The New Balance Women’s WX20V5 is the fifth version of the great generation of Minimus shoe line that feels like going barefoot with protection. In spite of this model is considered to be a running shoe, the majority of customers suggest it as a cross-training, weight lifting and walking shoe as it doesn’t really have enough cushioning for a long-distance run. This model is perfect for those who feel maximally comfortable training barefoot, without extra layers of sock or bulky shoe constructions. Go ahead, give the New Balance WX20V5 a try and feel the difference of this Minimus design.

External design New Balance WX20V5

This shoe is definitely not your average bear, as it has a very unusual, absolutely not traditional design. The first thing you can notice is a new tongue, which is attached along one edge (unlike in the previous version), that prevents it from rolling in at the sides and delivers you from unnecessary trouble during your hard workout.

As the shoe has been designed to be worn with or without socks, it has a breathable open mesh upper, which features a synthetic awesome overlay design (it also differs from the WX20V4 by the shape of overlays) for added support and comfort.

The interior is minimally lined, with a cushioned footbed on the bottom. Traditional lace-up closure with two pairs of extra eyelets is a catchy little thing that makes the whole look more unique.

The New Balance WX20V5 is very stylish and cool which is definitely something to keep in mind when looking for the perfect shoes for cross fit for ladies.

Wearing advantages New Balance WX20V5

  • weight

This minimalist cross training shoe from New Balance has a lightweight construction and yet its mid-cut design and offers sufficient stability and protection for the heels, ankles, and legs during intensive weight lifting as well as during resistance training. This combination makes this the perfect shoe for cross-fit enthusiasts.

  • flexibility

Due to Vibram rubber outsole and REVlite midsole, the shoe is flexible enough to feel natural and repeat each foot movement.

  • breathability

The upper of the New Balance Women’s WX20v5 Cross-Training Shoe is no-sew and breathable, which will keep your feet odor free and nicely dry even after an intensive cross-fit training session.

  • stability and support

The shoe has a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, a Vibram sole, and a competition-grade REVlite RC midsole and is perfect for box jumps, rope jumping as well as for heavy lifting because you can feel your feet grounded perfectly on the floor.

  • wide toe-box

The toe box is wide and provides your toes sufficient space to spread, and offer the stability and balance necessary for lifting weights.

  • Details
    • Tongue

The tongue of the shoe has not traditional shape. It flips over to the side where it kind of surrounds your foot instead of popping out of the top. It helps the tongue stay in place much better, so the fit of the shoe, especially around the ankle, is more comfortable.

  • Extra eyelets

Two pairs of extra eyelets will help you avoid any problems with fit. Besides, the design of the eyelets is different on two sides, that makes the whole image of the shoe more unique and unusual.

  • Another know-hows, that supplied in a model

REVlite is an innovative foam compound providing the same responsiveness and durability of New Balance foams 30% heavier, it offers a lightweight ride without minimizing construction or sacrificing underfoot cushioning or stability.

Vibram outsole provides maximum surface contact and multi-directional traction and increases the durability of the shoe as well.

Conclusions New Balance WX20V5

The minimalist design, tight upper and ankle support combined with the relatively wide toe box make the New Balance WX20V5 very suitable and immensely comfortable especially for cross-fit. Such mix of the best qualities makes this one of the top women’s training shoes on the market. Treat your feet to a really awesome sneaker from New Balance.

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