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10 Best Shoes for Teachers in [2022] Reviews & Buying Guide

To keep your pupils on their toes, you must spend long periods on your feet as the best shoes for teachers

Make the most of your money by buying several pairs of supportive, comfy shoes that can withstand everything from rough terrain to continual use. 

There are several foot-related concerns such as plantar fasciitis, knee, and joint discomfort, rheumatoid arthritis, and more that may arise as a result of not choosing the best shoes for teachers.

There are several styles of footwear available to suit a variety of tastes and demands. 

To keep up with someone who is continuously moving about, characteristics like heavy-duty cushioning, breathability, moisture-wicking textiles, and sufficient traction are important.

High heels might be uncomfortable on your feet, so consider something more comfortable like canvas shoes or slip-ons made of sturdy materials instead.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the 1 most comfortable, fashionable, and best shoes for teachers.

For those who work long shifts, these are the 10 best shoes for teachers to wear.

Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Summer Shoes

Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Summer Shoes

Brand: Skechers
Color: Black
Synthetic sole

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Madison Sneakers

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Madison Sneakers

Brand: Dr. Scholl's Shoes
Color: Black
Synthetic sole

Crocs Kadee Ballet Flats

Crocs Kadee Ballet Flats

Brand: Crocs
Color: Black/Black

Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafers

Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Loafers

Brand: Clarks
Color: Navy Synthetic Nubuck

LifeStride Abigail Ballet Flats

LifeStride Abigail Ballet Flats

Brand: LifeStride
Color: Black

Alegria Debra Slip-Ons

Alegria Debra Slip-Ons

Brand: Alegria by PG Lite
Color: Blue Racer

Vionic Spark Caroll Ballet Flats

Vionic Spark Caroll Ballet Flats

Brand: Vionic
Color: Black
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

Dansko LT Pro Clogs

Dansko LT Pro Clogs

Brand: Dansko
Color: Black Floral Tooled
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

Steve Madden Feather Ballet Flats

Steve Madden Feather Ballet Flats

Brand: Steve Madden
Benefits: Camel Suede

Merrell Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoes

Merrell Jungle Moc Waterproof Shoes

Brand: Merrell
Color: Black
Rubber sole

Best Shoes For Teachers Reviews:

1. Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Summer Shoes

Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Summer Shoes

These lightweight, super-comfortable walking shoes are one of the most popular options on the market right now since they look great with practically any outfit. 

Comfortable and quick-to-mold, the fabric is perfect for hot summer days when your feet tend to sweat more than usual. 

To help people with foot problems like plantar fasciitis, the shoes include a 5Gen cushioning that feels like memory foam.

Moreover, it has a toe box that allows you enough room and support without limiting your toe mobility.

Additionally, the shoes contain a large front bumper to prevent your toes from being struck or injured by things like objects or other people.


  • Cushioned insoles
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Versatile
  • It is simple to put on.
  • There are a total of 25 different color options.


  • It will prevent foot odor.

2. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Madison Sneakers

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Madison Sneakers

The Madison Sneaker is a Dr. Scholl fan’s dream that came true. 

Because of the synthetic bottom and soft micro-suede inside, these shoes are great for avoiding knee and heel problems. 

Moreover, these slip-ones are great if you do not have time to lace up every morning. 

They may be worn and taken off as needed. 

In addition, the anatomical padding conforms to the contour of your foot and reduces muscular fatigue, making every step feel light and airy. 

Finally, since they are produced from recycled plastic bottles, they are good for the earth as well as you.


  • Recyclable resources were used to make this item.
  • Design for ease of use.
  • Microsuede lining.
  • Simple to clean up with a damp cloth
  • Flexible and light in weight
  • There are 20 different color options to choose from.


  • Toe protection may be insufficient with these shoes.

3. Crocs Kadee Ballet Flats

Crocs Kadee Ballet Flats

Shoes are not the only choice for smart footwear, despite how convenient and comfortable they are. 

Fashionable flats like these Crocs are a great option since they are both breathable and stylish all at the same time. 

Moreover, they have a slip-resistant and practical outsole grip that is highly effective.

So, even on the smoothest surfaces, you will be safe and stable. 

The shoes are made of synthetic materials, so cleaning them is simple. 

After a long day’s work, all they need is some warm water and soap to be revived. 

The added arch support makes them comparable to full-coverage shoes in terms of reducing muscular strain and keeping you running for long periods.


  • Easy-wash and wear.
  • Lightweight
  • Straps that are both safe and secure
  • Outsoles with traction control
  • There are a total of 16 different color options to choose from.


  • You might need to buy a small size.

4. Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafers

Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafers

For a variety of reasons, Clarks CloudSteppers are very popular, not the least of which is it’s the robust, almost tough appearance that does not feel awkward. 

You may wear them with confidence since they are made of 100 percent cloth and have an EVA sole. 

The heel is around 1.5 inches high, so you will seem somewhat taller, but it will not be at the price of your feet. 

They are great for anyone with an active lifestyle, as well as those who have significant or moderate foot issues, thanks to the OrthoLite footbed.


  • Long-lasting nubuck leather.
  • Cushioning that is unbelievably soft
  • Shoes that are very light in weight
  • There are eight different color options to choose from.


  • The arch support provided may be insufficient in certain cases.

5. LifeStride Abigail Ballet Flats

LifeStride Abigail Ballet Flats

If you are looking for a ballet flat that will last for years to come, look no further than Abigail. 

Because they are made of synthetic materials, they are easy to maintain and will endure for years. 

There are strappy front overlays that provide a beautiful touch to the dress shoe’s ballerina look, as well as a flexible sole that holds the shoe’s foundation snugly.

Moreover, it prevents your feet from sliding about within. 

These shoes, with their tiniest heel and casual boot adaptability, will make you the talk of the school.


  • Sole with a pliable material
  • A hundred percent man-made
  • Straps with a sophisticated appearance
  • Insoles that can be taken out and cleaned
  • There are five different color options to choose from.


  • It is possible that they will not be waterproof.

6. Alegria Debra Slip-Ons

Alegria Debra Slip-Ons

Podiatrist-certified arch support and a mild rocker bottom reduce metatarsal pressure in these shoes, which makes them ideal for persons who are active regularly.

All leather is hand-stitched on the top, insole, and lining, so they are comfortable on the feet. 

Plantar fasciitis sufferers will appreciate the detachable footbed in these slip-on, which allows you to customize the inside space to accommodate your feet if necessary. 

To match your wardrobe’s color scheme, they come in a variety of bright hues and designs you will love.


  • Slip-resistant
  • The top is of leather.
  • The footbed that you can take out and clean.
  • Arch support
  • There are a total of 36 designs to choose from.


  • After prolonged usage, the graphics may begin to fade gradually.

7. Vionic Spark Caroll Ballet Flats

Vionic Spark Caroll Ballet Flats

These leather ballerina flats are perfect for a night out on the town. 

Because of the synthetic sole, your feet will be comfy and well-supported throughout the day. 

Even though they have a fashionable style with an elastic topline and a beautiful crossover accent over the toe cap, these shoes may be worn as casual shoes. 

Because they match with so many clothes, particularly skirts and dresses, you can wear them to class during the day and out at night. 

As an added benefit, podiatrists created and approved the footbed so that your feet are stable from the moment they touch the floor.


  • Sole material.
  • Leather that is 100 percent permeable
  • Stabilizes the situation.
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • There are a total of 12 different color combinations available.


  • The heel region should have more cushioning.

8. Dansko LT Pro Clogs

Dansko LT Pro Clogs

When all-day comfort is a must, go no further than Danskos cult-favorite clog, which will get you through the day with ease. 

Blisters and calluses are kept at bay by the cushioned insole and EVA sole, which keep your feet comfortable without adding bulk. 

The shoes are also stained- and water-resistant due to their leather construction. 

They are not simply a good pair of shoes for the classroom; they are perfect for professionals in any sector.


  • Lightweight
  • Stabilizes the situation.
  • Design that takes time and effort to master
  • A footbed with a layer of cushioning
  • There are a total of 14 different color options to choose from.


  • A little on the pricey side.

9. Steve Madden Feather Ballet Flats

Steve Madden Feather Ballet Flats

These Feather Ballet Flats are a good option if you are seeking comfortable thin shoes. 

The leather upper and suede sole provides a flexible and comfortable fit, keeping your feet stable and ventilated all day. 

These shoes are ideal for those with large feet since they are elastic and will fit you perfectly while still appearing adorable. 

Dress them up or down depending on whether you are going to the office or out for a fun night on the town in them.


  • Super-cute
  • Comfortable and adaptable
  • Versatile
  • There are 20 different color options to choose from.


  • Heel support may be subpar.

10. Merrell Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoes

Merrell Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoes

This pair of shoes is essential for everyone who is used to wearing sneakers all day long. 

It is made of 100 percent suede and has a rubber sole for maximum comfort and sturdiness. 

Waterproofing the shoes eliminates the most inconvenient element of needing to wear shoes in the rain. 

Additionally, they feature dual-density foam cushioning and an M Select Dry membrane. 

So. your feet will stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. 

The heel tab makes it easy to slip them on and take them off.


  • All-suede clothing and accessories
  • A shoe with a durable rubber sole
  • Waterproof
  • There are two shades to choose from.


  • It is not stain-proof.

How to Choose The Best Shoes for Teachers? – A Buyer’s Guide:Best Shoes for Teachers

Take a look at our suggestions for the best shoes for teachers to consider before heading to class. 

If you do not mind being on your feet all day with a bunch of kids that like having the final word, then it is probably not worth it.

When you are a teacher, you are on your feet a lot. While conducting lectures, you remain seated the whole time. 

Even while writing on a board, you must remain upright. 

On top of that, you have to go from one classroom to another every day.

When it comes to shoes, we are all particular about what we like. To avoid wearing towering heels, do you prefer the polished appearance of wedges?

Maybe the feminine allure of lace-up shoes appeals to you more?

In this case, the choice is between court shoes and ankle boots because you prefer something a little more formal.

As you can see, there are several possibilities. However, do not go too quickly.

The uniform worn by a teacher each day to school comes within the business casual classification.

The best shoes for teachers do not have to follow a rigid code, but they are expected to dress professionally.

Because of this, any shoes you choose to wear should have an air of respectability to your pupils.

It is ideal if it is respectable while also showcasing facets of your individuality.

Foot discomfort is often caused by wearing incorrect shoes. Teacher-friendly shoes are not hard to get by if you know where to search.

1. Right Fit:

Ever purchased a pair of shoes that were comfy when you initially put them on but quickly became uncomfortably tight once you started wearing them around the house?

Did you begin to feel strain and stress on your feet after wearing them for an extended amount of time?

This is an example of shoes that are half-size too small for you.

When purchasing from a physical shop, obtain a close fit to ensure you receive the correct size.

Put on the shoes and take a few steps around the room.

Gently push your toes on the top of the footwear to see whether they are comfy.

If your ankle aches, feel about it until you find the source of the problem. Make sure you have adequate space by wiggling your toes.

Choose a size up if the ball of your foot feels tight and squeezed after wearing the current one for a while.

Most essential, it must provide enough room for your toes to spread out while you walk.

2. Recognize Whether or Not You Need High Heels or Flats:

Should you wear flats or heels to the party?

Teacher shoes should have a flat heel since they will be on their feet for long periods.

The smooth surface makes it easier to relax your leg muscles.

It makes walking more comfortable by allowing the feet and legs to move freely and securely without becoming too weary.

When your lower extremities are relaxed, it is easier for your body to distribute its weight equally on the soles of your feet as well.

Should I wear anything more modest?

When it comes to teaching, wearing high heels is quite stylish.

Wearing them when standing for lengthy periods, on the other hand, puts extra pressure on your feet and legs.

It has the potential to impair circulation and lead to blood collecting in your arteries and veins.

Consequently, you will experience discomfort and suffering.

If you are on your feet all day, wearing short heels will not injure your feet.

In addition to providing greater stability, a larger heel also facilitates better balance. In comparison to stilettos, block heels are chunkier and provide more support.

To walk comfortably, choose heels that assist distribute your weight evenly.

3. Great Arch:

Shoes that are comfortable to walk in support the arch of the foot. 

Shoes with contoured insoles following the contours of your foot are known as orthotics. As a result, your arch is supported by the center of the shoe, which is its broadest area.

Your foot’s arch may be discovered in the center of your soul. It is the hollowed-out space between the ball and the heel. 

This portion of the foot requires the greatest support since it contains the bones, tendons, and ligaments that work together to support the body while standing. 

Pay attention to your arch the next time you purchase shoes if you have been experiencing soreness in this region of your foot.

Teachers’ backs might be flat, medium, or high, depending on their experience and training. 

Insoles with a low arch are necessary if you have a flat foot. 

Yours are a medium-height arch if it touches the ground just a little.

If your arch rises over the floor when you stand, you need a high arch height insole. Foot flattening is prevented by having a high arch. 

When walking or standing, excellent arch support may assist alleviate some of the stress on your muscles. 

One-size-fits-all insoles for heeled shoes may not be the best option since they do not offer precise arch support. 

To summarize, get the appropriate assistance.

4. Sturdy:

It does not matter what you use, as long as the shoes are comfortable and gentle for your feet.

To guarantee that the inner and outside soles are well-connected with thread, durable shoes nearly always include stitching.

The bonded kind attaches the soles with a powerful adhesive.

Make sure the soles are sturdy enough to keep your feet safe from shards of glass or other dangerous items. 

Is there anything beneath the ball of the foot to give it a little more cushion?

Is there any slickness about it? Is it possible to get new soles if the old ones wear out?

5. Right Kind of Outsoles:

Most likely, you participate in school physical activities with rubber-soled shoes. 

Thick rubber outsoles give superior grip and stress absorption because of the additional cushion. 

In addition to offering greater support and comfort, the added plushness also helps decrease pressure from the ground up.

A heel with a cushioned sole also helps to balance your feet while you walk. 

They also maintain the contour of your foot’s arch.

Whether you want to know if a pair of shoes are supportive, look at the sole, the arch, and the way they feel.

6. Flexibility:

The capacity to bend or move with the feet is referred to as being flexible in this context. 

The feet contain the majority of your body’s energy points. Each stride has a tiny inward roll as the feet naturally travel side to side. 

Your arch flattens and absorbs the impact each time your heel touches the ground.

It is only right that your feet have the freedom to move, flex, and perform as they are designed to.

7. Style:

We searched for shoes that would be appropriate for the classroom while still looking nice on you since various institutions allow different styles.

8. Comfort:

Because teachers are on their feet all day, proper footwear is essential. 

The fit and design of a shoe have a significant impact on its comfort. So, keep this in mind while looking for ways to make it more comfortable. 

Look for shock absorption and cushioning on the collar and tongue as well.

9. Soles:

Soles that are both grippy and lightweight are ideal for walking on tiled surfaces since they provide stability while also keeping you from slipping. 

Shoes that keep you on your feet are essential if you do not want to trip and fall in front of your kids.

10. Material:

Shoes that are made of a robust, breathable material will keep your feet dry all day long and last you the whole year. 

To avoid having to purchase new textbooks every semester, you may have to pay a bit of extra money upfront.

Suitable Shoe Types For Teachers:Best Shoes for Teachers

Close-toed shoes are appropriate attire for the highest professions.

Most schools restrict students from wearing shoes that show their toes, so you should be aware of this.

Flip-flops and sandal-type wedges, for example, are inappropriate footwear for the classroom.

The best shoes for teachers should have good arch support since they will be standing and walking all day. 

A high degree of self-confidence should be engendered by their ability to deliver comfort, elegance, and style throughout the whole day.

The following is a list of the best shoe kinds for teachers to wear!

  • Canvas or slip-on shoes with a rubber sole and a lace-up front.
  • Leather or synthetic Ballet Flats or Pumps.
  • Sandals have flexible straps, such as flats or low heels.
  • Shoes with a low heel for court.
  • Boots with low heels.
  • Mules or loafers are examples of flats.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions:

What shoes do teachers recommend?

Before you choose a pair of shoes for your teaching job, keep the following factors that most teachers recommended keeping in mind.

  • Suspension’s Ability to Cushion Impacts:

Most of your day will be spent standing or walking, so make sure your shoes have plenty of cushioning in the footbed and midsole for both impact protection and soft comfort.

  • Air Drying:

To keep your feet cool and dry throughout long periods in hot weather, look for shoes with moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics as well as cooling technology.

  • Lasts a Long Time:

Make sure the materials and structure of a decent shoe are of high quality and sturdy when you locate one you like.

Another smart move is to go with well-known brands.

  • Slick Surfaces:

When walking on hard or slick floors, you run the danger of slipping and falling.

Therefore, look for shoes with a pattern on the outsole that will help you keep your balance.

  • Style:

When it comes to footwear, seek both comfort and support, as well as style and elegance, if you want to appear your best.

Find a shoe that goes well with a wide range of clothing and maybe worn to school without seeming out of place.

Can I wear sneakers as a teacher?

When you work in education, you will spend a lot of time on your feet in the classroom.

Teachers are often discouraged from wearing flip-flops or other footwear that exposes their toes or feet in the classroom.

Dress sneakers or dress flats with a closed toe are ideal choices.

Can teachers wear open-toe shoes?

Teachers are sometimes required to wear business casual attire to comply with school policies, yet most incomes do not allow them to spend much money on nice clothes.

Open-toed or backless shoes are not permitted at most schools, according to instructors.

The Bottom Line!

Whether it is sprinting about to keep the students in line or standing on your feet for long periods without a break, teaching exposes your feet to extreme stress and strain.

Therefore, durable shoes are a must-have for any teacher’s outfit, and you should never hesitate to spend money on a pair that is both stylish and comfy.

The best shoes for teachers are comfortable, practical, and they minimize the risk of injury.

When purchasing, look for textiles like leather, suede, and microfiber that are both breathable and simple to clean.

For more information on which shoe will best suit your requirements, see our shopping guide.

Good Luck with Your Purchases!