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10 Best Volleyball Shoes Reviewed 2021 – (Guide)

Here we have shared the top 10 Best Volleyball Shoes of 2021!

People of all ages like volleyball. It is a very popular and engaging sport. Playing this sport requires a lot of strength and movement. It can be very tough for beginners.

This sport demands endurance and flexibility on every move, especially during hits and jumps.

So to ensure a proper and flexible game you need to have the right gears just like all the other sports. Among these gears, the volleyball shoes are of much importance.

You need to wear the best volleyball shoes so that you can perform best. Good players need to have the best volleyball shoes so that they can last longer and give you the best performance.

Honestly saying that choosing the best volleyball shoes is not as easy as it seems. There are several features that you need to consider before buying these shoes.

In this article, we’ll help you in selecting the best volleyball shoes for you. We will describe in detail all the important factors which you must consider and will also answer all of your questions.

Choosing the best volleyball shoes for you will reduce the chances of injuries and will raise your performance to a higher level.

We will describe in detail all the features and specifications of the 10 best volleyball shoes which are currently available in the market.

Numerous brands in the market give you all the specifications which you need. We have chosen the 10 best volleyball shoes among them.

Let’s discuss all the features and specifications of our top 10 volleyball shoes.

So Let’s get started with the details:

Best Volleyball Shoe Reviews:

1. NIKE Air Zoom Hyperace 2

NIKE Air Zoom Hyperace 2

This is one of the best volleyball shoes available in the market. We have placed this model at the top of a list of the best volleyball shoes because of the best features that it gives.

Wearing these shoes will improve your game to the next level. It not only provides stability on the court but also durability and comfort.

Let’s discuss its construction and material. These best volleyball shoes are constructed from a mesh material on the upper side, this is not only durable but also breathable.

With this, your feet will get the airflow that will keep them cool and dry throughout the game. It has a TPU cage design, which greatly ensures and enhances stability and support.

This cage also ensures a superb feel. To provide you an easy on and off, it also features a pull tab on the heel.

These best volleyball shoes provide you with excellent cushioning that makes them lightweight. So you can easily move at any side of the court with great confidence.

This use also features an excellent sole, which is constructed from rubber. With its rubber soles, you can easily have a great grip on the surface of the court which enables you to move quickly and decisively with confidence.

Its sole has been efficiently designed to be used on hard court surfaces. It is also very helpful in absorbing shocks for your feet giving you great stability.

So if you want lightweight and comfortable and high stability volleyball shoes then this will be an ideal choice for you.

It proved a great choice for both practices and on a matchday enhancing your game to the next level.

What We Like:

  •   Lightweight and durable
  •   Excellent traction
  •   TPU cage for stability and support

2. Mizuno Wave Bolt 7Mizuno Wave Bolt 7

Coming towards our next best volleyball shoes. The next in our list is the Mizuno Wave Bolt 7 which is surely one of the best volleyball shoes available in the market.

Mizuno brand is famous for providing you with exceptional craftsmanship and technology.

This brand has brought all of its ability and knowledge to design the best volleyball shoes so that you can enjoy the game with great stability, comfort, breathability, and support.

These best volleyball shoes will take your game to a new level and are certainly one of the best volleyball shoes in the market today. Let’s discuss its construction material.

These shoes are constructed from textile and synthetic materials. It comes with a low-cut design that will allow enough space so that you can accommodate the braces or any other devices that stabilize your foot.

When you move laterally, these volleyball shoes will ensure stability with their parallel wave plates.

Its dynamotion fit ensures that you have a secure and stable fit no matter the size and shape of your foot.

Its lace closure ensures that your foot is secure even when you are playing hard. The tongue and collar are both padded for improving your support.

It is also having a synthetic rubber outsole which provides you superb traction on the court. This makes it extremely lightweight and non-marking.

These best volleyball shoes also provide you with cushioning which gives you great comfort when you are jumping or playing hard.

So if you are looking for lightweight, stable comfortable, and high support shoes then this can be your ideal choice.

What We Like:

  •   Superb traction
  •   Extremely breathable
  •   Lightweight and durable

3. ASICS Gel-Rocket 9ASICS Gel-Rocket 9

The next in our list of the best volleyball shoes is the ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 because of its wonderful features which it provides.

ASICS is a very well-known brand that is famous for producing quality athletic shoes since 1949.

This company was started by kihachiro Onitsuka in Kobe Japan and has emerged to be one of the most popular companies for producing comfortable, stable, and breathable volleyball shoes.

These volleyball shoes provide you with many features. It is a low-top athletic shoe, which improves your performance to the next level.

Its Truss Tif System technology makes it very lightweight and keeps it stable while retaining its structural integrity. The uppers of these shoes are made up of synthetic material which is highly breathable.

These shoes will keep your feet dry and cool throughout the matches.

The other amazing feature of these best volleyball shoes is their excellent shock absorbing gel cushioning which is located in the four feet of the shoe which takes the pressure off your toes when you are playing.

It is common that when you play volleyball then you need to do a lot of jumping, so these shoes absorb the impact and allow you to play a perfect game without having any pain in your feet.

The sole of these best volleyball shoes is made up of rubber. It also has superb traction with which you have an exceptional grip on the courts.

Moreover, it is also having a gum rubber on the outsole of the shoes which improves the traction.

So if you want stability when you are moving in multi directions very quickly then this must be your ideal choice.

What We Like:

  •   Absorbs the impact
  •   Superb traction
  •   Lightweight

4. Mizuno Wave Lighting Z4Mizuno Wave Lighting Z4

Coming towards our next best volleyball shoes. The next in the list is Mizuno Wave Lighting Z4. Mizuno is a very well-known brand that has been providing people with quality products since 1906.

It is famous for providing superb athletic shoes for all sports. Especially the volleyball shoes of this brand are famous for enhancing your performance on the court.

This shoe has a remarkable construction. They are extremely lightweight and are designed to offer the best fit with dynamotion.

It gives you stability and superb support with its low-top feature, and parallel wave plate. This ensures good stability when you make lateral moves which are very necessary for a volleyball player.

The synthetic material of peace best volleyball shoes provides great breathability. Moreover, it’s intercooler to ensure that your feet remain dry and cool during the matches.

The other amazing feature of this shoe is its air mesh upper and D-flex group along with the anatomical cup-in-sole. This ensures the best comfort.

The cut and construction of these shoes can accommodate an ankle brace that you need without compromising its fit.

Now discussing its sole. This is one of the lightest volleyball shoes available in the market weighing mere 8.8 ounces.

This lightweight easily maintains this stability. Moreover, its superb construction and parallel wave plates ensure great support. It gives you the best fraction with its rubber outsole.

So if you are good enough with your budget then you must not miss this volleyball shoe because it is worth every cent that you will spend on it.

It provides a quick and efficient movement with confidence on the court, so hurry up and buy this product.

What We Like:

  •   Extremely lightweight
  •   Breathable air mesh
  •   Superb fit

5. ASICS Gel-Tactic 2ASICS Gel-Tactic 2

If you are looking for cool volleyball shoes for the club and collegiate team players so that they can reach up to their full potential on the court, then these volleyball shoes are worth considering.

This is one of the best volleyball shoes available in the market which are famous for being supportive, comfortable, and stable.

They offer you many features as they are designed to give the players the ability to move confidently and quickly around the court providing support and protection throughout the match.

These shoes provide you both a rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system, which you get the support you need while jumping and moving quickly in the court.

With this, you can very easily make fast multi-directional movements with great confidence. It is also having shock-absorbing qualities and also protects your toes during push-offs.

It also features a fluid ride midsole, which enhances durability. The most amazing feature of these best volleyball shoes is theirs.

Trusstic system with which gives you stable and lateral movements on the court.

Now discussing its sole. The sole of these shoes is also made up of gum rubber, which provides you with superb attraction and confident movements in the court.

The specialty of these volleyball shoes is their NC rubber outsole which has a large amount of natural rubber. They are very lightweight shoes that keep structural integrity and stability.

So if you are looking for a great volleyball shoe that has both rear and four foot cushioning and provides the multi-directional movement with great stability then you must surely consider this one.

What We Like:

  •   Lightweight and durable
  •   Excellent fit
  •   Superb support and comfort

6. NIKE Air Zoom HyperspikeNIKE Air Zoom Hyperspike

If you are looking for ultra-comfortable volleyball shoes even when you are on the move, then you must look for this product.

Nike is very famous for producing durable and best quality shoes for all sports.

So for your years, it has been producing exceptional volleyball shoes.

NIKE Air Zoom Hyperspike is an all-time favorite volleyball shoe that is a perfect choice for the hitters who are responsible in the court to block, pass, jump and play in rows.

The most amazing feature of these volleyball shoes is the phylon midsole, which is the specialized technology for providing you comfort and synthetic mesh uppers.

It is known for playing one of the lightest volleyball shoes with Nike’s flywire 3.0 technology. Moreover, it is also very good at shock absorbing and every moment and hard hits.

Discussing its sole. This first volleyball shoe is a very supportive and durable rubber sole. It has a very good soul for speakers and beginners because of the support and comfort it gives to your feet.

So if you are looking for a quality product with Nike then you must surely go for this one.

What We Like:

  •   Excellent traction
  •   Good grip
  •   Flywire 3.0 support

7. Adidas Performance Ligra 4

Adidas Performance Ligra 4

Adidas has always been producing the most quality products in the market while gaining a lot of trust from its buyers.

Once you buy the product of Adidas, you will surely become a fan of it and will stick to this brand.

Adidas is famous for producing the most stylish and durable volleyball shoes. The next in our list of the best volleyball shoes is the Adidas Performance Ligra 4.

These shoes are made up of synthetic materials for giving you the utmost durability and comfort.

This best volleyball shoe is a very flexible sole providing you multi-directional movements during the match.

Moreover, it has also thick padding for providing you with better shock absorption.

The most amazing thing about these shoes is their reasonable price. This is the best choice for those who are starting this game and want to invest in a good pair of shoes.

The other amazing feature of these volleyball shoes is their superb traction. It has a very amazing and stylish design of the threads.

This design was specially made to provide the user with a solid fraction so that he can move around in the court with full control, confidence, and full defense.

What We Like:

  •   Comfortable
  •   Reasonable price
  •   Lightweight

8. Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado XMizuno Men's Wave Tornado X

If you’re looking for volleyball shoes that are loaded with technologies to support your game, then you must surely consider this product.

The next in our list of the best volleyball shoes is the Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X that is well known for giving you the utmost breathability, comfort, and solid support.

These best volleyball shoes have a specialized Mizuno intercooler technology which keeps your feet cool and dry during the match because of its air vent holes located at the soles.

Moreover, it also has a Mizuno dynamotion fit technology which provides you superb fit and superb traction.

While wearing these shoes you have to work on them during play giving you no doubt about the protection and support.

These wonderful volleyball shoes also have infinity wave technology on the midsole which provides excellent support.

With all these technologies this pair of shoes tops the list for the best in durability support and breathability.

If you compare this with the other products in the market, then you will find that this is the most durable volleyball shoe available in the market today.

Moreover, it comes with many stylish designs and colors so it will surely shine in the court with you.

The other wonderful feature about this best volleyball shoes is that it has an average price point so you can even wear it if you are starting with volleyball.

What We Like:

  •   Topped with specialized technologies
  •   Breathable
  •   Excellent support

9. Adidas Original CrazyflightAdidas Original Crazyflight

If you’re looking for flashy yet functional volleyball shoes, then you must consider this product. This is one of the best volleyball shoes available in the market today with all the good technologies from Adidas which it delivers to you during the game.

These volleyball shoes top the list of being the most stylish volleyball shoes available in the market. Each of its colors is beautiful and will surely shine in the court with you.

Its two-tone mesh provides the ultimate breathability. Moreover, it has the technology that keeps your feet away from sweating and other disturbances.

These shoes have the most responsive cushioning which provides ultimate comfort. Moreover, it also helps in the shock-absorbing during the hard movements.

The other most amazing feature of these best volleyball shoes is their non-marking sole.

The non-marking sole means that it will not stick on the floor while providing you a superb grip on the court.

So with this, you can easily move around the court without any disturbances. These shoes were released in 2017 with a very average price point so even a beginner can easily afford them.

So if you are looking for the most stylish designs plus comfort and stability then this product will surely be a perfect choice.

What We Like:

  •   Stylish design
  •   Lots of colors
  •   Highly comfortable

10. Adidas Kids Ligra 6Adidas Kids Ligra 6

The last in our list of the best volleyball shoes are the Adidas Kids Ligra 6 which is famous for providing the utmost comfort and durability for kids.

Volleyball is a sport which is played by almost everyone, even the kids. So if you are starting with the volleyball game as a kid then this is a good shoe to try and begin with.

These volleyball shoes are very comfortable and the kids can easily move around without feeling any weight on their foot.

Moreover, for the kids, it comes with incredible design and styles. If you are starting the training in the sport and into the youth League then this is a perfect choice for you.

Once you wear it, you will love the performance and it will take your game to the next level as well.

Most parents prefer these shoes for their kids and teens.

Another amazing feature is its lightweight with breathable mesh that prevents your foot from sweating while playing a match.

Moreover, this pair of shoes is made up of synthetic leather which makes it very powerful and stable.

It has all the qualities which good volleyball shoes must have so you must buy your kids these shoes.

What We Like:

  •   Very comfortable.
  •   Stylish and many colors.
  •   Good grip.

Best Volleyball Shoes – Buyer’s Guide:Best Volleyball Shoes

Before buying anything you have to consider many factors so that your product may last longer and according to your requirement.

Similarly, before buying the best volleyball shoes for you you have to consider some factors which will make a great buy of volleyball shoes.

In this article, we will provide you all these factors which you must consider.

So let’s have a look at all these important factors:

Support and Cushioning:

This is the most important factor to consider before volleyball shoes. This thing is provided by the inner sole of the shoe.

The forefoot and the rearfoot pads of your volleyball shoes must be cushioned and padded so that you can spend a long day on your feet while participating in all-day matches.

So if your volleyball shoes are according to your comfort then your game will go to the next level.

The midsole of your shoes absorbs the shock when you are jumping and making quick moves.

So the midsole of your volleyball shoes must be flexible and strong that it gives you the best performance during the match.

So before buying the best volleyball shoes, you must look for the inner sole and the midsole so that it provides you the best support and cushioning.


The next important factor which you must consider before buying the best volleyball shoes for you is stability.

This is a very important aspect to consider because the volleyball players need to move quickly around the court and all the directions.

So you need a quick change of directions while playing. You have to go where the ball goes. All these things require great stability to cope with all types of movements.

If the user has great stability then it can prevent injuries such as rolling your ankle and many others. So stability is very important if you want to play a safe game without hurting yourself.

So you must always go for a shoe that provides stability which can prevent all these injuries.

Most athletic shoes provide the stability with which you can move directions easily.

The stability also provides traction. If you are playing volleyball then you need to have fast movements, stopping and changing the directions quickly which needs superb grip and superb stability.

If you choose not to be stable then their maximum chances of slipping and falling and to get yourself injured.

So whenever you are going to buy volleyball shoes for yourself then you must place the stability of the shoes on the topmost priority so that you can avoid all these mishaps.

So go for shoes that have the highest stability and court grip.


This is another factor which you must consider before buying the best volleyball shoes for yourself.

As we know that volleyball is a fast furious game that is greatly dependent upon your feet.

When you are playing the volleyball game your feet will surely get sweaty and hot. This may cause disturbance for you while playing.

This will ultimately result in a low performance which will cost you a lot in your high-profile matches.

So your shoes must have adequate airflow to prevent your feet from getting sweaty and hot.

The adequate airflow will keep your feet cool and dry while playing the match. The cooler and dryer your feet are the more comfortable you will feel and ultimately you gave a better performance during the match.

So this factor is very necessary to consider before buying volleyball shoes for yourself. Always look for shoes that have the maximum breathability so that you can play your game comfortably.

If you do not consider this factor and buy shoes that don’t offer breathability, then you will feel many disturbances which will result in low performance.

Weight and Durability:

Coming towards the next factor which you must consider before buying the best volleyball shoes for yourself. The next factor is weight and durability which is as important as the above factors.

Usually, we do not want to have shoes that weigh you down on the court.

Heavy shoes will slow your performance and will require more energy while giving less output.

Keeping this in mind very very well know that volleyball is a game that requires very fast moments and fast direction changing.

But if you are wearing heavy shoes on your feet then you will feel tired very quickly and you will not be able to perform on the level which you want.

So you must go for lightweight shoes so that you can easily jump and change directions within seconds.

Wearing lightweight volleyball shoes will improve your performance and you will also feel very comfortable.

Durability is also very important in this regard. You must find the shoes you constructed and designed to be the lightest and the most durable shoes in the market.

Durability will ensure that you need not to buy other volleyball shoes for yourself in your life span.

Go for the shoes which have the highest durability so that you need not invest in your volleyball shoes again and again.

Design and Fit:

Coming towards the next factor which you must consider before buying the best volleyball shoes for yourself.

The design and the feet of the shoes are a very necessary aspect before buying shoes.

Volleyball shoes are available in many different designs in the market. Although they have the same features but the design matters a lot.

The design and the fit of the shoes is the ultimate option which will make a great difference to your selection. You must choose the design of your own choice and likings.

You need to choose the volleyball shoes that will allow your foot a great range of movements without getting yourself injured or slipped.

Moreover, your volleyball shoe must fit snugly without being too tight or too loose.

This depends upon the size of your feet. If you are having a wide foot, then you must look for volleyball shoes that have a wide width.

Similarly, if you are having foot or ankle issues such as if you are having a weakness or vulnerability in the ankle regions, then you must look for a volleyball shoe with ankle support.

The fit of the shoes is also a very necessary aspect. When you are finally selecting volleyball shoes for yourself then you need to fit a pair of socks on to make that decision.

Then you must wear the same socks when you are playing the match. You must also make sure to bring along any braces that you make when you are deciding your fitting.

What are Volleyball Shoes?Volleyball Shoes

The shoes which are designed to provide the best kind of comfort, support, and traction to the Volleyball players are volleyball shoes.

They are designed in such a way that can cope up with all the situations in the volleyball game.

They provide your lateral movements and secure fits along with shock-absorbing features. Wearing these shoes will take your game to the next level. So if you are a volleyball lover then you must buy these shoes.

Can You Wear Volleyball Shoes for Tennis?

The answer is Yes. You can surely wear these shoes while playing tennis but it will result in a few drawbacks.

These shoes are designed to be sticky and have great stability and they are extremely lightweight as compared to tennis shoes.

Although they provide you the stability which you need while playing tennis, but they are not as good as the pair of tennis shoes.

So if you are a pro tennis player you must go to tennis shoes. But if you are a beginner then you can play tennis with volleyball shoes as well.

What is the Top Brand of Volleyball Shoes?

This is the most common question that comes to mind while buying the best volleyball shoes for yourself.

The three major brands which provide you the best volleyball shoes are Mizuno, ASICS, and Nike.  

They provide you all the best features and will take your game to the next level.

The USA volleyball teams use the Mizuno brand. These brands provide you all the features you require such as traction, comfort, stability, support, and breathability with their latest technology and enhanced designs.

These brands use the best quality material to manufacture their products so that your performance gets to the next level.

So if you are going to buy a volleyball shoe for yourself then you must choose the shoes from these brands.

How To Clean Volleyball Shoes? Volleyball Shoes

Cleaning and making your volleyball shoes tidy isn’t a piece of cake.

These shoes come in handy with special kinds of soles and shock absorbers that enable users to jump, land on the court with ease.

These specifications make the process of cleaning these shoes a little bit complicated.

Having said that, in order to clean your shoes efficiently, it is advised to go through the tips and tricks below. 

Shake It Off:

The very first element you need to consider while cleaning your shoes is to shake the dirt off from your shoes.

Proceeding towards washing directly will create little granules like stuff in your shoe. 

Make sure to shake your shoe off while it’s dry and warm. 

Use a brush:

In order to clean every nook and cranny of your volleyball shoe effectively, we will advise you to use a brush to do the job for you.

Besides buying a new brush for cleaning, you can use an old toothbrush of yours as well, as it will prove to be much cost-effective. 

 Make A Mixture:

Once you are done cleaning the outsoles of your shoe, you then need to clean the sides of your volleyball shoes.

By proceeding through this step, in order to avoid rubbing strains further into your shoes you need to use a laundry detergent on a wet sponge and wipe it across your shoes slowly. 

Can I play volleyball in my running shoes? 

If you have ever played volleyball, you may have witnessed that while playing volleyball, your body creates different stresses on different parts of the shoe.

Having said that, running shoes tend to be light in weight and are extremely flexible to promote forward movement, but volleyball is a rigid sport for which you need to have a pair of shoes that stands firmly against extensive use.  

Having said that playing volleyball in your running shoes isn’t preferred and there’s a high risk that you will end up making your running shoes damaged. 

Can I use basketball shoes instead of volleyball shoes? 

For the construction and the built basketball shoes comes in handy with, they can absolutely be worn to play volleyball with ease.

As both of the sports are meant to be played indoors on a similar surface, hence the basketball shoes will tend to provide you with a profound experience while playing volleyball. 

Can volleyball trainers be used for other sports? 

Trainers are meant to be the professionals who guide and teach young minds everything they need to know regarding a sport.

With that being said, if you stick with your volleyball trainer to train you about his particular sport only, it will be a way better idea. 

However, having a volleyball trainer by your side to train you about the sports that are relatively similar to volleyball can prove to be fruitful for you. 

Can I wear volleyball shoes outside? 

The most common mistake people used to make lately is that they wear their volleyball shoes outside.

And this where things tend to go wrong.  

If you seek the advice of professionals, then we will not prefer you at any cost to use your volleyball shoes for outdoor purposes. 

Most volleyball shoes are manufactured and designed in a way to provide users with a premium advantage in indoor terrains.

However, if you wear your shoes for outdoor purposes or on a surface like concrete, the bottom sole of your shoe can get damaged and won’t be able to provide you with the best possible grip that you need to have while playing your professional match. 

When should I replace my volleyball shoes? 

If you are a volleyball fanatic and love to play your favorite support with passion around five to six times a week, then finding a new pair of shoes for yourself almost at the end of every month can prove to be ideal for you. 

However, if you play volleyball occasionally, for example, two to three times a week, then there’s absolutely no need to replace your shoe.

You can get yourself a new pair after the span of three to four months. 

Are there volleyball shoes that cater to specific positions on the court?

Every player on the Volleyball court comes with a different purpose, from blocking other players to score a point in your court to leaping high at the net place to score a point for your team. 

With that being said, whether you are a powerful hitter, a fast jumping blocker, or a flexible libero, it doesn’t matter on which position you are playing.

Every player needs to get their hands on the volleyball shoes that fit best with their physical attributes. 


It is important to note that if you are buying volleyball shoes for yourself then you must consider which type of player you are.

You need to consider many other things such as super traction, excellent shock absorption, and stability. Choosing the best volleyball shoes for yourself is not as easy as it seems.

So in this article, we have provided you all the necessary information to help you buy the best volleyball shoes. All you need to do is to read this article carefully.

Each and everything is described in detail. We have done a complete analysis and provided you the authentic information.

I hope that I have covered all the aspects, and given you enough guidance. Yet, if any question or query is left in your mind then you should not hesitate to ask.

It will be a matter of pleasure for us to guide you.