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How to Break in Cowboy Boots In 2022

Throughout fashion’s century-plus history, the popularity of cowboy boots has grown and fallen.

The spaghetti western’ style, popular in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1970s, went well with the vintage fuzz of early television.

Country-bumpkin fashion started to fade in the 1980s when fashionistas began to wear sneakers instead of boots.

After the advent of Y2K and the minimalist movement, it seemed as though there would be no place left for the cowboy anymore—until today, that is.

Due to TikTok and Instagram, the old-country Western genre has witnessed a rebirth since 2020.

A well-made wardrobe essential, this pair’s pointed-toe style, durable construction, and delicate stitching are all to be found here.

Cowboy boots have made the list of classic fads that have survived years of style recycling,’ thanks to our rejection of fast-fashion trends.

Cowboy boots are intended to resist even the harshest of environments. It’s much worse because of the way traditional pairs are made, which makes the leather brittle and hard to wear at first.

You may wear your cowboy boots comfortably and stylishly while you’re out and about with these six quick and easy ways for breaking into your boots.

Let us begin immediately.

Why Is It Important to Break Cowboy Boots In?Break Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are known for their sturdy leather construction, towering shafts, and stacked leather heels. This isn’t going to provide much relief in the near run.

On the ranch or on horseback, discomfort might be an issue. Falling off is the worst memory I have of trying to adjust a horse’s boot.

Even if you’re merely wearing cowboy boots as a fashion statement, it’s not fun to go around town in uncomfortable shoes.

Don’t try to push yourself through it if you can’t manage it. Blood blisters are even more dangerous than friction blisters. If they get infected and spread, they may create more significant health issues.

Breaking in a pair of full-grain leather cowboy boots is a good idea since they shouldn’t appear too perfect, to begin with.

A weathered appearance is a goal here. Because of this, they’re so desirable. Boots made of leather, such as cowboy boots, need time to break in.

How to Break in Cowboy Boots Overnight (Fastest Method)?Cowboy Boots Overnight

Freezing your cowboy boots can allow you to swiftly mend them at home.

When it comes to real leather, the cold won’t damage it. So they’re perfect for making jackets. When cleaning genuine cowboy boots, make sure to avoid ones that came with a Halloween costume.

Step one is to prepare two plastic bags for water by adding water to one bag and then sealing the bags together.

You should choose a bag and water amount that will fit snugly in the toe of your boot. Make certain that the bag is completely airtight.

Sliding-zipper ziplock bags are a wonderful alternative. Compared to the normal kind, they feature a much more secure closing.

Stuff the bags as close to the boots’ soles as feasible while doing so. You may have a harder time with pointed shoes, but don’t be too aggressive about it.

Because you don’t want your new boots to get wet. To hold the bags in place in the rest of the interior, use a sock, tea towel, or crumpled paper.

Use a container that can be frozen overnight for optimum results with your shoes. They should spend at least eight hours there.

You don’t have to use a container if you don’t want your footwear to smell like a frozen pizza the next day.

As the water freezes and stretches the leather, the bags expand within your shoes. When it comes to freezing, don’t do it all at once; it takes a while.

If you don’t have a flash freezer, it’s a lot more sensitive than it seems.

Toe box expansion will be possible at the very least, without inflicting any harm to the footwear. Even after a few days, they should feel more at peace. If not, repeat the procedure that evening.

5 More Proven Ways to Break in Cowboy Boots:Cowboy Boots

1. Get Your Cowboy Boots to Fit You Right:

Boots should be paired with thick socks or many socks to keep your feet comfortable and dry at all times.

Because of this method, you may use thick hiking socks or many layers of regular workout socks.

In addition, this technique may be employed in a number of ways, from passive to confrontational, depending on the situation.

This approach works best when you’re having fun with friends.

A day when you are not going to trek the Great Western Trail is the best time to see it, as opposed to one when you are.

In the event that your feet start to pain, you should be OK without a backup shoe. Precautionary advice: If your boots don’t fit after a few wears and they’re too big, don’t return them!

You can wear them around the house, but it’s not ideal.

It’s recommended to go up and down a lot of stairs to get the most out of this.

Step off the edge of a step and rock your foot back and forth. To break in a new pair of riding boots, I’ve used this procedure many times in the past.

It is best to use socks while you are not on your feet at all since this is the most passive method.

Make use of it when you’re at work or having dinner. Are you planning to spend some time this weekend binge-watching Netflix? After that, don your boots and socks and go out the door.

This is true even when you aren’t physically active. The leather will still expand because of the extra layers of socks that you are wearing. Although it will be more time-consuming, it will not be as painful.

2. Use a Boot Stretcher or Boot Shaper:

A boot stretcher and a boot shaper are both required because of the long shaft of cowboy boots.

A boot stretcher is comprised of two pieces of wood that are put together in the shape of a foot and glued together.

A mechanism allows you to alter the spacing between the wood planks as long as it’s within a boot.

A boot shaper is similar but meant for the shaft of the boot instead.

Overusing the stretcher might result in floppy boots, thus we suggest only using it on footwear that is really rigid and difficult to deal with. New cowboy boots are expected to match this criterion.

Secure the stretchers in the boot by extending their lengths.

If you’re nearing the conclusion of the break-in period and your shoes still need a little more elongation, do this process every night.

Moreover, if you don’t have stretchers on hand, obtaining new devices may seem like a nuisance.

If such is the case, you should definitely try all other methods first. In certain cases, you may be able to get away with only one.

3. From the Inside Out, Steam Your Boots:

A warning is in order with this strategy. Unless you want to use the boots the next day, don’t use a steamer.

Getting them wet and not being able to let them dry is a real possibility.

Apply steam to the inside of your boot for a total of 20 seconds. If you have a garment steamer, use it if you don’t have one. A kettle is an option as well.

A boiling kettle of water should be placed over your boot so that the steam may enter the boiler.

Leather softens when exposed to heat and moisture. Do this for no more than 20 seconds at a time. Having too much moisture might be dangerous.

Look at the inside of your shoe with your finger. Go slowly and be very careful, since the steam will heat it up considerably. Repeat the technique if it doesn’t become much softer after another 15 seconds of heating.

After this, the boots should be able to relax. Spend an hour or two walking around in your boots once they’ve had time to cool.

They should take on the form of your feet after drying for a few minutes. The longer you can go, the better off you’ll be.

Keep a boot stretcher in your shoes after you’ve finished wearing them if you have one. Make sure you use a leather conditioner to seal in the moisture.

4. Boot Conditioning And Hydration Is The Last Phase In The Process:cowboy boots

When it comes to breaking in your cowboy boots, conditioning them is a complex procedure of its own.

Having a massage or going to the sauna helps you relax and loosens up your muscles. The same is true of your footwear.

Shoe fibers may be supplemented using leather conditioners and oils. When your foot stretches the leather, the boots will be able to better fit your foot.

Applying the conditioner to your boots is as simple as making little circular motions with a clean towel. The whole length of the boot, from heel to toe, should be covered.

Each pair of shoes should be treated with a horsehair brush to verify that they’ve been conditioned similarly.

After they’ve dried naturally, wear them for a few hours.

Don’t over-condition your cowboy boots using conditioner. As a preventative measure, you’ll condition them every three to six months. But overdoing it might make them seem saggy and unattractive.

In the long term, utilizing mink oil to brown the leather of your boots will be beneficial.

When they are still in their infancy, all that is required is a little amount of this amazing chemical.

5. Strengthening Bend Creases with Hand Reinforcement:

Putting your boots on and walking about in them will cause ankle and toe creases to appear.

Alternatively, you may remove them from here and bend with your hands in those areas.

It may not be the most effective technique on its own, but it might be a useful addition to other strategies.

After heating or moisturizing, you may use your hands to smooth out the creases. As with the passive socks approach, you may do this while reclining on the couch and watching television.

What to Avoid Doing:cowboy boots

1. Making a Soak for Your Boots:

For normal boot break-ins, avoid the hot water treatment unless you’re looking to shrink them.

Submerging your boots in warm water for a half-hour is part of this procedure.

Even though cowboy boots are more durable than other footwear, soaking them in water for an extended period of time may cause the leather to distort.

2. High-Temperature Boot Drying:

When using a blow dryer, it is important to keep an eye on the temperature. In the case of cowboy boots that haven’t been broken, they’re particularly vulnerable to this.

3. The Constant Use of Your Boots:

Avoid wearing your cowboy boots on a daily basis until they’ve had a chance to properly break-in.

They won’t dry out inside if you wear them for too long a period of time. Excessive moisture in the boot will make it more prone to friction and blisters.

The Bottom Line:

A decent pair of cowboy boots are built to last, but because of their solid design, they need a longer break-in time than other types of footwear.

The freezer technique is the safest and most efficient way to break in your leather overnight.

Cowboy boots have made the list of classic fads that have survived years of’style recycling,’ thanks to our rejection of fast-fashion trends.

Cowboy boots are intended to resist even the harshest of environments. It’s much worse because of the way traditional pairs are made, which makes the leather brittle and hard to wear at first.

You may wear your cowboy boots comfortably and stylishly while you’re out and about with these six quick and easy ways for breaking into your boots.

The procedure of wearing additional socks may be as hands-on or as hands-off as you choose.

Stretchers, on the other hand, are a terrific nighttime routine. Hand-bending may be used during the steaming process.

There is no harm in trying conditioning since it is something we will all have to do at some point.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to come up with a workable solution.