The Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe is actually a modernized version of the Vapor Glove original.

External design Merrell Vapor Glove 2

The Merrell Glove 2 Trail comes in several colorways and has a clean aesthetic design. It means that everyone can choose the pair, which suits him the best way.

The entire upper of the shoe is made from flexible and highly breathable mesh material that provide comfort in hot conditions and molds to foot for an ultimately natural, uninhibited fit and stride. Also, the upper fabric is easily washable and dries fast. It is nicely ventilated while in motion. You will not have to worry about sticky feet in these shoes.

The previous generation of the Vapor Glove was pretty durable, but blowouts occurred along the sides of the shoe near the big and little toe. This time around, Merrell reinforced the inside and outside edges of the shoe (the dark overlay on the fabric upper) with a painted-on PU material for extra durability. The reinforcements go a long way in improving the durability of the Vapor Glove 2 in critical points in its construction, but the uppers are still delicate.

The outsole of the Vapor Glove 2 is broken up in four different places to provide more flexibility. It is broken up into the following four sections: the big toe and ball of the foot, the small toes, the midfoot, and the heel—all of which are separated by deeper flex grooves.

The sole with the Vapor Glove 2 can be squeezed in any and all the directions. Its flexibility is similar to a thick tortilla and the entire shoe can be rolled into itself, twice, to form a very tight ball, which takes a second for a slow return to its original shape.

The “snakeskin”-like sole features deep traction grooves and makes the Vapor Glove 2 an all-terrain-ready.

The Merrell Glove 2 Trail is an amazing combination of thinness, lightness, flexibility and durability that running enthusiasts are looking for.

Wearing advantages MERRELL VAPOR GLOVE 2

  • breathability

The upper made with breathable mesh fabric and breathable mesh lining, which allow lightweight breathability and both with lacing system provides a personalized, snug, glove-like fit. Also, the construction of the upper is seamless so it ensures for irritation-free sockless wear.

  • weight

At around 5.4 oz, the Vapor Glove 2 is certainly the lightest running shoe in Merrell’s lineup. The mesh upper is quite thin at approximately 1mm thick, even through the tongue. Aside from a thin synthetic heel band, there are no overlays and no unnecessary padding to add bulk. All these features offer an amazing comfort.

  • durability

The durability of these shoes achieves by applying of extra rugged materials (like VIBRAM outsole, etc.) and well design.


  • sock liner

The sock liner is integrated.

  • lacing system

The lacing system is traditional.

  • Another know-hows, that supplied in a model

Long-lasting M-Select Fresh prevents sweat and moisture from affecting the freshness of your shoes. Our antimicrobial agents penetrate and disrupt the reproduction of the odor causing microbes in your shoes.

VIBRAM – are lug patterns that provide stability in all conditions, with no lugs placed under the arch, so your foot flexes more naturally for greater comfort. Sure traction on both wet and dry surfaces in even the most extreme temperatures.

VEGAN-FRIENDLY footwear: Vegan-friendly uses 0% animal products while providing 100% comfort and style. Feel good. Look good.


The Merrell Vapor Glove 2 is an amazing running shoe and is one of the best closed-toe minimalist shoes on the market for barefoot enthusiasts, especially for those who have narrow or average-shaped feet. Its security is snug and precise, and its flexibility is next to the natural movement of the foot.

The tread pattern is more than adequate for roads, and the grip is surprisingly steady on gravel and groomed trails as well. But on wet asphalt and all-weather track surfaces it’s quite slippy.

The Merrell Vapor Glove 2 is a good looking and well-designed shoes that will be perfect either for running or for daily training.

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