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Adidas Performance Men’s Slingshot TR M Review

The Adidas Performance Men’s Slingshot TR M has an elegant, classic design (as compared to many running shoes nowadays that scream at you in neon hues from other people’s feet), which means that it looks great either for sports activities or for casual wearing.

External design Adidas Performance Slingshot TR M:

Adidas Performance Slingshot TR M

The upper of the shoe is made from different materials that help to achieve different features.

The woven covering provides flexibility, breathability, and ventilation.

Dense inserts made of synthetic leather in the toe area and heel protect the foot from injuries and ensure great durability.

On the side of the shoe, there is a well-engineered tri-strap panel that improves both lateral and linear motion.

On the heel, there is a Trefoil logo. Traditional Adidas synthetic overlays serve not only as a decoration element but also as a lacing system. They offer great support and stability.

Also, there is a wonderfully comfy textile lining on the interior of the shoe, that keeps the foot dry, provides comfort next to the skin with cushioning in the footbag in any conditions.

The Adidas Performance Men’s Slingshot TR M has a strong, grippy gum rubber outsole, inspired by mountain bike tires, which provides traction.

The Adidas Performance Slingshot TR M is attainable in small, medium, and large sizes and in a great number of marvelous nice-looking colorways (like navy, black, gold-themed, etc.).

That helps you to choose the pair that will benefit your individual taste the best way.

Whatever you may need. Either different sports activities or just everyday casual wearing.

All these features work in synergy to improve comfort and the overall performance of individuals devoid of experience.


Adidas Performance Slingshot TR M

  • Weight:

The Adidas Performance Men’s Slingshot TR M has a lightweight (10.9 ounces) design, which minimizes energy expenditure.

  • Durability:

The durability of these shoes achieves by applying the combination of extra rugged materials (synthetic leather, woven fabric, durable gum rubber, etc.) and well design.

The best word for describing these shoes is “long-lasting”.

  • Lacing System:

The lacing system is standard but it has a cool little feature – two extra lace holds, which gives a nice and deep suit, and an extra snug secure fit at the top part of the shoe.

  • Another know-How, That Supplied In A Model:

TRAXION™ outsole – is a special outsole designed for maximum grip in all directions during fast and athletic hikes in rugged terrain.

This super-high-traction rubber outsole produces optimal grip in wet and slippery conditions.

AdiWEAR – is an extremely durable, non-marking rubber used primarily for high-abrasion areas in tennis shoe outsoles and for other high-abrasion applications which offer the optimal balance of excellent abrasion resistance, traction, and flexibility.

In linear sports (such as running or golf), adware is used to reduce wear in the heel landing area and the toe-off area.

In court sports such as tennis, it offers durability while still allowing pivoting and sliding.


The Adidas Performance Slingshot TR M is rugged, a lightweight trail-running shoe that made for fast runs.

It’s a high-quality trainer which will keep your feet cool and dry out on the trails.

It applies comfortable running, amazing fit, and good ventilation because of applying breathable upper and lining material.

This sturdy, good looking and well-designed shoes will be perfect not only for going to the gym, workouts, and fitness activities, but also for wearing round, morning running, and going on hikes.

It offers a very modern look and more comfortable running for a really moderate price.

The Adidas Performance Slingshot TR M with its grip to tackle multiple surfaces can be an all year round appropriate pair of trainers for most runners.

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