing kickflips and other tricks, there is no need for expensive and fancy shoes.

They are made up of 100% leather and the base is a grippy one so you are gonna enjoy skating this time. They have a quite quick break-in and I liked the most, we can remove the insole to adjust if it is needed.

Comfortable they are, and a perfect value for money. I’d suggest that if you’re buying skate shoes for the first time then go for these. In addition, these shoes have a vamp to prevent stitch and tear issues while skating.

They come in more than 10 colors and designs so this time you are not going to compromise on your favorite.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • 100% Leather.
  • Removable insole.
  • Vamp to prevent tear and stitching issues.


  • None.

2. Adidas SkateBoarding MatchCourt High RX2 ShoesAdidas SkateBoarding MatchCourt High RX2 Shoes

The best value for money. With an elegant design and perfect grip, Adidas Matchcourt RX2 is our number 3. Adidas has never failed in providing its customers the best and your comfort zone is their priority.

Keeping it simple, smart, and perfect in their purpose; Adidas is marked as one of the best footwear brands in the world. Secondly, they are a low maintenance product. Unlike other shoes, you can clean them by merely a simple brush to make them look new again.

Everyone has their specified budget and we certainly respect that. Considering this factor, it won’t be wrong if we mark them at the top. Costing around 30 $ on Amazon, these shoes give you an experience of the top quality shoes and take to another world of skating.

Their durability, Comfortability, and high-top design are something more we shall appreciate. Moreover, they have a padded cushion increasing mobility and providing ultimate protection.


  • Light on budget.
  • Low Maintenance: easy to clean.
  • 100% leather.
  • Stylish and Smart look.


  • None.

1. Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate ShoesNike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoes

We are sure you would not be surprised to see Nike at the top. Nike knows how to deliver the best products while keeping all of that quite simple. They look sharp and are very comfortable like other Nike shoes.

They have a canvas structure along with three laces setup increasing the mobility of these shoes. Other than that we see rubber in-sole so you don’t lose your comfort along with the perfect-looking shoes.

Additionally, Nike gives its own made Nike Zoom sock liner along so it contours on your feet well and there is no sweat stink. In these shoes, we don’t find heel padding so we can easily gyrate as much desired.

Nike is the top brand in terms of sales. It has never disappointed its customers and delivers the best quality in every aspect.


  • Comfortable rubber in-sole.
  • Canvas 3 lace structure.
  • Nike Zoom sock liner included.
  • Perfect grip.


  • None.

Best Skate Shoes – Buyer’s Guide:Best Skate Shoes

Well, it’s not that difficult to choose the best shoes for you skating. It totally is interrelated with your skating style and preferences. Just try to go for the shoes that have a little of everything.

In this buyer’s guide, we have stated all those factors which we need to consider while choosing the best skate shoes for us in 2020!

Skate Shoes Soles:

A sole is a chief thing to consider while looking for a skate shoe. This consists of different parts according to what type of shoe it is. 

Riding a skateboard could be quite brutal to your feet. Therefore, there are specialized types of insoles which are shock-absorbing, preventing minor bumps and injuries. Some have herringbone to give an extra grip while some of them feature heel support. 


Cushions play an important part in preventing heel bruises and other minor foot injuries. Shoes that don’t have enough cushioning should be avoided.


Cheap insoles are made up of thin foam and better ones are made up of air gels, foam, and similar combinations.

Better ones, of course, offer more comfort than others so better check that before buying skate shoes as well.

Go for the shoes which allow removing the inner soles so you might replace them if desired.

Midsoles and Outer Soles:

These soles are glued with an inner sole and their aim is to provide maximum support. They are often made up of foam or polyurethane.

There are many types of soles such as ‘The Vulcanized’ and ‘Cupsole’. Both have it’s pros and cons so it all depends on your skating style and preferences

Heel Support:

Some of the shoes offer extra support on our heels and prevent any kind of heel injury in the future.

They are made up of gel, rubber, and air pockets and offer extra comfort. This makes a huge difference and is highly recommended for pro skaters.

Outsole Tread Pattern:

This varies from shoe to shoe. Skate shoes usually have different kinds of profiles on their outer soles, compared to other casual shoes.

These patterns provide an extra grip to your feet on the board. The lesser grip may cause feet slipping and injuries, while too much grip can be quite boring and annoying.

Materials Used:

It is something really important to check before choosing any skate shoes. You should go for high durability materials as they are tough against wipeouts or incorrect footings.

There are a variety of materials available out there with their benefits and downsides. It is all up to you to decide which one makes the most sense for you


Leather has always been a solid choice for skateboarders. It’s an ultra-durable material and abrasion-resistant. If you are an expert and tricks freak, then leather offers you the best of them all. It’s further divided into types i.e. suede and full-grain leather.

Full-grain is the most durable material out there but it does not give as good grip as Suede. We personally recommend Suede over full-grain as it is much more flexible and soft. Suede is the most supreme option if you are a technical skater.

However, leather shoes are unbreathable. They cause your feet to get hot and sweaty much more quickly. Other than that they are relatively harder than canvas and other materials which don’t permit us to get the full feel of the board.


The shoes made out of canvas are usually lightweight. It is a prime choice if you like doing flip tricks and room around.

In addition, they are the most affordable shoes in the market. Though it is not the best choice for many skateboarders as they are very less durable and are easily breakable.

Despite that, unlike leather, they are breathable and a good choice for a rookie. In our opinion try avoiding canvas shoes if you are searching for the best.


It is a man-made material for those who are eco-friendly. This is more like leather though,  affordable but may be less durable than leather so don’t blame us later.


Always search for double or triple stitchings as single stitching is going to be destroyed instantly.

We don’t want you to end up having turned shoes so rather confirm them. Other than that consider applying shoe goo at the areas where you think that is likely to wear out. 


Everyone has their own specified budget and we respect that. It’s quite obvious that many of us have to back up from getting the best product just because of the price. So we may call that that one of the major things to consider while buying any product.

We would suggest to our readers that to overcome this problem try to keep some things in mind such as: Always try looking for a sale.

Many authentic and top tier websites such as eBay and Amazon have a sale on their products, avail the opportunity.

In addition, check the reviews of the products by those who have already purchased that. This will probably help you, so you may learn from others’ experience and not regret later.

Types Of Skate Shoes:Best Skate Shoes

What’s the difference? Freedom of movement and protection basically. These also play an important part in ensuring that you don’t lose your comfort zone.

Low Tops:

They are weightless and provide you freedom of movement. Well despite that, they leave your ankle open and you might get often injuries as your ankles are all exposed and will frequently hit the board.

Well, don’t go for them as we consider your well-health as our priority and we don’t want you to end up getting injuries more often.

Mid Tops:

Well, these are our most preferred choice as they restrict your ankles from hitting the board. But however, they give you less freedom of movement compared to low top shoes.

You won’t feel restricted this time (if this is your preference) as high top skate shoes. They are a great way to achieve balance and most recommended by the skate-boarders.

High Tops:

Ankles support and protection is guaranteed in these kinds of shoes. Makes it quite difficult and unbreathable, so you will find your socks to be sweaty and smelly.

Moreover, there is less freedom of movement and you feel restricted inside them than ever. They give you less mobility but however saves you from a dreadful injury as they take the responsibility of your ankles.

Difference Between Skate Shoes and Standard Shoes:Best Skate Shoes

Well, skate shoes can be defined as shoes for skateboarding, but it’s a lot beyond that. Skate shoes are not just entitled differently from standard shoes, but they are actually built quite differently than them.

So the basic question is what makes skate shoes different from standard shoes?


There are a lot of fails and practice involved in skateboarding so the skaters could master their skills. Durability is one of the major differences involved between regular and skating shoes.

Skate shoes are made up of different materials but the main purpose is that they have a prolonged life and could bear all kinds of abuses during skateboarding.


Well, no one wants to compromise when it comes to safety. Skate shoes are manufactured in such a way that the users are safe and could survive common issues relative to skateboarding.

Skate shoes are mostly padded from heels and such areas to prevent injuries occurring in these areas of our feet.

In addition, they have wide soles compared to standard shoes, so the users could have more contact with the boards which will provide them more grip and control over their boards.


Obviously, manufacturers design these skate shoes keeping the main purpose of the skaters in their minds. They are built so the users could have the best experience of skateboarding in their lives.

For example; skate shoes use thicker soles instead of normal ones so the users could showcase their skills and tricks to the world. They have increased protection so there is no fear of minor injuries.

It is made up of sturdier materials to bear shocks and bumps of the sport. These shoes have a major purpose which is skating and so built according to that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need special shoes for skateboarding?

Well, don’t attack me on this one but speaking technically, my answer is probably a NO! Any pair of shoes will get the work done for you. But If you’re to ask any professional or an expert, he’d surely reply in the affirmative.

Basically, these shoes are quite different from the regular ones. Just like they have wider soles, extra padding and are sturdier than ever. And no doubt, these shoes widely enhance your skating skills. But in my opinion, you don’t need to invest especially in them.

Are Vans Good Skate Shoes?

Vans has always been a recognized name in skate shoes. They have always tried to enhance their quality and have been producing better and better skate shoes since the beginning of the era of skate shoes.

Well, Vans could not be rated as the number.1 trademark out there in terms of skate shoes. I can assure you that they deliver their best in the soles and give its users the best grip and best board feel.

So yes Vans Shoes are highly recommended.

Are skate shoes good for walking?

Umm, yeah, can say so. That doesn’t make a major difference and you can walk with them without any fear.

But yes one thing we would like to mention: as these shoes are purposely made for Skateboarding so you might feel tired walking with them for a long period.

Can you Skateboard in converse?

The thin sole in them doesn’t permit to say a Yes on this one. Lack of padded cushion leads to deficient impact absorption and you might feel uncomfortable in them.


In the end, I would say that try to go for the shoes with all the labelings I mentioned above. The best ones will definitely help you get the most blissful experience of skating in your life.

I hope this guide will help you in getting your dream skating shoes. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a nice day!