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How to Wash Bombas Socks in 12 Simple Steps In 2022

Most people think that socks are a disposable thing that people dont like to repeat. Yes, it is absolutely true.

After wearing them a few times, you may throw them into the laundry or into the trash can.

But, Bombas socks can be worn repeatedly and washed. If you also like to wear Bombas socks then this article is the perfect stopping point for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to wash Bombas’s socks perfectly without ruining their structure. 

We will guide you with the help of 12 simple steps that will make sure that the comfortability of these socks will remain the same.

So without wasting any further time and have a look at our main topics.

Let’s get started.

Bombas Socks:

In general Bombas socks are properly low-rise socks. Unlike traditional dress socks, they sit on top of your ankles, not your calf. The heel and toe of these socks are reinforced.

These Bombas socks keep your feet completely dry throughout the day as they wick away all the moisture. They are designed in such a way that you can wash and wear them again and again.

Now you know all the basics of Bombas socks so its time to take a look at our major topic that is,

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Wash Bombas Socks:How to Wash Bombas Socks

Step 1: Put Socks in The Washing Machine Inside-Out:

Start the procedure by washing your Bombas socks. To wash Bombas socks, you simply need to turn them inside-out and wash them.

You should turn your socks inside out before washing them, even if you don’t want to remove them from over your heels.

In this way, the fabric is cleaned on both sides and suds cannot accumulate.

Note: Always check the labels of your socks. If your socks are not appropriate for machine wash then dont even try to put them in the machine. Washing them with your hands is the best option. 

Step 2: Use Cold Water:Use Cold Water

When people wash their clothes, they often use hot water instead of cold water, which causes their clothes to shrink or fray.

Bombas socks should never be washed with hot water, as some fabrics react better to hot water but Bombas shoes work perfectly only with cold water.

Step 3: Choose How Much Detergents You Want:

Using the right amount of detergent when washing socks is not a rule. The size and amount of other items in your washing machine will influence your decision.

If you’re unsure when adding soap, add a little more than less to prevent accidentally forgetting or overdoing it.

Step 4: Wash Regularly:Wash Regularly

If you want to make your Bombas socks long-lasting or long time running then you need to wash them on regular basis.

Washing the Bombas socks on regular basis is the best way to keep them just like new ones. Do not wear your Bombas socks for two days in a row.

You should wash your socks based on how often you wear them and how many pairs you have. Keeping them clean and bacteria-free is usually as easy as once a week.

Step 5: Remove Socks from Washer Once They’re Done:

Yes, it’s true that leaving your socks in the washing machine for an entire load is a suitable time saver but by doing so the elasticity of your Bombas socks will be ruined. Before running the next cycle, make sure you remove all pairs as soon as it finishes washing.

If you remove all the socks at once and dont allow them to over-wash then none of them will get stretched. 

Step 6: Let Them Air Dry If You Can:Let Them Air Dry If You Can

Despite the fact that most people enjoy tossing their socks in the dryer and calling it a day. Even so, air-drying your socks will extend their life and make them more comfortable.

You should be able to wear them again after one or two hours of drying, depending on how many pairs you have.

It might be a good idea to use another item of clothing that matches your socks if you don’t have the ability to let them air dry.

The heat and airflow in the machine will be shared between both items, so they will dry faster.

Step 7: Put Them in a Mesh Laundry Bag if You Can:

To avoid losing socks in the washing machine, put your socks in a mesh laundry bag before washing.

When it’s time to remove them from the machine, they will be easier to find if they remain together while being washed.

All of your socks will remain contained in this ball-shaped design while they are being washed.

Make sure there are no holes in your socks before putting them in the washing machine so they don’t separate during the spin cycle.

Using mesh bags with small openings will also cause shrinkage or fraying of fabrics as water will seep through.

Step 8: Hand Wash:

Warm water and a mild detergent should be used to hand wash Pumps socks. Make sure they are thoroughly rinsed and aired dry after swishing them around for several minutes.

To ensure they’re spotless, it will usually take at least an hour or two depending on how many pairs you have.

Your machine doesn’t have a gentle cycle or mesh laundry bag, so you’ll need to clean durable fabric socks manually if it doesn’t have a gentle cycle.

Step 9: Consider Using Woolite:

Bombas socks can be washed with Woolite as it’s specifically designed for washing wool-based items.

Consequently, your socks won’t be ruined by the fabric softener you use.

You can usually determine how much you need to use from the package directions, but your sock size will determine how much you use.

Step 10: Don’t Use Fabric Softener:

Bombas socks are made from wool-based fabrics, so fabric softeners can seriously damage them. The amount and frequency at which they are exposed to this damage determine how much damage they sustain.

When fabric softener is added to the wash cycle, socks tend not to hold up as well over time.

If you add some every time just to make your clothes feel better, your Bombas socks will be considerably shorter in lifespan.

Step 11: Don’t Use Bleach:Don’t Use Bleach

Bombas socks don’t look great if you use bleach to remove stains. Bleach will remove stains, but it won’t keep them clean.

In general, bleach makes socks shrink and become pilly very quickly, depending on how long you’ve worn them and how frequently you wash them.

You can counteract the effects of bleach on socks by adding vinegar to the wash cycle after you use bleach to whiten them.

Step 12: Turn Them Inside Out Before Washing:

You can minimize the amount of wear and tear on your clothing or socks by turning them inside out before washing them.

Depending on how frequently socks need to be cleaned and how large their socks are, varying numbers of people do this.

Before washing them, it’s generally a good idea to do so. Most people find that simply turning the sock inside out is sufficient for keeping everything in place, but it depends on how the sock is constructed.

How to wash Bombas’s socks will be explained in these steps.

Additional Tips For Your Bombas Socks:Bombas Socks

So these are some additional tips for your Bombas socks. Make sure you pay attention to them.

  • Always properly read the care label of your socks.
  • If it is appropriate for the machine to wash then only use the gentle cycle setting along with cold water.
  • If it says dry clean only, then take your socks to the nice dry cleaners.
  • Avoid using a dryer as the heat can ruin the elasticity of your socks.
  • Prefer air drying.
  • By line drying your socks, you can extend their life and prevent them from shrinking.
  • Dress shoes can rub against your socks and cause friction, so wear your socks with your dress shoes to avoid this.
  • In addition, avoid wearing dress shirts with metal buttons that may snag your socks.
  • Your socks may become holey if you run, as extra wear and tear can occur.
  • Then repeat Step 1 above if your Bombas Socks are still dirty after you have cleaned them.
  • The best way to extend the life of your shoes is not to soak them in cold water every time you wear them.
  • You should wash your socks after each wear, just to be on the safe side.

How Often Should You Wash Bombas Socks?Socks

Bombas socks aren’t typically meant to be washed as often as other socks. So what is the recommended frequency of washing Bombas socks?

It is completely based upon activity level and how much they are worn.

If you hike or bike in dirty terrain, you should wash your socks more often.

When sweat and dirt tend to stay inside an indoor sports arena, this pair is appropriate for wearing. In general, Bombas socks can be kept clean and hygienic with any other use.

Nevertheless, they look newer longer if they are washed less frequently. Additionally, fabric fibers are less likely to accumulate bacteria between washes.

When the bacteria begin to break down, the effects will not be noticeable for several weeks, but after several weeks, the feet will smell. A wash is necessary if they smell.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Use Fabric Softener with Bombas Socks?

Yes, you can use fabric softener with Bombas socks without worrying about the damage.

If you’re doing laundry with cotton Bombas socks, you should use fabric softener. When it comes to fabrics made from Merino Wool, however, do not use fabric softener.

Can I Iron My Bombas Socks?

It’s not appropriate to iron your Bombas shoes. Clothing made from 100% pure wool can be ironed.

A blend of Merino Wool and other materials is used to make pump socks. It is not recommended to iron wool blends.

How Can I Get Wrinkles Out?

The wrinkles can be removed from wool socks and other wool clothing by steaming them.

You can either steam your clothing items with a handheld fabric steamer or hang them in the bathroom after a hot shower.

How Do I Fix My Leaking Muck Boot?

The socks can be hand washed without any problems. Despite not being necessary, it is fine.

Use a bar of mild soap when washing in the machine according to the instructions. Allow them to air dry completely after rinsing them thoroughly.

What Sizes Do Bombas Socks Come In?

Bombas socks come in 4 different categories that are men, women, toddlers, and youth.

All of these 4 offer different size varieties.

  • Men: Medium, Large, Extra Large.
  • Women: Small, Medium, Large.
  • Toddler: One size.
  • Youth: One size.

Keep in mind that your Bombas sock is going to shrink a little bit after the first wash.

Where Can I Buy Bombas Socks?

Shop directly on Bombas’ website for the largest selection of socks. Various sizes, colors, and patterns are available.

Some brick-and-mortar stores also sell them. In addition to Scheels and Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nordstrom carries Bombas socks.

But keep in mind that the variety of these socks is very limited in these kinds of stores.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

Among all the brands, Bombas socks are the most comfortable. In addition to coming in a variety of colors, they come with a lifetime warranty and never lose their shape.

Bombas socks can be washed and cleaned by following just a few simple steps. Keep your gear in good condition by following the steps above and avoiding rough products.

We hope these tips will help you to maintain the best possible condition for your most comfortable socks.

Finally, you know how to wash Bombas socks properly without ruining their elasticity.

If there is anything that we forget to cover or if you are facing any problem then do let us know in the comment section we will try our best to solve your queries.