External design Adidas Performance Isolation 2

If we look at its design, the Adidas Performance Isolation 2 Low comes in several colorways: in either classic colours (the white colour with black stripes or the black colour with the white stripes at both sides) or bright colors (the black colour with blue or red stripes or the white colour with the silver stripes at both sides, etc.). This model has a clean classic aesthetic design, which means that it looks great either for a basketball playing or for a casual wearing.

The upper of the shoe is made from a combination of natural and synthetic leather. On the side of the shoe, there are three standard overlays with the Adidas stripes, that made in another than the main color. The heel of the shoe is with higher heel top to protects the ankles from slips and falls. Additionally, it has a lace up closure for the snug fit.

The Isolation has the soft durable gum-rubber outsole which provides traction. The surface isn’t particularly flat. In the heel and midfoot area it has waves, that go up and down. Also, it has one little hollow in the middle of the sole. The rubber gum outsole is grippy on plain surfaces.

The cushioned lining provides a great comfort.

Stylish and very comfortable this shoes well built and durable.


  • weight

The Isolation 2 Low Basketball is light shoes that use lighter materials than traditional basketball shoes.

  • durability

The durability of these shoes achieves by applying the combination of extra rugged materials (a premium leather, durable gum rubber, EVA foam etc.) and well design.

  • arch support

This model provides amazing arch support by applying a lightweight bridge between the forefoot and heel (TORSION® system). By supporting the midfoot, Torsion System serves as a platform which helps to combat improper flexing of the arch. This is beneficial for protection, fit, and control during strides and movements. The result is a smooth heel-to-toe transition.


  • sock liner

The sock liner is not removable.

  • lacing system

The lacing system is standard but it has a cool little feature – an extra lace holds, which gives nice and deep suit, and an extra snug secure fit at the top part of the shoe.

  • Another know-hows, that supplied in a model

TORSION® system – is a thermoplastic arch support designed to allow the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently and adapt to running surfaces without straining the foot through excess motion. Torsion excels by allowing the midfoot to naturally adjust to the ground and offering high levels of support and stability


The Adidas Performance Isolation 2 Low is sturdy, good looking and well-designed shoes that will be perfect either for any kind of indoor sport (basketball, workouts, etc.) or general everyday wear (even all day long). The model is very comfortable to wear on any kind of flat surfaces (like concrete, asphalt, clear court, etc.). These shoes are stable, light, and give you the combination of comfort and performance.

The Adidas Performance Isolation 2 Low provides good ventilation because of applying breathable mesh tongue and perforated upper. The padded Achilles area and lining material give an extra comfort. This shoe provides very comfortable feeling because of using great lacing system, which locks the heel in place and it doesn’t move a lot. The insole of the Isolation provides added support, an EVA sock liner helps to keep feet dry. The bendable rubber outsole adds flexibility and support for the player who likes to move quickly but does not want to risk an injury on the court.

The price of this shoe is really moderate so if you can’t figure out which design is your favorite, at this price point you will be able to get two pairs pretty easily. It is ideal for budget shoppers.

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