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Adidas Samba Classic Review In 2021

Adidas Samba Classic is an amazing indoor shoe that provides the perfect combination of stylish design and comfortable wearing, which was proved by decades of great work.

External Design Adidas Samba Classic:Adidas Samba Classic

The Adidas Classic Samba comes in two classic colorways: in either the white color with black stripes or the black color with the white stripes.

This model has a clean classic aesthetic design, which means that it looks great either for soccer-playing or for casual wearing.

The entire upper of the shoe is made from plain leather and a piece of suede on the toe in the tone of the main color (white or black).

On the side of the shoe, there are three standard black (or white) overlays with the Adidas stripes, that have zig-zag cuts on them.

There is a black (or white) heel tab at the back of the shoe.

The Sambas has a soft durable brownish gum-rubber outsole that provides traction.

The surface isn’t particularly flat. In the heel and midfoot area, it has little waves, that go up and down and big gaps in between.

Also, it has three little cut-outs response to access like suction cups.

The rubber gum outsole is very grippy on dusty surfaces.

The Adidas Samba Classic is actually a modernized version of the Adidas Samba Original.

In contradistinction to Original, the Adidas SambaClassic have a long tongue.

It’s made of foam, but it doesn’t slide around and has a nice touch on the ball.

The tongue can be folded under itself so it can cover up to two-thirds of the laces ensuring you get some protection between the ball and your foot.

At the front of the shoe, there is a thick layer of suede, that wraps the entire forefoot and toe box area (like a reinforcement).

It enhances the overall durability of the shoe and provides an extra grip on the ball at the front area of the foot.

The cushioned lining provides great comfort.

Stylish and very comfortable these shoes well built and durable.

Wearing Advantages Adidas Samba Classic:Adidas Samba Classic

  • Arch Support:

This model has a sort of a little arch support (a bump in the middle of the sole), which has considerably more arch support and cushioning, that can’t be found in any other indoor shoe.

  • Weight:

Adidas Samba Classic certainly isn’t very light shoes (11.8 oz), but it’s practically compensated by the comfort, that offers with it.

  • Durability:

The durability of these shoes achieves by applying a combination of extra rugged materials (premium leather, suede, durable gum rubber, foam, etc.) and well designed.

The best word for describing these shoes is “long-lasting”.


  • Sock Liner:

The sock liner is not removable.

  • Lacing System:

The lacing system is standard but it has a cool little feature – an extra lace hold, which gives a nice and deep suit, and an extra snug secure fit at the top part of the shoe.


This sturdy, good looking and well-designed shoes will be perfect either for any kind of indoor sport (like football, soccer, basketball, etc.) or general everyday wear.

The model is very comfortable to wear on any kind of hard flat surface.

These shoes are stable, light, and just plain comfy.

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