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10 Best Parkour Shoes of 2024 – Reviews, FAQs, and Guide

Here is the deal for you! Check out these top Parkour shoes recommendations and see the great use of them.

We have selected the top picks for you. In addition, these are free-running shoes and give incredible cushioning.

All these recommendations show superb fashion style and deliver a flawless kind of heal-to-toe transitioning.

They are encompassed with comfortable all-around designs and improve your running and jogging time.

Joomra Parkour Shoes

Joomra Parkour Shoes

Brand: Joomra
Color: All Black
Rubber sole

Take Flight Parkour Shoes

Take Flight Parkour Shoes

Brand: Take Flight
Materials: Rubber sole

Vibram Cross Training Parkour Shoes

Vibram Cross Training Parkour Shoes

Brand: Vibram
Color: Black
Fabric or Textile

XIDISO Trail Running Parkour Shoes

XIDISO Trail Running Parkour Shoes

Color: Red1
Rubber sole

Kung Fu Parkour Shoes

Kung Fu Parkour Shoes

Brand: T.O.P ONE
Color: Black
Rubber sole

Reebok Classic Sneakers

Reebok Classic Sneakers

Brand: Reebok
Color: Team Navy/Platinum2
Rubber sole

ASICS Parkour Shoes

ASICS Parkour Shoes

Brand: ASICS
Color: Black/White

Saucony Classic Sneakers

Saucony Classic Sneakers

Brand: Saucony
Color: Black/Silver
Rubber sole

WHITIN Running Fingers Sneakers

WHITIN Running Fingers Sneakers

Color: All Black

MAIITRIP Parkour Shoes

MAIITRIP Parkour Shoes

Materials: Removable Insole

Best Parkour Shoes Reviewed:

So, which Parkour shoes you want to buy now? Have a look at their reviews and keep tuned with us:

10. Joomra Parkour ShoesJoomra Parkour Shoes

Joomra Crossfit athletic shoes are highly recommended from our side. If you are looking for top-class Parkour shoes, then do try this suggestion.

They have a rubber sole and give optimal balance time to the user while he is running. Furthermore, these shoes give you a responsive feel and are injected with terrain circular lug patterns.

They give you enhanced and ideal grip during tough and high movements. These are the kind of sneakers that support your feet arches and do not put extreme pressure on them.

You may buy these Parkour shoes as they have a slip-on design. They are further packed with elastic cuffs and manage to reduce ankle bondage.

These same shoes have wide round toes and are marked to be super lightweight and super flexible. They are made by using smooth and breathable knit yarn.

Apart from that, they have a PU outsole and consist of arch air cushioning property. The unique selling trait of this recommendation is they are non-slippery and marked to be officially and wholly resistant towards wear and tear.

What We Like:

  • They bring optimal balance.
  • They give excellent balance to the user during movement.
  • They have a thicker topline.

9. Take Flight Parkour ShoesTake Flight Parkour Shoes

The next set of running shoes set that we have for you is by the brand of Take Flight. They are known for making outclass Parkour shoes.

You can book this suggestion and see the great use offered by these free running training shoes. In addition, they are highly comfortable to wear and use.

They can take your training to the next level. Besides, these shoes are infused with dual sock liner design and run on the most advanced ‘Compression Landing System’.

We suggest you book these comfortable shoes as they offer amazing traction time to the user. They give total control to the runner and ensure the highest safety time as well.

Along with that, these Parkour shoes have a sleek design and offer all-purpose use. They can meet all of the highest demands and requirements of the user.

If you plan to buy these shoes, then you will get a money-back guarantee option too. These shoes are of 100% high and supreme quality.

What We Like:

  • They offer amazing and super traction.
  • These shoes have a sleek design.
  • A Money-back guarantee is offered.

8. Vibram Cross Training Parkour ShoesVibram Cross Training Parkour Shoes

 Vibram shoes are the best of all and they are marked as the highly popular and demanding Parkour shoes.

Moreover, these are highly unique shows and composed of a comfortable looking interior space. The type of interior material used in them is reliable and long-lasting.

You may have seen that the inner section of these Parkour shoes is made of breathable and net fabric. This interior section of this shoe set is immensely comfortable.

These shoes claim to offer a high degree and high scale of ventilation. They protect and relax your feet in the best way.

For the information, the outer layer of these shoes is made by using highly anti-encrusting as well as hydrolysis resistant materials.

On the other hand, this set of shoes is composed of an anti-collision head so that your feet can remain ideally protected. The inner material incorporated in them is made with the help of Hsinchu fabric and they have a breathable cotton insole.

If you are looking for an incredible kind of running shoes, then get your hands on this product. They possess and showcase high durability and offer you a prolonged and extended wearing time.

These sneakers have a breathable mesh upper and are marked as high-end sports shoes. They have the potential to expand with your foot and deliver you with a comfortable and close-fitting time.

This is an ideal option for you for a long time standing or while you are walking, running and jogging, and hiking. Hence, it is time to order these shoes as they are durable and breathable, and also lightweight.

What We Like:

  • They have a Comfortable interior space.
  • They are highly breathable.
  • They are made of high-quality materials.

7. XIDISO Trail Running Parkour ShoesXIDISO Trail Running Parkour Shoes

The next suggestion that we have officially reviewed for you is this XIDISO shoe set that is identified as the best and top-class Parkour shoes option. These shoes are barefoot inspired and ideal to be availed during your trail times.

In addition, they engage your feet productively and minimize the injury rates. These shoes improve and enhance your running efficiency as well.

The unique property of these Parkour shoes is that they have a wide toe box design. This design will make sure that your toes remain to stay fully and thoroughly relaxed.

These shoes spread naturally and evenly to your toes and also your feet. Upon wearing them, you can climb on hills and valleys with ease.

They have an anti-slip hole and are packed with an Anti-Collision Toe Cap. These features will give the user optimal and ideal balance and enhances the protection aspect of your toes and feet.

Hence, these are immensely flexible and lightweight shoes that we have suggested to you. They have got a flexible and synthetic mesh upper so that you can witness breathability.

No matter you wear them for hours and hours, you can easily perform all your activities with these running shoes. They are ideal for all occasions like training and running as well as for walking and jogging and all types of physical exercises.

What We Like:

  • They have a Wide Toe Box Design.
  • These shoes have an Anti-Slip sole.
  • They are lightweight and flexible.

6. Kung Fu Parkour ShoesKung Fu Parkour Shoes

Moving to the next recommendation, we have these Kung Fu rubber sneakers that carry a unisex design in them. In addition, they are traditional looking sneakers that are suitable for running and jogging times of yours.

These Parkour shoes have a rubber sole and are marked to be much flexible and lightweight. Along with that, they have got a canvas upper and offer a secure fit for all concerned users.

Even more, these shoes offer ankle support, more stability, and super flexibility and come with an extremely affordable price range.

They are made and crafted from lightweight MD material and give excellent shock absorption properties. 

The USP of these suggested Parkour shoes is that they are wear-resistant, slip-resistant as well as safe to be used each time.

They are injected with Elastic and sock-like shoes mouth and remain to stay easy to put on.

Hence, we have seen that these shoes are a suitable option for Indoor, Outdoor times and Walking, Running and even Shopping, Work time of yours.

What We Like:

  • They have a rubber sole.
  • They are wear-resistant.
  • They are ideal for running and jogging.

5. Reebok Classic SneakersReebok Classic Sneakers

Reebok shoes might be liked by you as they are high and premium kind of running sneakers.

Most importantly, they are of 100% Leather and infused with an imported design. Moreover, these shoes have a rubber sole, suede upper, and too low-cut design.

Most individuals have become a fan of these Parkour shoes because they have EVA midsole. These are Classic Nylon Shoes that can further roll out your styling and fashion sense in the best manner.

It is due to their high abrasion outsole that is going to give you traction and durability. We know that Reebok is one of the satisfactory brands known for making and designing top-class Parkour shoes.

So, try out this brand and share your views.

What We Like:

  • They have a Rubber sole.
  • These shoes have a suede upper.
  • Low-cut design is part of them.

4. ASICS Parkour ShoesASICS Parkour Shoes

If you decided to opt for these ASICS running shoes, then trust us, these Parkour shoes will not let you down. They are available in classic style and packed with the most comfortable looks.

These shoes are embedded with breathable as well as durable air mesh upper, this way, your feet can breathe for a prolonged time and without any disturbance.

They have a Solyte midsole and remains known to be exceptionally lightweight. Moreover, these recommended Parkour shoes show excellent bounce-back quality and the aspect of durability.

The catchy part of these shoes is that they have a Water Grip outsole and let the user experience an exceptional amount of traction during the time of wet and slippery conditions.

So, when you are going to buy these shoes? You should order them now! They have a ComforDry sockliner and give optimum cushioning time and excellent performance to the user.

These exclusive shoes make sure that your feet remain to enjoy a healthier, dry, and fresh environment.

What We Like:

  • It has a sturdy structure.
  • It promises to give a classic style guarantee.
  • It has a dynamic and also comfortable look.

3. Saucony Classic SneakersSaucony Classic Sneakers

According to experts, Saucony shoes and running sneakers have always captured our hearts. When it comes to these reviewed Parkour shoes, then we are sure that they are going to steal your heart too.

They have a nylon upper that comes with suede overlays and marked as the most comfortable and stylish set of shoes.

You can even call them a Low profile silhouette that gives you an authentic retro feel. In addition, these Parkour shoes have a soft fabric lining attached to them.

They are made of perfect materials and gives maximum stability and comfort. The attractive trait of these running shoes is that they have elastic straps.

According to most of the customers, the presence of a full-coverage design makes these shoes more popular. They offer a good amount of toe protection and protect your feet as compared to other traditional running shoes.

If you are going out for jogging, fishing or doing yoga, dance or planning to go sailing, boating, then try these shoes.

What We Like:

  • They comprise Rubber sole.
  • They have a Nylon upper.
  • They give you an authentic retro feel.

2. WHITIN Running Fingers SneakersWHITIN Running Fingers Sneakers

WHITIN Parkour shoes are the kind of shoes that are embedded with adjustable hook and loop closure. They have a zero-drop as well as a non-elevated kind of sole.

These shoes keep your body in a proper posture and maintain its balance on excellent notes. It has a removable sockliner and gives you a more barefoot feeling each time you wear these Parkour shoes.

We have showered our love to this recommendation as it is made and constructed by only using organic, natural as well as recycled materials

This one is vegan-friendly footwear and the best part is that it uses 0% animal products.

It has a protecting sole and allows the user to experience flexibility no matter he moves in any direction. These shoes are comprised of a durable air mesh upper, Solyte midsole, and water grip outsole.

It is guaranteed from the brand side that you are going to see exceptional traction when you put on these shoes on wet surfaces and slippery conditions.

Hence, it is high time to bring and generate a cooler environment for your feet and you can do that by trying these running shoes.

These shoes even develop a drier and too healthier shoe environment for your feet.

What We Like:

  • They have an adjustable hook-and-loop closure.
  • They are flexible enough.
  • They are budget-friendly.

10. MAIITRIP Parkour ShoesMAIITRIP Parkour Shoes

MAIITRIP Parkour shoes are the last and highly praised recommendation from our side. These sneakers are incredibly lightweight and magical looking.

They come along with lightweight MD sole and remain to be well-ventilated for hours and hours. These Parkour shoes have a removable insole and can be used as everyday shoes.

Furthermore, they upgrade and improve your running experience.

We suggest you buy these cozy as well as simply looking Parkour shoes. They are ideal for athletic people and for those who love going on walks and jogging.

What We Like:

  • They have a Lightweight MD sole
  • They are Well-Ventilated.
  • They have a Removable Insole.

Best Parkour Shoes: Buyer’s Guide:Best Parkour Shoes

Breathable Mesh Upper:

Firstly, you should get your hands and order those Parkour shoes that have a breathable mesh upper. 

Your chosen shoes should be made of synthetic material and need to provide you with optimal breathability time.

It has to make sure that your feet remain dry and all fresh.

Lightweight and Flexible:

It is recommended to have that kind of Parkour shoes set that is fully lightweight and flexible. Furthermore, those shoes should be packed and accompanied by flexible synthetic mesh upper.

This quality is going to ensure maximum breathability whenever you are performing a heavy workout or you are doing intense running.

Wide Toe Box:

There are many high-end and top-class Parkour shoes that have a wide foot toe box. The presence of this element ensures complete relaxation time to your toes.

This wide enough toe box will keep your feet and toes relax and allow them to spread out naturally.

Hence, you may experience more comfort as well as stability during uphill climbing times of yours.

Presence of a Non-slip Hole:

Lastly, you can order a sneaker set for yourself that has a non-slip hole in it.

This Anti-skid rubber sole is going to give a strong grip time to the user. Moreover, you will not slip while you move and run on wet surfaces.

Features To Look For In Parkour Shoes:Best Parkour Shoes

There are certain features that you have to keep in mind when getting and buying these Parkour shoes.

Check out the details of these important features:

Comfortable to Wear:

Make sure that your running shoes or sneakers are comfortable to wear. Have those Parkour shoes that have cushioned insoles.

Breathable Lining:

This is an important feature that should be present in all Parkour shoes. If your running shoes have a breathable lining, then they will keep your feet dry, fresh, and comfortable for hours and hours.

Adjustable Lace-up:

Individuals should try to buy a sneaker shoe set that shows an adjustable lace-up property.

Your selected set should have a walking shoe design and lace-up closure so that you can experience adjustable wear and also easy to put on times.

Soft Outsole:

You must have the sneaker shoe version that has a soft outsole and remains to stay durable.

High-end shoes have a slip-resistant and MD rubber outsole and thus give you a soft and comfortable running time.

Picking Parkour Shoes for Kids: What You Need to KnowBest Parkour Shoes

If you are planning to get Parkour shoes for your kids, then make sure that you keep in mind these important points:

The Factor of Picking the Right Shoe Sole:

Firstly, you have to make sure and consider the quality of your shoe sole. In other words, your Parkour shoes sole should be thin and well-balanced enough.

If it has a thin sole, then you can carry out your balancing and also rail techniques. Such a sole offers greater sensitivity and makes your kid a better runner.

Try to look for those shoes that have a single-piece sole and come with thin cushioning. In addition, select a shoe type for your kid that has durable and too multi-layered soles.

Leaned Arches so that Your Kid Can Easily Move Forward:

You need to buy and shop for those Parkour shoes that have leaned arches, this way, your kids can easily and conveniently move forward.

These shoes help you in reaching certain points and destinations in the shortest of all possible time frames.

Leaned arches help you in putting all your weight in the forward direction, this way, your kid can run, move, walk and jump speedily.

Furthermore, these shoes aid you in making quick landings as well.

The Factor of Shoe Weight:

You might be wondering how this weight factor matters a lot while picking a Parkour shoe for your kid, here you can check out that!

You should make effort to buy those shoes that are lightweight. We have seen that those shoes that are lightweight remain to stay highly shock absorptive.

These shoes let you run faster and faster and your kid gets into the positions to gain more and more heights while they jump.

Hence, we can say that light-weighted shoes help you in achieving and gaining speedy performances.

The Aspect of Shoe Fitting:

The last aspect that you have to keep in mind is this fitting factor. For your kid, try to get those kinds of Parkour shoe version for them that give them a tight and secure fit.

Those shoes should be able to give a snug fit. Furthermore, if they lose enough, then such shoes will be useless for your kid.

Large-sized and loosely fitted shoes may bring injury to your kids and will make it difficult for your kids to run, walk, and jump.

In the same way, shoes that are too much tight may pinch and hurt your foot and might give you cuts while you land/

So, try buying those shoes that bring a breathable space for the user. They should neither be too much fitted and too much loose.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How should Parkour shoes fit?

You need to go for those kinds of Parkour shoes that offer you a tight, secure as well as comfortable fitting time.

Like the way you shop for casual running shoes and cross-training shoes, in the same way, you should buy Parkour shoes for yourself.

How often should I replace Parkour shoes?

The minute you see and notice that your Parkour shoes are getting degraded and not working properly, then you should replace them right away.

Are Parkour shoes expensive?

They are not much expensive but they are neither cost-friendly as well. They fall in between the high and low price ranges.

Likewise, high-end sneaker brands charge their shoes and boots, the same way, similar kind of price tags are attached to Parkour shoes.

From what height can I land with these?

You should not go over 12 feet with these Parkour shoes. If you land with these shoes over 12 feet, then you might not have a safe and secured landing.

Though these shoes support higher and complex stunts, it is not recommended to go over 12 feet!

Why shouldn’t I pick light colors?

You should not have those Parkour shoes that are available in a light color range. Such shoes fade their colors fast and become degraded in less time.

So, try to shop for those Parkour shoes that are made in dark and bright colors.

What other activities can I use Parkour shoes for?

You can avail these Parkour shoes for trail running and even for mountain climbing. Furthermore, you can utilize those shoe trekking and other kinds of sports activities.

What Parkour shoes are the best?

It is recommended and suggested to go for those kinds of Parkour shoes that are available in the form of five finger shoes.

You need to buy trail running shoes; they can serve you ideally and appropriately.

What kind of closure should Parkour shoes have?

You can either have Velcro shoes or slip-on shoes for yourself.

This is the kind and type of closure that one can go for if he prefers to go on using Parkour shoes.

How to make Parkour shoes?

You can transform any casual running shoe of yours into a Parkour shoe. Moreover, you only have to replace their sole and this is all.

Just get a quality running sole for them and transform your normal shoes into Parkour shoes.


So, what’s the bottom line? You need to try out these high-end Parkour shoes as they offer extreme comfort and relaxed time to the user.

Moreover, they are lightweight and non-slippery. These sneakers have these lightweight MD soles and they are combined and embedded with this bottom grain design.

These same recommended Parkour shoes are skin-resistant and there is memory foam slipped on them. For running and jogging, they are the ideal version for you.

You are free to have them for running, hiking and even for traveling, boating and also for cycling, jogging.

As Christmas is coming up, you can gift these shoes to your friends and buddies. It is ensured by these brands that you are going to get friendly after-sales service.

So, try out these sneakers and share with us your comments about them.