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Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoes Review

The Adidas Springblade 3.0 is a new generation of the Springblade family that dates back to 2013.

These shoes are ready for a run right out of the box, and their mechanical midsole is something that has never been done before.

A diversity of models (Razor, Performance, Solyce, Ignite, Drive) represents this running line.

All of them have sufficient arch support, comfort, and a unique design.

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Sneaker Name Colorway Release Price
Adidas Springblade “Black/Metallic Silver” Black/Metallic Silver September 2013 Check Price
Adidas Springblade Ignite “Red/Black” Red/Black 2/3/2015 Check Price
Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoes Blue/Black Blue Beauty/Black July 2014 Check Price
Adidas Springblade Razor “White” White/Gray 1/23/2014 Check Price
Adidas Performance Springblade Orange Glow Orange/Silver/Glow June 2014 Check Price
Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoes Pink/Black Pink/Black 04/08/2016 Check Price
Adidas Springblade Solyce Running Shoe Gray Gray / Core Black / Collegiate Royal April Check Price

1. Adidas Springblade “Black/Metallic Silver”

Adidas Springblade “Black/Metallic Silver”

Release date: September 2013
Colors: Black/Metallic Silver
Price: $80 – $140

Bright performance, exceptional comfort, high-quality materials, and stylish black-and-silver “wrapping” – what else do you expect to get from your favorite running shoe?

This restrained colorway is all about the classics, despite it is testified on such an alien style.

Enjoy the pure style of Springblade from the Three Stripes.

2. Adidas Springblade Ignite “Red/Black”

Adidas Springblade Ignite

Release date: 2/3/2015
Colors: Red/Black
Price: $120

Springblade Ignite stands out from all other models of the line, as it has only nine blades, situated in the heel area.

The rest of the midsole is made of Adiprene, which reinforces the action of the blade’s part in terms of cushioning and explosive energy return.

Among a wide range of popping-out colorways, Red/Black Springblade Ignite is the most sought-after model

3. Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoes Blue/Black

Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoes

Release date: July 2014
Colors: Blue Beauty/Black
Price: $100 – $350

This streamlined low-profile running shoe in Blue and Black features a seamless and durable Techfit upper with traditional lace-up closure.

These lightweight sneakers are gonna maximally adapt to your foot’s shape and keep it locked in.

Still not sure? Then look at that incredible Blue design and make the right choice.

4. Adidas Springblade Razor “White”

Adidas Springblade Razor

Release date: 1/23/2014
Colors: White/Gray
Price: $90 – $140

White is festive, white is gorgeous, white always adds something special to any footwear.

Perfect for hot summer days, the Adidas Springblade White/Gray will come in handy for morning jogging sessions, gym workouts, and even everyday wear.

5. Adidas Performance Springblade

Adidas Performance Springblade Orange

Release date: June 2014
Colors: Glow Orange/Silver/Glow
Price: $75 – $200

The upper of this super-bright sneaker is made of engineered stretch mesh with retro-reflective polyurethane overlays on the sides.

Yellow laces and non-marking outsole compounds make the Adidas Performance Springblade Orange even more outstanding and unique, in comparison with other offered colorways.

6. Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoes Pink/Black

Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoes

Release date: 04/08/2016
Colors: Pink/Black
Price: $180

The women’s line of Adidas Springblade 3.0 keeps updating the models with every possible “girlish” color – and voila, now it’s available in a juicy pink with a black tongue, lining, and the outsole.

Such running footwear will cheer you up on a gloomy day, support every single move you make, and moreover, will perfectly match a popular women’s combo: a sports bra and slim-fitting yoga pants

7. Adidas Springblade Solyce Running Shoe Gray

Adidas Springblade Solyce Running Shoe Gray

Release date: April
Colors: Gray / Core Black / Collegiate Royal
Price: $90 – $140

Unlike the previous one, this Springblade Solyce in Gray is a typical design for men.

Smooth, lightweight, and super sharp, it emphasizes male power and strength.

Synthetic and leather overlays are connected with the lace-up closure so that the shoe can provide security and support of another level.

External Design Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoe:Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoe

The Springblade 3.0 from Adidas demonstrates a one-of-a-kind external design: the sole of the shoe doesn’t have a traditional foam system to provide cushioning, but it has 16 polymers “blades” that function as supporting, springing, and protective mechanisms.

They look really unusual and even a bit bulky, but that’s exactly what attracts professional and amateur sportspeople to this sneaker.

The Springblade is offered in different colorways and patterns.

The upper is made of breathable fabric, partially covered with rubber overlays, partially – perforated.

Traditional lace-up closure provides an adjustable, sock-like fit, preventing blisters and chafing at the same time.

A well-padded collar hugs the ankle, and a comfortable foam insole adds extra underfoot cushioning.

That crazy design will definitely make people turn their heads and give compliments about your running footwear.

Wearing Advantages Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoe:Adidas Springblade 3.0 Running Shoe


Instead of a traditional BOOST midsole, the Springblade features an updated cushioning system for a new generation. 16 polymer blades carry the feet smoothly, handling each impact and giving a response for easier movements.

Besides, the sock liner of the shoe is also padded enough to become a reliable soft platform for a runner.


A breathable upper material, as well as perforated areas and mesh lining, prevents the feet from sweating, smelling, and staying wet for a long time.


The flex grooves are exactly what defines the ability of a shoe to bend.

But when the midsole is built of separate pieces, the flexibility goes up to the next level.


The inner sleeve of the Adidas Springblade hugs the foot in a comfy and secure way, while the external heel counter holds the heel in place.

All of that reduces to non-existence a risk of accidental shoe removal and injury, as a result.

Another Know-Hows That Supplied In A Model:

The unique Springblade Technology is a midsole/outsole made up of 16 high-grade polymer blades.

Each of them features a slightly different width and angle, resulting in an individually tuned configuration.

It functions much like a spring, providing a high amount of energy return, giving runners responsiveness and support.

The ADIWEAR anti-abrasive layer of protection shields the polymer blades from damage.

The Techfit at the upper of the shoe wraps around the foot in a snug and secure manner.

It’s seamless, so any skin irritations are almost impossible.


Obviously, the Adidas Springblade Sneaker is one of the most innovative running shoes on the market.

But be careful when changing your usual runners to the Springblades, as it’s gonna take a couple of miles to feel and enjoy that difference.

Treat yourself to this outstanding shoe from Adidas.

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