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Adidas Iniki Runner Shoes Reviewed

Inspired by the 70’s, Adidas Iniki has a controversial name as in Hawaiian, the word “iniki” can mean sharp, piercing gales, like a hurricane.

Also, it may mean the pangs of love. So, each individual interprets the name in his own way. However, despite the name, the shoes are super comfortable, lightweight, and enduring. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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Sneaker Name Colorway Release
Adidas Iniki Runner Black Core Black/Footwear White-Gum 03/01/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Green Green 06/15/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Pink Pink/Footwear White-Gum 06/15/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Red Red/Footwear White-Gum 03/01/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner White White/Pearl Grey/Core Black 04/20/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Grey Grey 06/13/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Blue Easy Blue/Pearl Gray-Gum 04/20/2017

So, the sneakers are a perfect fusion of style and comfort and they are chosen by people, who want to feel comfortable without sacrificing the appearance.

Adidas Iniki Runner Black

Release date: 03/01/2017
Colors: Core Black/Footwear White-Gum
Price: 105 – 200 $

Searching for the combination of classic and modern vibes? Then get a pair of inikis. They run a little bit bigger, they are equipped with the most advanced running technology, the upper is made of suede and textile materials. The outsole is so lightweight and grippy that you’ll run faster without being afraid of slipping.
Adidas Iniki Black

Adidas Iniki Runner Green

Release date: 06/15/2017
Colors: Green
Price: 120 – 225$

You are probably wondering: “Are there sneakers with a vintage look and modern functionality?” and there is an answer! These inikis of deep emerald color won’t leave you indifferent and with a rubber outsole, a responsive cushioning system, a deconstructed heel cap, and suede upper, they are both stylish and functional.
Adidas Iniki Green

Adidas Iniki Runner Pink

Release date: 06/15/2017
Colors: Pink/Footwear White-Gum
Price: 120 – 239$

There’s no doubt that you agree that Adidas re-imagines ‘70s-era running shoes and adds contemporary materials. As the result, the final product like Adidas Iniki has an appealing retro look and updated technology: a new technology for cushioning, a gum rubber outsole for traction, a hidden sock construction for easy slip-on comfort.
Adidas Iniki Pink

Adidas Iniki Runner Red

Release date: 03/01/2017
Colors: Red/Footwear White-Gum
Price: ~220$

The sneakers have a classic combination of nylon and suede with EVA plugs offset by a vintage gum bottom. Yes, you read that right. The model features classic styling combined with modern tech for a classy look with contemporary comfort.
Adidas Iniki Red

Adidas Iniki Runner White

Release date: 04/20/2017
Colors: White/Pearl Grey/Core Black
Price: 115-298$

Adidas has introduced new technologies while preserving the retro style. With these shoes, you’ll run faster than ever, feel comfortable and safe thanks to the two-way stretch upper, which offers flexibility, a soft midsole for comfort, and a rubber outsole for durability and traction.
Adidas Iniki White

Adidas Iniki Runner Grey

Release date: 06/13/2017
Colors: Grey
Price: 103-290$

A classic design with modern technologies – this is what Adidas Iniki represents. But there’s more. OrthoLite® sockliner and the midsole unit bring the best in contemporary fit and comfort. Besides, you’ll be in the spotlight as the design also offers printed serrated 3-Stripes, which are iconic for Adidas.
Adidas Iniki Grey

Adidas Iniki Runner Blue

Release date: 04/20/2017
Colors: Easy Blue/Pearl Gray-Gum
Price: 120-230$

Searching for a technically advanced silhouette with a classic, nostalgic touch? That is what you’ll see in Adidas Iniki. The shoes of a bold color with a vintage appeal, offer you flexibility with a suede and textile upper, traction with a rubber sole, cushioning with the midsole and stability and comfort with a deconstructed heel cap.
Adidas Iniki Blue

External Design Adidas Iniki Runner Shoes

You agree that the brand started to take over around the time Kanye West has started the collaboration with the Three Stripes. But in fact, the changes are broader than Kanye’s impact. Adidas offers the new lineup – Iniki. It represents total evolution as it brings a striking modern perspective to the shoes. Therefore, Iniki is designed for those people, who love vintage culture and Originals’ heritage pieces but also want something modern. The design features many interesting details.


The major material, used in the upper, is neoprene. It is a squishy material and it doesn’t really hold its shape, so the upper has almost no structural rigidity. However, the suede overlays on the toe box, and the heel counter add stability and support. However, they are a little bit thin in the forefoot. As the shoes feature the vintage look, there three stripes on the side and the name of the model.

There’s more about the construction and details.

The flat laces and the tongue are connected, so it is one piece construction, which makes the shoes a little thicker to get on. There is a stretchable mesh on the entire inside of the shoe, so the feet feel great. The insole isn’t removable and some reviewers call it too stiff.

Moving down the shoe, you notice a soft midsole. Definitely, Adidas took inspiration from their NMD line as the midsole is almost exactly the same shape. The sneakers feature a wide heel, so people with big ankles will be happy. Besides, there is a rubber outsole for good traction, so you’ll feel safe on any surface.

Overall, this is a great new silhouette, which brings a new design and functional benefits.

Wearing Advantages Adidas Iniki Runner Shoes

  • Weight

Neoprene upper with textile and suede materials are pretty lightweight, so the shoes have a comfortable weight for the performance or casual wear.

  • Cushioning

The sneakers feature the energy-returning new technology, which provides enough cushioning.

  • Breathability

The upper is made of neoprene with suede and textile overlays, the inner part of the shoe has mesh. Therefore, they offer great breathability along with comfort. Besides, the OrthoLite® sockliner allows the circulation of the air.

  • Flexibility

The major material, used in the sneakers, is neoprene. This is a synthetic Chloroprene rubber (foamed rubber). It is lightweight, flexible, plastic, and quite strong. So, it provides the perfect flexibility.

  • Security & Support

A rubber outsole is grippy on various surfaces, so you’ll get the enhanced level of security. Also, a hidden sock construction provides support and easy slip-on comfort. Also, a deconstructed heel cap increases support.


  • The insole

The insole isn’t removable.

  • The neoprene upper

This material is lightweight, durable and breathing. Also, it provides a sock-like fit.

  • The suede overlays on the toe box together with the heel counter add support and stability.

Another know-hows that supplied in a model

OrthoLite® technology is used in the sockliner, so it gives a comfortable feel. There are more advantages of this technology.

It gives durable cushioning, provides excellent breathability as the foam is 95% to 100% breathable. Also, it has a moisture management system, so the problems of unpleasant smells and sweat are eliminated. Besides, the patented anti-microbial structure is added to the OrthoLite technology.

A rubber outsole and a heel counter enhance traction.

Conclusions Adidas Iniki Runner Shoes

Adidas Iniki Runner Shoes have all the hallmarks of the first generation of runners like Adidas’ TRAX. The materials used are very similar, yet these sneakers are a modern version of iconic sneakers in the ‘70s. Adidas uses the gum outsole, which is very retro. Yet the brand uses OrthoLite® sockliner, a rubber outsole, a cushioning midsole, it adds contemporaneity to the shoes. Also, a two-way stretch mesh and vintage suede upper along with printed serrated three stripes give them a perfect vintage look. And what is especially important, all these benefits are offered at a reasonable price.

So, buy Adidas Iniki Runner Shoes if you like a great retro style with modern enhancements.

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