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10 Best Shoes For Flat Feet In 2024 – (Review)

Running is a good sport. It keeps your metabolism and health conditions on point. Many people want to run daily but they feel severe to mild pain, which bounds them from this great cardiovascular exercise.

There can be plenty of reasons for this pain, but most commonly flat feet is the cause. If you have flat feet you know what we are referring to.

Would you like to know more about flat feet and how you can reduce this pain? If you do, you are in for a treat.

As modern studies have included, over 20% of people around the globe have flat feet.

Of course, they wear shoes daily and most of them run regularly, but do you think they use ordinary shoes every day?

The answer is no, they go and look for special shoes for flat feet, they try them on, run in it, and if they find it comfortable they go for those shoes.

If you do not follow the same you might develop some other health issues. Therefore, you need to get a pair of best shoes for flat feet out there in the market, and to your fortune, we are here to help you.

In this article, we will give you the necessary information about the shoes for flat feet and we will provide you a list of the best shoes for flat feet in 2020, from which you choose one for yourself.

Sound’s good? Let’s get into this.

ASICS Gel Kayano 22, be a stable runner

ASICS Gel Kayano 22

Brand: ASICS
Color: Carbon/Silver/Cherry Tomato (Lite-show)
Rubber sole

Saucony Omni 14, no better choice exists

Saucony Omni 14

Brand: Saucony
Color: Navy/Red
Rubber sole

Saucony Guide 9, your choice for your comfort

Saucony Guide 9

Brand: Saucony
Color: Blue

Mizuno Wave Inspire, best shoes for flat feet

Mizuno Wave Inspire

Brand: Mizuno
Color: Royal Purple/Silver
Synthetic sole

New Balance 1260v6, balance at its best

New Balance 1260v6

Brand: New Balance
Color: Pink/White
Rubber sole

ASICS GT-2000 4, the best choice of best shoes for flat feet

ASICS GT-2000 4

Brand: ASICS
Color: Black/Silver/Lime
Rubber sole

Brooks Beast 14, perfect shoes for flat feet

Brooks Beast 14

Brand: Brooks
Materials: Synthetic-and-mesh

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16, your passion should not end

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Brand: Brooks
Color: Silver/Blue
Rubber sole

New Balance 940v2, choose the best from the best

New Balance 940v2

Brand: New Balance
Color: Silver/Red

Rubber sole

Propet men’s stability walker sneaker

Propet men’s stability walker sneaker

Brand: Propét
Color: Black
Rubber sole

Flat Feet are Disease or Health Issues?

Flat feet is a health condition, medically known as pes planus. In this condition, the arch of your foot is collapsed or straightened, which makes your feet flatten.

This condition can have multiple causes, which include excessive stress on feet muscles, foot injury, and some abnormality at a young age.

A series of pain in the ankle, lower back, thigh, and knee can be felt due to flat feet.

Are There any Types of Flat Feet?Types of Flat Feet

The answer to your question is yes.

There are actually two types of flat feet and both are explained below.

Flexible Flat Feet:

In this type, you can observe flat feet only when the feet are set on the ground. If you raise your feet above in the air, the arch is visible.

Rigid Flat Feet:

In this type the whole anatomy is different, this takes place when bone structure and tendons are not aligned in a proper manner, which results in a collapsed arch.

Your feet remain flat in this type no matter if you lie it down or raise it above, you can not see the arch.

The majority of the people are diagnosed with flexible flat feet, only a few rare cases have been reported of rigid flat feet.

What are Flat Feet and is there Anything you can do About Them?

Flat feet are basically collapsed arches of your feet, which makes your feet lie flat on the ground, it is also known as flat feet condition.

And yes, there is something you can do about them, get the best shoes for flat feet from the market, which will put your feet through some ease.

Is There Any Treatment or Exercise for Flat Feet?treatment or exercise for flat feet

Flat feet are not a unique condition nowadays, over 20% of people are experiencing this condition.

There are some treatments you can certainly perform to reduce the discomfort caused by flat feet.

We do not recommend any surgical treatment for flat feet there are other methods you can perform for this condition.

If you are in discomfort because of flat feet you can use some pain killer to reduce pain, massage therapies are a great option, they can give you relief and comfort from the pain you face by flat feet.

These pain killers and massages only provide comfort for the short-term. You can prevent pain for along duration by using the best shoes for flat feet.

Now, your question would be, which are the best shoes for flat feet? The answer to this question is given below in the article you can choose from the best ones for you from our list of 10 best shoes for flat feet in 2020.

Best Shoes for Flat Feet (Reviewed)

Several brands only design the best shoes for flat feet. Now, as a reviewer, we have to look through most of the brand and select only the top 10 shoes that provide comfort, support, and stability to the people suffering from flat feet.

After the help of our team, we narrowed down and selected these 10 best shoes for flat feet, which you can choose from and make your life easier.

1- ASICS Gel Kayano 22, be a stable runnerASICS Gel Kayano 22, be a stable runner

If you are looking for better stability with your shoes, these might prove as best shoes for flat feet.

These shoes offer great stability to the person having flat feet and the good part is, their size scale is available for both men and women.

You can run in these shoes with a great fit, thanks to fluid fit uppers that are equipped in these shoes. Your shoes remain in a snug fit throughout your walking journey, without causing any discomfort.

You might be worried about your gait up, right? Well, these shoes make your appearance amazing, thanks to that fabulous design. These shoes come with a dynamic duo max support system.

Do you put your feet through a lot of pressure?

With these shoes, that problem is solved, neither you have to worry about the overpronation anymore while you are running.

You have flat feet that are the reason you are here on the first, and you can not compromise on support, for support these shoes are equipped with fluid ride 2.0, which provides excessive cushion by extending your support towards the arch.

With these shoes your unsupportive ankle, pain is the arch, unstable midsole, and knee pain will not be any issues for you, you can have that long meter runs with ease.


  • Makes your feet comfortable
  • Good stability
  • No overpronation
  • Extra cushions


  • You might have to run narrow.

2- Saucony Omni 14, no better choice existsSaucony Omni 14, no better choice exists

If you are more concerned with your gait and overpronation, these shoes are for you. Buy them, wear them, and have a run you can see a lot of difference in your overpronation, plus these shoes would give you extra points in your apparel.

Saucony Omni 14 comes with a mid-foot arch strap that makes sure your feet always stay in place and you do not overpronate in any circumstances.

Sounds good, right? Another feature that requires your attention will be the arch-lock mechanism, which gives you an increased spike in overall stability.

The design of these shoes is praiseworthy, not only because of the look they provide, mainly because of the fitting that does not allow any chances of micro-tears.

These shoes have a special reference for your heels. It provides the specific positioning that you desire.

Micro tears are observed when your heel is not positioned properly but not in the present case because these shoes provide a perfect position for the plantar fascia.

Designers have surely spend a lot of time in designing these best shoes for flat feet because these shoes make sure to protect your feet from discomfort and overstretching.

These shoes are perfect for most of the people suffering from flat feet


  • Good mesh upper
  • Extra support to keep your mid-foot on point.
  • Good heal support.


  • Comes with a narrow toe box, which might an issue for some people.

3- Saucony Guide 9, your choice for your comfortSaucony Guide 9, your choice for your comfort

If you are tired from overpronation and all the discomfort that is caused by it, your hectic days are over. These shoes are exactly what you have been looking for.

These come with the cushions of PowerGrid which bears all the impacts and you are only left with comfort and stability.

These shoes have a repute for giving the best heel to toe transition to its buyers. If you ever face a strain on your plantar fascia you don’t have to worry about it after these shoes, that strain is rapidly absorbed by the extra cushions and your pain is reduced.

You have flat feet that might give you a painful shock when you land sometimes, but with these shoes that is not the case anymore.

They provide you with specific SRC impact zones that reduce that painful shock. Your perfect positioning while wearing these best shoes for flat feet is due to ComfortLite sock liner.

When you try these shoes on you would significantly observe the reduced overpronation and zero tears in the plantar fascia while you are running with your shoes.

That is why people most of the time choose these shoes and get the ease they deserve in running.


  • Good impact absorption
  • Less pressure on your toes
  • Great cushions


  • Toe boots might be small for some buyers

4- Mizuno Wave Inspire, best shoes for flat feetMizuno Wave Inspire, best shoes for flat feet

These shoes have a strong carbon rubber sole, these carbon rubber soles are world-famous for their grip, no matter if the surface is wet or dry.

These shoes are a little bit bulky than most of the others on this list. So, it might not be a good option for running for long intervals, but due to some of its distinct features, we were forced to add these shoes in our list of best shoes for flat feet.

Are you wondering about those features? Well, here they come then. These sites are required with good cushions that provide rebounds, which puts your feet at ease while running.

There is another feature that would not let your feet take any pressure while running, thanks to the AP+ feature. 

These shoes are equipped with specific soles for both men and women because this brand believes that men and women both require different pressures while running and both need different protection against the surface.

These shoes provide you with a personalized fitting, which you can choose while putting them on. These are the distinctive features, which are appreciated by both men and women.


  • Distinctive gender engineering
  • Amazing cushioning and rebounds
  • Great looks.


  • Might not able to perform well in terms of stability
  • Might have a narrow your box for some people

5- New Balance 1260v6, balance at its bestNew Balance 1260v6, balance at its best

These shoes are ranked as the best shoes for flat feet, especially for the people who desire to walk for long intervals but on even surfaces.

It has improved stability and good flexibility especially in the midsole region, provided by T-beam shank. With these shoes, there will be zero chances of overpronation, and your feet will be at ease throughout your running session.

You can put a stop on knee pain, ankle pain, heel discomfort, and lower backache but using these shoes.

There are not even slight chances of micro-tears, overstretching, and stiffness because of its shape and comfortable design.

These shoes were specifically designed for flat feet and users consider these shoes as the best shoes for flat feet.


  • Your feet remain stable in them.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Great grip on even surfaces.


  • They might be bulky to some buyers.

6- ASICS GT-2000 4, the best choice of best shoes for flat feetASICS GT-2000 4, the best choice of best shoes for flat feet

These shoes are considered as one of the originals from best shoes for flat feet. There are no chances of overpronation while you run in these shoes.

Good things do not just end here, these shoes stop your feet from getting excessive pressure from the ground and hence, prevent inflammation, testing, overstretching, and numerous aches throughout your body.

Sure to the perfect dressing you will not get extra tension and your overall walking posture will be enhanced. 

Our reviewers have strongly recommended these shoes for those people who want quick relief from all the pains, which is why we place these shoes in the list of best shoes for flat feet in 2020.


  • Improves natural posture
  • Great Transition in a natural way
  • Great stability


  • You might feel a narrow run.

7- Brooks Beast 14, perfect shoes for flat feetBrooks Beast 14, perfect shoes for flat feet

If you are stressed about overpronation than the normal, you can certainly course these shoes. The brooks beast 14 has an improvised diagonal rollbar to stop overpronating, whenever you take a run while wearing these shoes.

Your feet stay in a neutral position throughout your running, which does not allow any extra stress on your plantar fascia and you don’t get into serious discomforts.

Sound’s admiring? Well, there is another feature that you should know before you choose these shoes, these shoes are equipped with Flextra technology.

This mechanism adjusts and your shoes develop a sense of the user’s weight. To provide you the best stability and control over your steps.

The extensive cushions present in the midsole allows you to even run through rocky paths and your first feet would not even feel a bump.

These are the reasons people admire, recommend, and buy them to keep enjoying their healthy running.


  • Stops from overpronation
  • Comfortable and extensive cushions
  • Delivers a user personalized support.


  • Size might be an issue for some buyers.

8- Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16, your passion should not endBrooks Adrenaline GTS 16, your passion should not end

These shoes have very effectively worked for people who severely overpronate. They come with a pre-lining of food cushions and considered ideal shoes for flat feet people, who want to run.

It gives personalized cushions according to your body weight, so, you do not have to worry about any shocks or traumas.

There is no chance of any micro tear in the plantar fascia because of shoes are in a snug fit and no excessive stress is applied. These shoes are built to reduce the strain face by people with flat feet.

This model of brooks is also equipped with a progressive diagonal rollbar. This main feature that prevents you from overpronation and protects your feet from damaging plantar fascia.

Our reviewers have observed, that GST 16 provides the best medical support to give you the best stability in running and walking. These keen features made those amazing shoes for flat feet be on our list.


  • Personalized cushions
  • Stops you from overpronation.
  • Gives extra support to the users by medial post.


  • You might get a sense of narrow run in these shoes.

9- New Balance 940v2, choose the best from the bestNew Balance 940v2, choose the best from the best

These shoes are specifically designed for runners to run on every surface and break the limitations they have because of their flat feet.

These shoes stop overpronation quite effectively during your running sessions. These shoes also come with a T-beam stem around the midsole to give you the fabulous experience of stability and flexibility on every surface.

These shoes help you again with your natural posture while you are running in them.

There are special cushions along the heel and you can get this pair of best shoes for flat feet at a very decent price from the market. Make sure to give it a try.


  • Stops overpronation
  • Gives great stability
  • Specific cushions to comfort your heels.


  • Might be a perfect experience for some buyers.

10- Propet men’s stability walker sneakerPropet men’s stability walker sneaker

If you want comfortable shoes For flat feet but with a decent appearance, these shoes are for you. No matter if you are hiking on a mountain or running s marathon, Propet has got you covered.

These shoes come with leather uppers that are highly durable for your adventures. When you are concerned with convenience, how can you forget about the D-ring speed lacing system?

There are orthotic cushions, which specifically make them the best shoes for flat feet and gives you amazing comfort without any compromise on pain.


  • Durable leather uppers
  • The D-ring speed lacing system
  • Removable cushioned orthotic for flat feet


  • The toe box seems to be narrower.

Important Tips to Choose the Best Shoes for Flat Feet:

  • You need those pair of shoes for flat feet that especially stop overpronation.
  • Look for the shoes which are equipped with the best support systems, such as heel cushions, midsole cushions, and a flexible stem that provides good stability.
  • The shoes should have good motion control characteristics, such as upper construction that provide support, solid material, the rubber sole of carbon that provides a great grip on all the surfaces you step.


The best shoes for flat feet are specially designed to secure your feet from strain, overstretch, and other issues, which are face mostly faced by the people with flat feet because of ordinary shoes.

The people having flat feet should be very careful with their shoes. A slight pressure on the midsole can cause severe pain in the whole foot and even uprise into your leg.

You might feel discomfort in normal walking daily with your ordinary shoes.

Your problem can be sorted if you are looking for the best shoes for flat feet, for walking and running.

Your requirements would certainly differ from the regular users, but we have given you a list of the best shoes for flat feet in 2020, from which you can use one for you.

These shoes are a little bit expensive than ordinary shoes. But listen, this extra amount is not worthy enough then the protection of your feet.

We hope our reviews will help you decide the best shoes for flat feet that fulfill your needs and requirements.

Some of the shoes that we reviewed provide great protection and some of them do not emphasize protection and provide overall comfort for the people having flat feet.

All you have to do is to look through our list of best shoes for flat feet and find the best one for you that protects and provides comfort to your feet.