New Adidas Iniki Runner Boost shoes became available on the market in 2017. Named after the Hawaiian word for a type of hurricane, the Iniki Runner Boost shoe unites a retro look and modern functionality: a comfy boost cushioning, a comfortable OrthoLite® sockliner, and a webbed grippy outsole.

Overall, it’s a vintage classic with a modern touch.

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Sneaker Name Colorway Release
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Black Core Black/ Semi Flash Orange 04/20/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Green Collegiate Green / White / Gum 06/11/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Grey Grey / Running White 03/01/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Navy Collegiate Navy / Running White 03/01/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Red Red/ Running White 03/01/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Blue Light Blue/ FTWR White-Gum 06/01/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost White Running White/ Tactile Green 09/12/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Triple Black Triple Black 06/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Black White Core Black / Running White 04/20/2017
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Vista Grey Vista Grey/ White 03/01/2017

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Black

Release date: 04/20/2017
Colors: Core Black/ Semi Flash Orange
Price: 120 $

If you want to have the authentic, new-tech product, then Adidas Iniki Runner Boost is an option. Offering the most responsive cushioning ever, a stretchy upper with a mesh, which is both flexible and breathable and a rubber outsole, the shoe has a perfect balance of vintage and modern vibes.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Black

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Green

Release date: 06/11/2017
Colors: Collegiate Green / White / Gum
Price: 120 $

You’ll agree that the new lineup Iniki Runner Boost strikes with its colorways. If you want to look trendy, the shoes of a deep green color will help you with it. Except for a dope design, the sneakers feature a suede and textile upper, a webbed outsole, a full-length boost midsole and a comfortable sockliner.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Green

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Grey

Release date: 03/01/2017
Colors: Grey / Running White
Price: 120 $

What can be more exquisite than the sneakers with the vintage look and modern technologies? Nothing! The shoe is inspired by the running shoes from the 70’s and it features a mix of mesh and suede over boost cushioning. That’s not all. Also, there is a webbed outsole for perfect traction on various surfaces.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Grey

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Navy

Release date: 03/01/2017
Colors: Collegiate Navy / Running White
Price: 120 $

You are probably wondering: “Where to find sneakers with a retro look and a modern touch?” the answer is Adidas! The shoe features a mixed upper: suede, neoprene, mesh, and suede overlays over the toe and the heel are for a retro look, yet it also includes a revolutionary boost midsole and OrthoLite® technology, used in the insole.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Navy

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Red

Release date: 03/01/2017
Colors: Red/ Running White
Price: 120 $

You’ll agree that the boost goes retro. This is a brand new model, which remains eternal classics. But wait, what’s new in it? The shoe offers a 3-stripe branding and an attached tongue with Iniki branding on the body for a dope appearance. Also, it has a unique boost midsole technology, a webbed outsole, and a deconstructed heel for functionality.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Red

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Blue

Release date: 06/01/2017
Colors: Light Blue/ FTWR White-Gum
Price: 120 $

Do you see yourself rocking these sneakers casually? Definitely yes! Featuring a mesh, neoprene, and suede upper, responsive boost cushioning, grippy sole and coming in a bold color, they become perfect summertime shoes.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Blue

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost White

Release date: 09/12/2017
Colors: Running White/ Tactile Green
Price: 120 $

The neoprene and suede upper is wrapped in white mostly, while accents are put on light green three stripes and suede overlays on the heel and on the forefoot. That’s not all. The functionality strikes – ankle support, the boost midsole and a rubber outsole make the sneakers a win-win option in their price segment.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost White

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Triple Black

Release date: 06/2017
Colors: Triple Black
Price: 120 $

With this modern and vintage blend, executed perfectly, you’ll always be in the spotlight. The upper looks flimsy when the shoe isn’t on the foot, but once you’ve got them on, they look and feel perfect. The shoe features a classic design with a mesh/suede/neoprene upper, iconic three stripes, a revolutionary boost midsole and a comfortable insole. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Triple Black

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Black White

Release date: 04/20/2017
Colors: Core Black / Running White
Price: 120 $

A classic look, which Adidas has cultivated over the years, is packed in predominantly black color with a white gum and a sought-after Adidas design. There are numerous advantages. Look: A flexible and comfortable shoe is perfect for people with wide feet, it gives space in the toe box and ankle support, a boost midsole provides great cushioning and a webbed outsole ensures stability and security.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Black White

Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Vista Grey

Release date: 03/01/2017
Colors: Vista Grey/ White
Price: 120 $

Are you looking for a classic Adidas silhouette, executed with the use of modern technologies? If yes, then Adidas has got you covered! Adidas Iniki Runner Boost offers perfect cushioning with a new boost technology, increased stability and support with a rubber outsole, the evolutionary insole for enhanced comfort. Besides, a deep grey color will add attractiveness to the sneakers. Overall, they offer a high quality at an affordable price.
Adidas Iniki Runner Boost Vista Grey

External Design Adidas Iniki Runner Boost

Adidas has already impressed with numerous iterations of the Ultra Boost and Ultra Boost Uncaged. Then, it has decided to change its course slightly and to combine a new Boost technology with a retro aesthetic. Later, this idea has been implemented in the Iniki Runner Boost. Consequently, they have been one of the brand’s most popular sneakers of the year.

You may wonder: “What is special about them?” and below you’ll find an answer.

The silhouette features a rich mix of materials: lightweight, yet durable and flexible neoprene, breathable mesh, suede, which is durable, easy to clean and has a napped finish. The stretchy material on the upper doesn’t give you a sock-like fit and the shoe itself may look a little bit flimsy due to the upper. But this impression fades when you put them on.

On the side, the shoe has the Three Stripes insignia, and the model logo. The tongue is attached, which is good for those, who don’t like when it is shifted either to the left or to the right side. However, the tongue looks like a detached, which adds stylishness to the shoe. As for the laces, they are functional as may give you a tighter fit. On the back, there are suede and leather overlays with the Adidas logo. They perform both aesthetic and practical functions. On top of that, there are metal aglets on the laces, this tiny detail makes the shoes look more special. Besides, the insole is comfortable, yet stiff, the OrthoLite® technology has been used for its creation.

As for the drawbacks, the shoe is tighter at the top of the ankle than the heel and it feels thin at the toe.

That’s something more.

Considering the bottom, it is the distinctive feature of the sneakers as there is a boost midsole. This boost midsole technology has been designed especially for Adidas Iniki Runner Boost and it is proved to be highly effective as the majority of reviewers finds them extremely comfortable. Besides, there is a webbed rubber outsole, which enhances traction and stability on different surfaces.

Generally, the shoe has an attractive external design, which unites retro and modern.

Wearing Advantages of Adidas Iniki Runner Boost

  • Weight

The boost midsole has a stiff, but lightweight foam. The upper consists of lightweight and breathable materials – neoprene, mesh, suede. Overall, the shoes are really lightweight, according to some of the reviewers.

  • Cushioning

Boost foam is used in the midsole. It energizes your running stride for more efficiency independent from the temperature and ensures maximum comfort. This boost midsole technology ensures perfect shock absorption. On top of that, the OrthoLite® insole also provides long-term cushioning.

  • Breathability

A good number of reviewers state that the shoe provides a breathable feeling. It happens to the number of reasons.

The upper is made of neoprene, which is soft and breathable, there are also mesh insertions, which improve the overall breathability. Besides, there is mesh on the inside of the shoe and the insole features the OrthoLite® technology. Its major feature is that it keeps the foot cool inside the shoe due to the constant air circulation.

  • Flexibility

The shoe is less bounce than Yeezy but more flexible. This flexibility is achieved thanks to the two-way stretch mesh and vintage suede upper. Besides, a full-length boost midsole always contributes to the flexibility of the sneakers.

  • Security & Support

A hidden sock construction, an attached tongue, a tight lacing and a deconstructed heel give enough support. Besides, the overlays on the heel and on the forefoot make feet feel more secure, despite the soft upper. But that’s not all.

A webbed rubber outsole ensures perfect stability and support on any surface.


  • The insole

The insole isn’t removable and it is made with the OrthoLite® technology, which ensures a high level of breathability, cushioning, and has moisture management properties.

  • Suede and leather overlays

These overlays are found on the heel and in the forefoot area. They make the shoe look more stylish and enhance support.

  • An attached tongue

The tongue and the laces form a one-piece construction, so the foot feels great and doesn’t slip.

  • Metal aglets

Metal aglets add stylishness.

  • Iconic branding

A printed serrated 3-stripe insignia on the side with the name of the model makes the shoe look more offbeat.

  • Neoprene upper

Neoprene exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. What is more, it is lightweight.

Another know-hows that supplied in a model

The boost midsole uses a material called thermoplastic polyurethane (or TPU) to form its bundle tightly packed sole nuggets. TPU compresses under pressure for shock absorption. But what makes it exceptional in comparison with EVA is that it has the ability to bounce back to its original shape.

OrthoLite® insole technology delivers a combination of benefits. There is more about them.

It provides maximum comfort through giving long-term cushioning.

OrthoLite’s open-cell PU foam is 95% to 100% breathable, so it ensures good breathability.

It moves moisture away from the foot and enhances the performance of the shoe with airy comfort.

A webbed rubber outsole ensures grip.


Two eras of Adidas are combined in this stylish silhouette. This cool vintage sneaker stamped with the classic 3-Stripes design features a mesh/neoprene/suede upper with a full-length boost midsole for a continuous energy return. Not to mention, a deconstructed heel cap and a gum rubber outsole make the sneakers more contemporary and more functional.

Therefore, choose the Iniki Runner Boost if you want to get a great combination of comfortability and style.

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