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PUMA Blur Women’s Sneaker Review

Meet the perfectly crafted entry level technical training shoe for sports specialty and sporting goods by PUMA.

The Blur sneaker is technical enough for a workout and good-looking enough for whatever else you might be doing today.

The PUMA Blur is a combination of a sleek, breathable mesh upper with an articulated EVA outsole for a style that looks and feels great, no matter whether you’re hitting the gym or walking the town.

External Design PUMA Blur:External Design PUMA Blur

The PUMA Blur Women’s Shoe is represented in a great variety of colorways, the most popular of them are Black/Sulphur Spring/White, Limestone Grey / Black / White, Scooter/High-Risk Red, Blue Coral/Clearwater, White/Fuchsia Purple/Princess Blue, and Black/White/Clearwater.

This super lightweight shoe has a breathable mesh upper with TPU caging for added support (it’s that glossy rubber cover).

On the inside, there’s a soft textile lining and a cushioned insole. The shoe has a traditional lace-up closure with four fabric tabs and two pairs of traditional eyelets in the beginning and the end of the lacing.

There’s a PUMA Formstrip at lateral side, PUMA logo and sign on the padded tongue, and a tiny PUMA cat logo at the toe area of the upper.

The outsole of the shoe is textured (with flex deep groves) and very lightweight, it’s white regardless the color of the model.

The shoe has a very sleek streamlined look, that is a perfect for women of all ages.

Wearing Advantages PUMA Blur:

  • weight

The weight of the shoe is about seven ounces in US size 8.5. This lightweight comfort is performed by means of extremely light mesh material, which is used on the upper of the shoe, as well as the light and durable EVA outsole.

  • breathability

The PUMA Blur Women’s Sneaker features breathable mesh upper and soft textile lining for increased ventilation. These two details deal both with breathability and moisture management, and it is perfect to keep your feet comfortable all day long, no matter what you’re doing.

  • flexibility

Soft fully articulated EVA outsole allows for free motion without any limits, provides superior flexibility and comfort, but still very stable and durable due to rubber component.

  • durability

The most exposed areas of the upper of the shoe are protected by means of TPU caging, while the EVA material in the outsole allows for durable wear on the bottom.

  • cushioning

This model is not the super-cushioned one but still, has enough cushioning, placed in the foam insole, for lasting everyday wear and some gym workouts.

  • support & secure fit

The shoe gives the support you need thanks to TPU side quarter caging on the upper, while the six-eyelet lacing offers secure, snug and adjustable fit.

  • lacing system

The lacing system has two pairs of ordinary eyelets and four pairs of fabric tabs, that makes the shoe maximally adjustable, comfortable and snug enough for your feet.

  • Another know-hows, that supplied in a model

TPU upper caging material is highly resistant to most oils and chemicals while also being heat resistant up to 130ºC. It has a high tolerance to cuts and excellent tear strength while maintaining slip resistant capabilities. It is also very durable, providing a high tolerance against abrasion, splitting and cracking.

EVA is one of the best shock absorption materials available today. That’s why all the major top-line brand joggers use this material, due to the great combination of shock absorption with the light weight of the sole. The material has good clarity and gloss, barrier properties, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties, and resistance to UV radiation. Besides it has little or no odor and is competitive with rubber.


Whether you’re working out or running errands, the PUMA Women’s Blur Running Shoe will get the job done!

Featuring an EVA outsole for flexibility and comfort, rubber for grip and durability, and TPU side quarter caging for midsole support and resilience, finished in a breathable woven air mesh upper, lace-up closure supplying a secure fit and weighing a super light 6 ounces, these sneakers are a perfect everyday use item.

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