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Dr Martens vs Solovair Boots: Which Brand is Better?

Dr. Martens vs. Solovair boots debate is probably familiar to you if you like boots. There is no doubt that both brands manufacture high-quality boots that meet the daily needs of consumers.

As a final guideline, the ideal pair of boots must be comfortable to wear and suitable for a variety of situations.

In terms of history, Solovair and Doc Martens boots are nearly identical and have a very long history, which makes them a good option for beginners.

The Northamptonshire-based company Solovair, which stands for “Sole Of Air,” has a long history of producing Doc Martens for many years and is still in operation today. In advertisements, they were referred to as “Dr. Marten of Solovair”.

In the past few decades, Doc Marten and Solovair have been rivals. As a result of this competition, both brands have been required to conduct extensive research on footwear.

Consequently, boot connoisseurs who won’t accept anything less should be the biggest winners. Discover the difference between Dr. Martens vs Solovair boots by keeping reading.

A Quick History of Solovair and Dr. Martens Brands:Dr. Martens Brands

Solovair Brand:

A group of five men in Wollaston founded the Northamptonshire Productive Society 130 years ago on Thrift Street in Wollaston.

It acquired the Solovair brand today. There was a dove house where this company was located, and the men were known as “The Duffers” in the town because of the location.

The Duffers were able to land a year-long government contract to manufacture army and combat boots, unlike so many other startups.

After 10 years, the 5-man boot-making business grew to 80 employees to meet the high demand for high-quality boots.

Adding more employees and machines to the company required the construction of a larger structure.

A man from Wollaston town, Ivor Tilley, stepped in to purchase the NPS just before it collapsed in 2006, saving the company and keeping the workers in their jobs.

Their agreement was followed through, and he did as they agreed.

The Solovair business is still standing, despite many changes, adversities, and reconstructions over the past ten years.

By combining old-fashioned hand-crafted skills with advanced technology, they attribute their success.


It has been more than a half-century since the Griggs family of Wollaston, England, began manufacturing sturdy, robust, and reliable footwear in the English Midlands.

Klaus Maertens, a German doctor wounded in a plane crash, invented an air-cushioned sole for his shoes.

In 1960, while recovering from an injury 15 years earlier, the Griggs family decided to experiment with a much more comfortable formation.

As a result of its creation, the classic 1460 boot has become a symbol of the brand.

Due to its inventive soles and high-quality leather tops, the Doc Martens boot brand has survived for decades. While remaining famous, they have followed many different trends. From rock musicians to hippies, these boots were popular among everyone.

The company almost lost everything in 2000 due to financial difficulties. One last attempt was made in 2007 to rescue the business by reintroducing Doc Martens Originals.

The 1460 boot was also customized by a number of fashion designers. As a result, not only was the brand saved but its popularity was restored as well.

Doc Martens vs. Solovair: What’s the Difference?Doc Martens vs. Solovair

We all know that boots are very widespread and they are becoming extremely popular nowadays. Many people love to wear them with different types of outfits they are soo much in trend.

Due to high demand in the market, the sales of boots is increased alot and is increasing alot.

All the boots lovers know that Dr. Martens and Solovair are extremely popular types of boots and they are one of the major wishes of most people out there.

We discussed all the possible differences between these two types of boots so let’s take a look at them. 


If we talk about the design then both of these boots are pretty much comparable. Both models are produced from high gloss corrected grain leather, but the leather on the Solovair is shinier.

A smooth finish is achieved by removing the blurry, skin-like appearance of full-grain leather.

A springy rubber sole, eight pairs of eyelets, tri stitching, and mono sewing at the counter and along the eyelets are all features of Solovair and Dr. Martens.

However, the stitching on the Solovairs is significantly more subdued, and the outside of the boot appears to be slightly stubbier than on the Solovair.

Dr. Martens’ signature yellow stitching is disliked by most men. Solovair’s stitching is preferred because it is clearer-headed.

Others, however, believe that these boots are all about the yellow stitching. Seams, like outsoles, play different roles on different boots.


British working class people tend to favor Doc Marten boots very much. It is well known for its rigidity and durability that Dr. Martens’ boots are made of soft, classic leather.

In a few Doc models, Nappa leather is used, which is smoother and smoother than regular soft leather.

In addition to trademark lamper, other types of leather are used in Dr. Marten’s boots.

Boots with this type of leather appear gleaming because of their coating. Despite its flexibility, it is as strong as smooth leather of other types.

To keep the gleaming sheen of your mirror, you may need to perform routine maintenance procedures. To keep the gleaming sheen of your mirror, you may need to perform routine maintenance procedures.

Some common leathers that are used in the making of Dr. Martens boots include Virgin leather, Red Cambridge Vegan, Antique Temperley, Buttero leather, Ajax, Crazy Horse Leather, Greasy leather, Quilon leather, Soft-T leather, and Suede. Dr. Martens dont tell the people about the sources of these leather. 

On the other hand, Solovair boots are shiny as well as matte also. Keep in mind that the 1460 model has a very slight shine. High leather like rectified leather is used for the manufacturing of these boots.

Separated full-grain leather is sanded to remove imperfections in order to make this special type of leather. After removing the imperfections it is then coated with a synthetic coating to make it sparkle.

This leather is purely organic which means that it can easily be waterproofed and if needed you can polish it too.

Apart from rectified leather another very common leather that is used for Solovair boots is patent leather. The finished layer is patent-protected, so it’s quite similar to soft corrected leather.

Just like Dr.Martens Solovair also use various types of multiple types of leather for the manufacturing of their boots which include Suede Leather, Nubuck leather, Gaucho leather, Rub-off leather, and Horween leather.

Both leather types, generally speaking, are corrected grain, which means they are incredibly smooth and soft to touch, although this Solovair’s leather is noticeably more sturdy. Greasy leather, Rub-off leather, and Horween leather.

Solovair’s leather is noticeably more sturdy than other leather types, although both are corrected grain leather that is incredibly smooth and soft.

As opposed to Doc Martens, Solovair’s leather has a much tighter fiber structure.

Both of these leathers aren’t great for boots. In spite of that, Solovair tends to be denser and cheap. It will take some time to break them in, but the long-term benefits will be enormous.


One of Dr. Martens’ most popular features is their outsoles. A piece of rubber from the German Air Force was used as the sole of Dr. Marten’s first shoes.

It was initially advertised that these shoes would alleviate age-related foot pain. Specifically, they provide excellent shock absorption and are super soft.

As the insole molds to your feet over time, it is made from polyurethane foam. Many people love Dr. Marten’s boots but there are some people who complain about these boots.

People like industrial workers or those who work for long shifting and their work hours require lots of walkings and stuff like that dont recommend these boots as they dont prevent foot pain. Another reason for not recommending these shoes is they are quite expensive.

The soles of Solovair boots, on the other hand, are designed to cushion your steps, just like the soles of Dr. Martens boots.

Therefore, they provide unparalleled comfort and cushioning when walking for long periods of time.

Sizing and Fit:

It depends on the style and model of Dr. Marten’s boots and what size you need.

Your correct shoe size is determined by measuring your feet from toe to heel while wearing normal socks. The best way to find the right pair of shoes is still to try them on at the store.

The fit and sizing of the Solovair boots are typically calculated using a particular guide.

Therefore, you should wear socks that are normally worn every day, stand on a scrap of paper, and measure the length of your feet horizontally.

The final length measurement may also need to be adjusted by around 0.25 inches (7-8 mm).

  • Dr. Martens: Size down.
  • Solovair: Use British sizing.

Half sizes are not available from Dr. Martens, which is a surprise. There is no half-size option for this world’s most recognizable boot brand. This is frustrating for someone who wears a size 11.5 shoe.

Buying a half-size or full-size down is recommended by the company. A 10 would be too small, but an 11 is a bit big. As a result, my Docs are blobby and don’t fit so well.

As for half sizes, Solovair uses British sizing. You’ll receive the British size in your confirmation email, but their site gives you both options, so when you choose a size, it will be much easier for you.

Dr. Martens vs Solovair Pros:

Let’s discuss some main benefits of Dr. Martens vs Solovair boots. Let’s take a look at them:

Dr. Martens:

  • Their outsole is softer. 
  • At first, the leather used in the making of these boots is very comfy. 
  • It is comparatively cheaper.


  • Their leather quality is extremely wonderful. 
  • It maintains the shape much better. 
  • These boots are resolvable. 
  • Provides great arch support.

The soles of Doc’s are much softer and their leather is thinner which makes it very comfortable also. They are comparatively cheaper too.

Dr. Martens are most commonly bought by people who like the look and heritage of the brand. If they could find high-quality boots similar to Dr. Martens, they may spend a little more.

Solvers are something similar but better if you are willing to spend a little more.

Because of the stiffer leather and arch, they’re less comfortable at first, but long term, they stay more comfortable, they’re well-crafted, they’re more durable, and you can resolve them. Consequently, they will last a much longer time. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Dr. Martens and Solovair the Same?

Dr. Martens and Solovair’s boots are not the same at all, they are pretty much similar but not the same.

Until recently, Dr. Marten’s boots were produced by Solovair in the UK. Now, Dr. Martens are made in South East Asia and in other countries.

There is a difference in leather, soles, and branding between them.

Do Solovair make Dr. Martens?

No Solovair dont make Dr.Martens boots at all currently. Dr.Martens and Solovair are completely different brands.

Until Dr. Martens moved production overseas, Solovair made boots for the company. But now Solovair is not making boots for Dr.Martens.

What Is the Difference Between Doc Martens and Dr. Martens?

There is no difference between Dr.Martens and Doc Martens. Dr.Martens is quite harder to say and it’s a lengthy name that’s why people turn Dr.Marten to Doc Marten.

Are Doc Martens and Solovair the Same Size?

No, Doc Martens and Solovair do not have the same size. Solovair boots come in the UK, US, and half sizes. Whereas Dr.Martins dont come in half sizes.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

So we tried our best to guide you about Dr.Martens vs Solovair boots.

We covered all the important topics which will help you in understanding which one is a better choice for you depending on your requirements.

In the comment section let us know if you have any questions we will try our best to answer you.