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Top 15 Best Shoes for Roofing in 2022 (Complete Review)

Looking for footwear that sustains every best aspect a roofing shoe should have? Then you’re at the right place. 

While choosing appropriate footwear that can adapt to the roofing environment and cope with extreme work conditions can be challenging to find. 

A right skate or sneaker safety footwear with water-resistant and slip-resistant support can be an excellent choice to consider. 

But to ensure safety precautions, boots built mostly for roofing come with vital functions like excellent traction and dedicated tread design to effectively support long-duty hours and work on the most slippery and oiled roof. 

Following are some of the best picks from the viable options for roofing shoes that can prove to be durable, comfortable, and provide an extra level of comfort and pleasure.

Best Roofing Shoe Reviews:

1. Thorogood Men’s

Thorogood Men's

Thorogood’s Men’s American Heritage boots are one of the demanded roofing shoes in the market. Made from leather, these shoe ensures long term durability. 

Being manufactured in the United States, these roofing shoes come with Ultimate shock absorption to provide comfort. Featuring MAXWear outsole with a comfortable cushion insole for ultimate pleasure. 

One of the best things about Thorogood Men’s Roofing shoes is that it comes they’re blood-borne pathogen compliant with breathable pores and made up of water-resistant material to keep your feet dry and sweat-free. 

Being insulated roofing shoes, these boots can resist 18000 volts of electricity, so you don’t have to worry about the electric shock when wearing these boots.

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage comes with a 3M Thinsulate, considered the original thin insulation.

By its single-density wedge outsole, you can be assured of a firm grip; no matter what ground you’re standing on, your feet will remain planted to the surface.

Considering its specifications, Thorogood Men’s Heritage can be a good pick for roofing shoes.


  • It is loaded with an Ultimate shock absorption sole and is manufactured in the United States.
  • It contains a breathable membrane to keep your feet dry and sweat-free. 
  • Features waterproof technology 
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation comes within the package.


  • The only drawback of this shoe is that it contains a slimmer width. 

2. Carhartt Men’s

Carhartt Men's

Made of thick, durable leather, the Carhartt Men’s roofing shoes come with a durable design and offer rubber. The feature contains a shaft that is only an ankle-high from the arch to provide ultimate ankle protection. 

Build from a modern technology perspective; this boot features an advanced footbed created from 120,000 3D foot scans, which provides extreme comfort.

Being packed with an As Suede upper, these boots provide 30 percent extra grip minimizing slipping chances.

The shoes also have different foam layers, which works like a spring and provides extreme compression and rebound abilities to increase comfort. 

One of its best features includes the breathable membrane. These roofing shoes provide access to enough airflow and circulation, keeping your feet cool and dry. Also, these boots are waterproof with ultimate durability. 

Carhartt Men’s doesn’t compromise when it comes to the safety and well being of the wearer.

These boots meet ASTM 2413-11 EH criteria and keep you safe by absorbing around 18000 volts of electrical circuits, making them one of the most reliable picks for roofing shoes. 


  • Made from ultimate leather and features a rubber sole. 
  • Provides unique compression and rebound abilities for a comfortable experience. 
  • Extremely durable
  • Features advanced footbed and storm defender for long term usage. 
  • Waterproof and breathable material is installed to prevent sweating.


  • Breaking in can be time-consuming and frustrating. 



Being installed with Insulated Rubber Outsole and light in weight, Ultra Dry Men’s are is designed to fulfill every necessity of the roofers.

Not just that, these boots prove to be ideal for heavy-duty construction, landscaping, gardening, and even for outdoor hiking. 

Comes with its Seal-Direct Attached Erection, Ever boots Ultra Dry forms a superior, weatherproof upper.

These roofing shoes contain a waterproof membrane, which provides an impenetrable barrier towards any type of liquid to allow your feet to remain dry for a more extended period.

With a mesh insulated liner, you’re sure to experience moisture-free feet allowing air to pass through the boots. 

One of the best features of Ever Boots Ultra Dry Men’s includes a tread pattern to enable users to get superior traction and shock absorption technology to prevent arch on the wearer’s feet. 

What makes these roofing boots different from others is that due to durable polyurethane midsoles, it helps fight foot fatigue to provide comfort and pleasure to the wearer, making it one of the best picks for a roofer. 


  • Are lightweight and flexible towards roofing needs. 
  • Ideal for heavy-duty construction and have multiple uses. 
  • Comes with Seal-Direct Attached Construction for durable upper.
  • It contains mesh insulated liner to keep your feet moisture-free.


  • It consumes some time while breaking in. 



The Wolverine Men’s legend roofing shoes come with a build of high-quality leather to ensure long term durability.

Besides this, its shaft is approximately 6′ away from its arch to provide comfort at every step of the wearer.

These Roofing shoes Stabilize your foot by creating four independent Ultra-quality quadrants to harness your step and propel you to move forward.

These shoes come with motion max and contoured technology, allowing them to be flexible at work and provide high performance. 

Consisting of Wolverine’s innovative technologies, great pleasure, and ease, these roofing shoes fulfill every roofer’s desire. 


  • It contains the company’s Durashock Technology to add comfort on long duty hours. 
  • It comes with contoured and motion max technology to bend and flex easily. 
  • Have H-plat Suspension System to stabilize your footwork. 
  • Are waterproof.


  • This width given isn’t enough. 

5. Georgia Boot

Georgia Boot

Georgia boot Arctic Toe can be a good pick from viable options for Roofing shoes available.

These shoes have a Goodyear Welt Leather Construction for long-term durability. Artic Toe comes with a shaft that’s 9′ away from its arch to provide excellent ankle protection. 

For its ultra Insulation, the Georgia Boot Arctic Toe comes with 3M Thinsulate, an original explicitly insulation designed for footwear.

These shoes carry a single-density wedge outsole to help your feet have a firm grip on the surface, even on slippery surfaces.  

One of these roofing shoes’ best features is that besides a superior shock absorption technology, they have an excellent Goodyear Welt construction made up of leather to provide a long-lasting experience while roofing. 

To ensure high-quality work, Georgia Boot Arctic Toe boots come with a 1-year warranty against any type of manufacturing or craft flaws. This warranty also confirms the fact no matter how extreme the atmosphere they’re used in. Their 

Gore-Tex bootie Liner will keep it protected from any type of Leakage.


  • Comes with a single-density wedge outsole for a firm foot. 
  • Contains 3M Thinsulate Ultra 1000 gram insulation built especially for footwear. 
  • Has Goodyear Welt Construction for ultra durability. 
  • Offers one year warranty against any manufacturing flaws.


  • Leather isn’t supportive of extreme cold temperatures. 

6. Timberland PRO Men’s

Timberland PRO Men's

Made up of 100 percent leather and Thermoplastic Urethane sole, Timberland PRO men’s six never compromises when it comes to high functioning and quality of these boots. 

These roofing boots are waterproof and insulated to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  Coming to a combo of welt and rigid external heel cup, fiberglass shank, and anti-fatigue technology, these boots provide ample amount of safety, long-lasting comfort with high protection and support to the roofer.  

One of these roofing shoes’ best features is that they come with Thermoplastic Urethane Sole and dual-density PU midsole TPU cold formula, enabling you to keep protected from anything your job throws at you. 

Offered with a three-quarter Goodyear cement heel construction and external heel cup, these boots can protect you from any type of foot pain.  


  • It contains a thermoplastic Urethane sole for a dual-density PU midsole. It’s TPU outsole formula keeps you protected. 
  • Has Goodyear Welt Construction with leather material for ultra-durability. 
  • Comfortable for high duty hours


  • After some time, the shoes get ripped from a particular part. 

7. Skechers for Work Men’s Radford Boot

Skechers for Work Men's Radford Boot

The Skechers Radford Roofing shoes come with a built of Leather and synthetic material to increase breathability along with its performance.

These shoes are meant to provide excellent ankle protection, and with its shaft separated from its arch by 6’5 approximately, you’ll feel comfortable all day long. 

The roofing shoes feature a lace-up design with a smooth oiled waterproof leather upper and non-metallic composite toe protection.

For adding high-quality protection, a sculpted seam-sealed rubber shell constructed is present along with 400g Thinsulate insulation, which allows the roofers to use these boots in cold weather too. 

Being closure with metal eyelets, padded collar, and a gusseted tongue, these roofing shoes ensure a secure fit and all day long comfort.

One of Skechers Radford boots’ best features is that they come with a soft fabric lining and memory foam topped cushioned insole for excellent breathability.

With its shock-absorbing midsole, this composite boot toe meets the criteria for safety standards.

Its flexible nitrile rubber outsole offers high traction and resistance for all ground types, especially incredibly slippery surfaces.   


  • 100% Leather.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • The shaft measures approximately 6.5″ from the arch.
  • Its Heel measures 1.75.”
  • Comes with a 1.25’ Platform.
  • Lace-up ankle height waterproof insulated composite toe work boot design
  • Smooth oiled waterproof leather upper


  • It’s not discovered yet. 

8. Wolverine Men’s Marauder

Wolverine Men's Marauder

Wolverine’s Men’s Marauder can prove to be one of the best roofing shoes you can have. Coming with a moisture-managing mesh lining wicks away moisture and keeps your feet protected from sweating.

The package is bound with advanced ankle protection as its shaft is 6″ away from its arch. 

These best roofing shoes by Wolverine Men’s Marauder have a breathable membrane with a touch of waterproof technology to make sure your feet remain dry all day long. 

With its H-plate Suspension System, these boots create four independently responsive quadrants to provide your foot stability and propel you forward. 

These roofing shoes are ASTM approved, featuring contoured and motion max technologies that allow them to bend accordingly and be flexible to their users. 

Wolverine Men’s Marauder fuses Wolverine’s innovative technology to provide an ultimate combo of quality with performance making it a feasible and affordable choice for a roofer.  


  • Durashock technology helps to add comfort to every step of the roofer. 
  • The contoured and motion max technologies allow them to bend and flex as per the roofer’s need. 
  • Comes with an H-plate suspension system for stable footwork.
  • These roofing boots have Wolverine’s technology for the ultimate package of comfort and performance.


  • These roofing shoes’ instep arch is a little bit higher and can be uncomfortable for the wearer. 



Arctive Lorado Men’s boot contains every feature that’s required in roofing. Being made with a durable rubber outsole and multi-directional lugs keep your grip firm on uneven surfaces.

These shows also come cushioned with EVA footbed for high-level comfort and are illegible to work in severe weather conditions.  

One of Arctiv8 Men’s best features is that it comes with a waterproof technology touch with an injection molded shell to provide pleasure to your foot and keep your feet sweat-free. 

While these roofing shoes are excellent to wear for roofing, these shoes are attractive towards everyone’s eye as they are textured with a lace-up closure with metal hardware that makes it best for providing personal comfort. 

One of the features that need to be appreciated is that its seam-sealed construction prevents wet elements from entering these boots and provides a dry environment for a roofer to work in.  


  • These shoes contain a durable rubber outsole along with multi-directional lugs to maximize traction on the terrain.
  • Features cushioned EVE footbed for support can comfort of a roofer. 
  • Comes with a waterproof upper and injection-molded shell for a comfortable foot. 
  • These boots’ seam-sealed construction keeps the wet elements for a feasible foot environment.


  • Take time to breaks in. 

 10. XPETI Thermator

XPETI Thermator

The Xpeti Thermador Roofing shoes come with a synthetic and fabric material, which makes them excellent to wear to work.

The shaft of this roofing shoe measures approximately eight inches away from its arch to provide superior ankle protection. 

One of the XPETI Thermador’s best features is that they come with a hydro shield membrane and waterproof mesh upper to keep your feet warm during bad weather.

With the molding rubber toe cap and molding TPU at heels, these boots are cushioned with EVA midsole to make boots ultra-durable and provide excellent stability to the roofer. 

Xpeti Thermador provides 200 grams of Thinsulate Insulation, which supports a -30 C extreme weather. Being loaded with EVA midsole, these are lightweight and sturdy to wear.


  • They are made from fabric and synthetic material. 
  • It offers 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation and supports severe weather conditions up to -30 C. 
  • Contains a waterproof mesh upper and hydro shield membrane. 
  • Provide perfect protection by Molded rubber toe cap and molding TPU.


  • Its only drawback is that it doesn’t fit right with all sizes.  

11. White Men’s

White Men’s

Whitin Men’s Insulated all-weather roofing shoes are readily available in markets and are popular among the roofers for their fine quality and durability.

These roofing shoes come with a velvety smooth faux-fur lining and a sturdy rubber outsole with lugs to provide warmth and comfort and high traction. 

As mentioned above, Its Velvety smooth faux-fur lining comes with the package to help the roofers to work in extreme weather conditions by keeping these roofing shoes warm and moisture-free.

These shoes also provide a 5mm insole with faux fur overlay for convenient washing. 

One feature that makes it popular among the roofers is that it offers excellent ankle support and has a lace-up closure texture that supports a roofer’s feet and provides a firm grip on the surface. 


  • Being built with a rubber outsole, these boots offer durability and traction. 
  • Have 200 grams Thinsulate Insulation 
  • To support your feet, it features a lace-up closure. 
  • They are waterproof and comes with an injection-molded shell to keep your feet comfortable. 
  • It comes with a 5mm insole, which is easily removable.


  • It doesn’t provide proper insulation in its toe region. 

12. DRKA Men’s

DRKA Men's

TThe DRKA Men’s roofing shoes provide additional safety and are considered the top best roofing shoes by the roofers.

These steel toe shoes prevent any serious injuries and provide ultimate protection to the wearer.  This shoe has a cushioned collar and comes with a waterproof insulated upper to provide your feet with a dry environment. 

As these steel roofing shoes are best for working at a construction site, they also prove beneficial while working for prolonged duty hours by providing long-lasting support all day.

What counts as its best feature is that is this boot offers durable traction and seam-sealed waterproof leather upper to provide a comfortable experience. 

These roofing shoes are designed so that they can be used on multiple occasions, such as electrician, maintenance man, or construction worker, making it one of the demanded shoes among roofer. 


  • These high-quality steel toe boots prevent your feet from being hurt while working in the construction period. 
  • These shoes are risk-free as it comes with a money-back guarantee. 
  • Its tread pattern provides a firm grip on uneven spaces. 
  • Its mesh lining provides breathability with comfort. 
  • Speed hooks make these roofing shoes easy to wear.


  • It’s recommended not to wear in extreme temperatures.  

13. NORTIV 8 Men’s

NORTIV 8 Men's 

This NORTIV 8 Men’s Insulated all-weather boots feature a sturdy rubber outsole known for its long-lasting durability and traction.

An excellent Velvety smooth faux-lining comes within the package to increase warmth and comfort even in low temperatures and allow you to work through cold, harsh days. 

With a 5mm soft insole, which has faux fur over it and convenient to wash, these boots provide extra ankle support to their wearer and hence is one of the best picks for roofing shoes. 


  • Being built with a rubber outsole, these boots offer durability and traction. 
  • Have 200 grams Thinsulate Insulation 
  • To support your feet, it features a lace-up closure. 
  • They are waterproof and comes with an injection-molded shell to keep your feet comfortable. 
  • It comes with a 5mm insole, which is easily removable.


  • Some parts of the boots are not entirely insulated. 

14. Cougar Paws Men’s

Cougar Paws Men's

Textured with lightweight weather and a nylon upper, these shoes are designed to provide the best roofing experience. These boots use leathers to offer water resistance effectively.

It soles consist of Peak line replacement pads that allows user to walk on sloped roofs without the fear of slipping down.

With a breathable membrane, these shoes can be worn even in the hottest weather. 

With cushioned interior lining for a snug, these shoes with peak line replacement pads are known to provide excellent performance on shingles and plywood.

As its name suggests, these pads can be replaced by a new one. Being light and weight and extremely flexible, these roofing shoes will make an excellent addition to your closet. 


  • It is built with sheer weight and nylon upper. 
  • Installed Peak line replacement pads provide excellent performance. 
  • Are extra flexible and comfortable to wear. 
  • It would provide an excellent role for a light-duty job, such as a roof inspector. 
  • Provides a tremendous amount of insulation


  • Comes within a limited size range. 

15. Wolverine Men’s Overpass

Wolverine Men's Overpass


Made for comfort and performance, the Wolverine Men’s overpass comes with a shaft that’s precisely 5 inches from its arch and provides ultimate ankle protection. 

Being loaded with Ultra Wolverine’s innovative scheme, these boots feature carbon max toe-cap to ensure lighter weight for a better fit.

These boots make a perfect fit for roofing shoes as they consist of motion max technology and allows them to be flexible for premium performance. 

With being textured with a breathable membrane, these shoes are best for providing its users with a dry and sweat-free environment making it one of the best picks for the wearer. 


  • These shoes are structured with 100 percent leather super durable material, makes them the best pick for roofing. 
  • It comes with a rubber sole, which provides the ultimate grip. 
  • Its shaft measure to be separated by 5″ from its arch to ensure your ankles remain safe. 
  • Offers excellent heel and ankle protection. 
  • It is loaded with Wolverine’s innovative technology for ultimate pleasure and top performance.


  • It’s sole lacks durability, for which you will be looking for a new shoe very soon. 

Best Roofing Shoes – Buyer’s Guide:Best Roofing Shoes

Finding the best footwear for roofing can be a hectic task. If you’re new to roofing and you don’t know what to expect, then you’re advised to look out for the buyer’s guide to help you out with selecting the best roofing shoes from comprehensive, viable options available. 

Upper Construction:

While looking for the best pair of roofing shoes, it’s necessary to consider the shoe’s upper layer as it contributes to the shoe’s overall durability and comfort to the wearer. 

The best material to pick for roofing shoes is Leather. Boots featuring synthetic and nylon upper can prove to be the right choice as well, but the excellent moisture wicking property leather provides is merely exceptional. 

Arch Support:

Roofing can prove risky as one needs to be on his feet for a prolonged period. So for a challenging position like this roofing, one needs to have the best roofing shoes, which come with excellent arch support to avoid pain in arches and discomfort while walking. 

For a shoe to provide comfort with safety, arch support is an essential factor to consider. 


While roofing, considering which type of material your roofing shoe’s sole is made up of is an important thing to look out for. 

Sole comes with a vast range of materials and quality, including rubbers and plastic. It’s advised to choose a sole that fulfills basic needs like providing comfort to your feet and offers excellent balance while roofing. 


Considering that some roofs can be extra slippery and even the slightest misstep can lead to multiple injuries.

Everyone prioritizes his safety and well-being while on duty, so it’s essential to purchase roofing shoes that come with ultimate stability and security.

After evaluating every aspect, it’s advised to purchase roofing shoe, which holds excellent grips and are textured to minimize work-related risks.    


Imagining working for a long couple of hours in shoes that aren’t comfortable enough, and you’ll feel aches in your feet.

While going for a shoe, you should opt for roofing shoes that allow air to pass through them to avoid sweating and provide pleasure to your feet.  


Working for long hours in boots that are heavier in weight won’t be favorable. Heavier boots can cause damage to the roofs and can cause severe injuries at the slightest misstep.

A light-weighted shoe comes with extra comfort and preferably will be best to consider among other roofing shoes. 


The best roofing shoe must have a proper insulation function as the right amount of Insulation prevents you from extreme heat and will keep your feet cozy and cold.

If you want to be relaxed and feel comfortable during your duty hours, a roofing shoe with the right insulation can do the job for you. 


As roofing is a tedious task, which means that your roofing shoe has to be exposed to harsh environments and corrosion almost every day.

While at your job, you can’t afford the risk of your shoe getting ripped and coming apart during your duty hours.

Considering that, it’s better to make a one-time investment while purchasing a roofing shoe that offers a longer life span and ultra-durability. High-end shoes made up of premium leather should be the best pick for everyone. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you walk on a roof safely?

Walkings on roofs can exceptionally be dangerous, so it’s preferred that only a professional person with proper training should go for roofing.

While roofing, it is imperative to wear your best-collected roofing shoes and clean the shoes from dust and dirt to avoid and reduce the chance of getting slipped. 

Are metal roofs slippery?

As mentioned earlier, metal roofs are considered super slippery and the most dangerous top to walk on, especially in wet seasons or when they’re covered with dust, oil leakage, and pollen.

What shoes to wear for metal roofing?

When it comes to choosing the best roofing shoes for slippery

ceilings, such as metal roofing, you should consider wearing shoes that contain rubberized outsoles enabling you to have the best possible grip and traction even on slippery surfaces. 

Considering this, it is recommended to wear soft-soled and light-weighted shoes as they offer more excellent stability and balance experience while roofing lubricious ceilings. 

Which are the best boots for roofing?

The boots which fulfill the following requirements are considered as  best roofing shoes: 

  1. Shoes that contains excellent arch support. 
  2. Shoes that provide pleasure to feet and are comfortable to wear. 
  3. Shoes that maximize roofer’s safety and provide ultimate durability 


Roofing can prove to be one dangerous job, and hence a roofer must keep the right amount of accessories to stay safe from any hazard. 

Regardless of what catches your eye, you should consider roofing shoes that provide you with ultra comfort and protection with long-lasting durability.  

Be assured that the components mentioned above are chosen because of the viable options of specifications they bring with them. Hence, they are the specific things you must consider before selecting the best roofing shoe for you.